August 02, 2021

Bhavdeep Kang

  • Once Upon A Time In A Desert
    Once Upon A Time In A Desert

    He's ensured sufficient water, organic manure and even a social transformation of the village

  • Battle Of Awadh
    Battle Of Awadh

    The Congress wants UP badly. How to tackle the SP thorn is the challenge. Crack Mulayam or go with him? ...

  • The Law Vs The Legislator
    The Law Vs The Legislator

    Murder, rape, criminal conspiracy, theft. It's all in a day's work for some of our more colourful MPs.

  • Carry On Coalition
    Carry On Coalition

    It has always liked to go it alone. Can it hunt with a pack of motley partners?

  • The Power Of No
    The Power Of No

    She called it her inner voice. But it sounded like an earsplitting victory cry to the Opposition. Sonia...

  • Sonic Bloom
    Sonic Bloom

    Demoralised, defunct, doomed, the pundits proclaimed. But the Congress laughs all the way to Parliament. ...

  • Silver Linings, Clouds
    Silver Linings, Clouds

    A sliver of hope of having a go at the new government surprises many. First of all, the Congress. Updates

  • Mind Of A Worried Man
    Mind Of A Worried Man

    Vajpayee has been making some unsure moves. What's eating him? Updates

  • Bike Chases And Helicopter Rides
    Bike Chases And Helicopter Rides

    A dispirited Congress hasn't got back on its feet since the assembly poll KO. But the Gondwana factor lurks.

  • When Akash Is
Not The Limit
    When Akash Is Not The Limit

    Jogi is retired hurt. So, save for Judeo's sulk and minor disharmony, the BJP looks like running away with it

  • Discord On Board
    Discord On Board

    While the Congress chief is actively taking on the BJP, her team remains locked in feud at more petty levels ...

  • Mr Clean's New Spring?
    Mr Clean's New Spring?

    Rahul's debut is a canny bid to offer an alternate point of focus from the polarising persona of Sonia Gandhi...

  • Fairweather Suitors
    Fairweather Suitors

    Both the BJP and Congress discover the might of the independent woman vote

  • Gandhi's Prophecy
    Gandhi's Prophecy

    Will the party wither away? LS 2004 could decide it for a listless Congress. Updates

  • In Search Of A Slogan
    In Search Of A Slogan

    Its newest USP: the party of the have-nots. But it can't alienate the middle class too. A riddle for...

  • The Angelic Hierarchy
    The Angelic Hierarchy

    Outlook's opinion poll says nearly 70 per cent want Rahul and Priyanka to enter the fray in the upcoming...

  • The Illusionists
    The Illusionists

    The Congress, in its chase for alliance partners in the North, finds a fickle BSP Updates

  • The Alternative
    The Alternative

    If the Congress-led coalition breasts the tape, Manmohan Singh could be prime minister

  • Will You Be My Date?
    Will You Be My Date?

    Sharad Pawar, Mayawati, Karunanidhi. At this rate, the party may surprise itself in April. Updates

  • Empire's Satraps
    Empire's Satraps

    The Congress' search for 'secular' allies begins with a concerted effort to shed its dynastic intransigence ...

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