January 16, 2021
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The Ishrat Jahan Chargesheet

20 Salient Points

20 points in the CBI chargesheet filed today

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20 Salient Points
  1. It was joint operation of Central Intelligence Bureau (IB) with Gujarat Police.
  2. Along with Rajendra kumar the role of Rajeev Vankhede, M K Sinha, P Mittal, all IB officers to be investigated.
  3. Charge sheet investigation completed on abduction, illegal detention and murder. Other aspects relating to the crime are under investigation
  4. When victims were in illegal confinement, P. P. Pandey, D.G.Vanzara, Rajendra Kumar and N. K. Amin had grilled the victims. Vanzara and Kumar even interrogated victims at different locations.
  5. The operation was planned by Pandey, Vanzara and Rajendra Kumar at Vanzara's bungalow.
  6. In mid- April Zeeshan Johar was brought in , as was Amjad Ali picked up. Javed alias Pranesh Pillai and Ishrat Jahan were brought in June.
  7. Amjad Ali was kept at Arham Farm house while Zeeshan Johar was kept at housing colony in Gota area of Ahmedabad .
  8. With the help of intelligence officer M. K. Sinha, crime branch officers Tarun Barot and N. K. Amin picked up Ishrat and Javed alias Pranesh Pillai from Vasad toll booth on June 12 in a blue Indica car.
  9. Ishrat and Javed were kept at Khodiar farm on the Sarkhej Gandhinagar highway in Ahmedabad
  10. Police officer Tarun Barot's personal staff Nizamuddin and Vanzara's gunmen were guarding Ishrat and Javed alias Pranesh Pillai.
  11. Following instructions from D. G. Vanzara, police officer G. L. Singhal picked up a bag full of weapons from the Intelligence Bureau.
  12. G. L. Singhal handed over a weapon bag to constable Nizammuddin and who in turn handed over weapons to Barot. These weapons were later planted on victims.
  13. Later Singhal was called to the Anti-Terrorist Squad office located in Shahibaug area of Ahmedabad , where Vanzara and P. P. Pandey were present.
  14. Vanzara was in possession of Draft FIR.
  15. Senior officials had reached the crime scene at 4 am on 15 June 2004.
  16. All four where brought blind folded to crime scene.
  17. Three officers, N. K.Amin, G. L. Singhal and Tarun Barot and guard Anaju Chaudhary had shot at victims.
  18. Officers had turned so aggressive that they snatched weapons from other police constables and fired at victims.
  19. CBI wants to carry out further investigation against IB officer Rajendra Kumar and others.
  20. Further investigation is going on against former DG and then Police commissioner of Ahmedabad K. R. Kaushik, so he is not named in the charge sheet today.

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