June 12, 2021

Aimee Ginsburg

  • And She Wore Iron
    And She Wore Iron

    Cheryl D’Souza, unlikely green warrior, takes on south Goa’s mining mafia

  • Memories On A Stove
    Memories On A Stove

    Recreating flavours of home keeps them connected in faraway Goa

  • Lighting The Menorah
    Lighting The Menorah

    The restored Magen David synagogue, built by Sassoon in 1864, is set to open its doors

  • Naval Gazing
    Naval Gazing

    A commemoration of Portuguese rule leaves Goa divided on its colonial past

  • The Karma Kosher
    The Karma Kosher

    Far from their drugged-out image, Goan Israelis are the new entrepreneurs

  • Feeling Fear, Here And Now-Now-Now
    Feeling Fear, Here And Now-Now-Now

    In times of anytime, anywhere blasts, even the free-floating nonchalance of nirvana-diggers rings slightly...

  • Song Of Moses
    Song Of Moses

    Shye Ben Tzur, Indian in spirit, songwriter in Hebrew and the world’s first Jewish qawwal

  • Bombay Sonata
    Bombay Sonata

    The maestro waves his wand. His trust will promote western classical music in India.

  • Shellfire Beach
    Shellfire Beach

  • Gandhis Of Olive Country
    Gandhis Of Olive Country

    Another path to peace? Palestinians revel in Gandhi and the nonviolent struggle.

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