June 14, 2021

Partha Chatterjee

  • Of Time And The River…
    Of Time And The River…

    The Osian Asian Film Festival, with a retrospective on the master's oeuvre, gives an opportunity to Delhi...

  • The Most Popular Lyricist
    The Most Popular Lyricist

    Shailendra (1923-66)

  • The #1 Song
    The #1 Song

    Man Re Tu Kaahe Naa Dheer Dhare: the Song, the composer, the lyricist

  • The Most Popular Composer
    The Most Popular Composer

    S.D. Burman (1921-75)

  • Tribute To A Master
    Tribute To A Master

    The passing of cinematographer Subrata Mitra, in December last year went almost unnoticed. Who would believe...

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