Thursday, Nov 30, 2023

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Shahina KK has won the 2023 CPJ International Press Freedom Award

Outlook's Shahina K.K. Wins CPJ's 2023 International Press Freedom Award

Outlook's Shahina K.K. is among the four winners of the 2023 CPJ International Press Freedom Award. Currently a senior editor for Outlook magazine, she was one of the country’s first journalists to be charged under the...

29 June 2023
A man, who works at a brick field, holds his baby.

All My Fathers

To build a father out of the air, much like building much anything else from nothing, especially when the only time you saw him was those two sore years after your birth. You grow up to call anything father, even an old...

19 June 2023
Reading Anand Thakore’s Poem ‘Scroll Four’: An Essay

Reading Anand Thakore’s Poem ‘Scroll Four’: An Essay

Gently gleaning the volume Nairatmya - She Who Has Risen Beyond Self with cover art that resembles a horoscopic depiction, I discover Anand Thakore’s Seven Deaths & Four Scrolls.

18 June 2023
2008 attack in Colaba area of Mumbai

Book Review: 'Intelligence Over Centuries' By Vappala Balachandran

Vappala Balachandran's latest book, “Intelligence Over Centuries” is a fascinating tour de horizon of the world’s second-oldest profession.

18 June 2023
Anjana Basu reviews Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan’s book ‘Soft Animal’.

Book Review: ‘Soft Animal’ Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan

Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan’s ‘Soft Animal’ is set during the Covid-19 lockdown and appears like a memoir-meets-fiction kind of a work, notes Anjana Basu.

17 June 2023
Arun AK writes a short story about a former music star who now leads a solitary life in obscurity.

Short Story: Over The Moon

Arun AK writes a short story about a former music star who now leads a solitary life in obscurity. Then one day, he receives an email from a fan after many years.

17 June 2023
Unfinished letters and journals found on the tracks of the Balasore accident

A Half-Written Poem

Inspired by the story: A Timeless Video Loop Of Disaster published in Outlook by Chinki Sinha, the poem is an obituary in memory of the Balasore train accident, to those who couldn't complete the journey. Though the...

12 June 2023
Review of 'Madhopur Ka Ghar' by Tripurari Sharan

Book Review: Tripurari Sharan's 'Madhopur Ka Ghar'

Madhopur Ka Ghar is a daringly introspective novel, a work of startling originality and beauty, and reliable and relatable like Rahi Masoom Raza’s classic novel Aadha Gaon.

10 June 2023
Untitled artwork, oil on canvas

'Celebrating Ambadas': On His 100th Birth Anniversary, An Opportunity To Explore Indian Modern Art

Ambadas Khobragade was celebrated as one of India’s greatest master abstractionists, known for his Indian modern art. The exhibition presents an opportunity to view a large body of his works.

04 June 2023
Shoaib Khan expresses a longing to relive her childhood, free from discrimination and able to enjoy

Meet Shoaib Khan, Trans Woman From Kashmir Blazing A New Path In Corporate

Recounting her childhood, Shoaib Khan revealed that it was a period marred by the deprivation of love, validation and freedom to express herself authentically.

04 June 2023
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Two Poems By Rehaan Singh

Rehaan Singh writes two poems for Outlook.

03 June 2023
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A Conversation With Kiriti Sengupta On Poetry, Translations, And Bengali English Poetry

Poet Kiriti Sengupta discusses with Professor Akshaya Kumar the multiplicity of truth, poetic style, and the Bengali English poetry scene, among other things.

03 June 2023
Arun AK writes about a world in the future where people lose happiness.

Short Story: Happiness For Sale

Arun AK writes a short story for Outlook on a pandemic in the future deadlier than Covid-19 — the lack of happiness.

03 June 2023
The Bantony Castle in Shimla, which has now been restored and is set to emerge as a culutral centre.

The Restored Bantony Castle Is Ready To Tell The Story Of Shimla

Bantony Castle, the 143-year-old British-era landmark in Shimla, has come alive after its Rs 29-crore restoration. The light and sound show is the major tourist attraction.

03 June 2023
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A Poem On Beauty Of Life

Sandeep Jain, who writes under the name Timeless Poetry, writes a poem for Outlook.

03 June 2023
Transgender fashion show

Look Either Like A Man Or A Woman: Tales Of Transwomen In The Fashion Industry

Speaking along the concept of beauty, which demands to be seen through a binary gender lens in the fashion industry, transmodels in Delhi highlight that there is immense pressure for a transperson to 'ultimately look like a...

30 May 2023
Starbucks' new ad on transgender inclusivity.

Fiction Vs Representation: Transgender Community’s Take On Starbucks Ad Sheds Light On Inclusivity

A viral Starbucks advertisement shows the rekindling of a daughter - a transgender woman - with her parents as they accept her new identity. However, a lot of people have criticised the company for indulging in tokenism.

29 May 2023
View of Dodi Tal; Samuel Bourne (English, 1834 - 1912); Uttarakhand, India, Asia; October 15, 1867; Albumen silver print.

Travel Diary: The Driftwood Sculptor And The Mountain Tea Shack

Artist and puppeteer Sudipta Mukherjee Mandal writes about travelling and a mountain tea shack that she found on a trekking trip.

28 May 2023
The Supreme Court heard a clutch of petitions seeking legal recognition of same-sex marriage

'Marriage Is A Bouquet Of Rights': Same-Sex Couples Bring Out The Power Of Lawmaking

A panel discussion about the need for the legalisation of same-sex marriages has highlighted the lack of awareness prevailing in Indian society about accepting queer people and the necessity to start having a dialogue with...

28 May 2023
Retired Justice MR Shah

Executive And Judiciary, The Blurred Lines Of Retired Justice MR Shah

Retired Justice M.R. Shah’s unwavering belief in the theory of deterrence and advocating stricter laws for serious offenders has somehow shaped the perception of him being a pro-executive judge amongst members of the bar....

28 May 2023
7, Pratap Chatterjee Lane. Nazrul Islam used to live in this house

A Day ‘Well Spent’ With Nazrul Islam

On the ‘rebel’ poet’s birth anniversary, here’s a story that will take you to his Kolkata home.

24 May 2023
Ruins of Martand in Anantnag from Southeast, c. 1870. Artist Samuel Bourne.

Book Review: The Making Of Early Kashmir

Muhammad Ashraf Wani and Aman Ashraf Wani, the two authors, have truly succeeded in writing the first longue durée history on ancient Kashmir, casting a scholarly light on the Palaeolithic, Neolithic and Chalcolithic...

21 May 2023
Photo: Madeeha Fatima

Zari-Zardozi: The Shimmer That’s Fading Away Into Darkness

A historic artform tracing its descent from the Mughal era, zari-zardozi has for long served as a livelihood to a majority of the Muslim population in the city of Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh. However, for the past few years,...

21 May 2023
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Two Poems By Shyamolima Saikia

Shyamolima Saikia writes poems for Outlook.

21 May 2023
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Book Review: ‘Sim Sim’ By Geet Chaturvedi

The book was originally a long poem which then became a novel and shards of poetry linger from the original text while the book’s philosophies of completeness and incompleteness were taken from the Upanishads.

21 May 2023