'Welcome To The Year Of The Whores' Yes, the wishes are belated, and the Chinese year of the horse was actually welcomed some days back, but still and all we would be failing in our duty to provide you with some weekend levity if we did not note this recent subtitle fail blooper by the Beeb.

Image Courtesy: Twitter

A billboard in India purportedly mourns the death of Nelson Mandela, marking his long and eventful life with a kind and thoughtful message – and a picture of Morgan Freeman.


The controversial advertisement released by Ministry of Women and Child Development to mark the National Girl Child Day that left the government highly embarrassed as it included a photograph of former Pakistani Air Chief Marshal Tanveer Mahmood Ahmed. "The Prime Minister's Office has noted with regret the inclusion of a foreign national's photograph in a Government of India advertisement. While an internal enquiry has been instituted, the PMO apologises to the public for this lapse," said a hastily put together release after the minister for Women and Child Development Krishna Tirath added fuel to the fire by insisting that the message was more important than the photograph.

PTI Photo