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12th Man Malayalam Movie Review: Mohanlal's Commanding Presence Saves An Otherwise Slow Story

Mohanlal's '12th Man' released on Disney Plus Hotstar on May 20.

Mohanlal In A Still From '12th Man'

What It's About

Director Jeethu Joseph's latest Malayalam offering is '12th Man', a suspense film with an ensemble cast led by Mohanlal. The film treads carefully around a sudden death with a friend circle of 11 people played by Unni Mukundan, Saiju Kurup, Sshivada, Rahul Madhav, Anu Sithara Leona Lishoy, Aditi Ravi, Priyanka Nair, Anu Mohan, Chandhunath. As Mohanlal joins the group as the 12th man, inspecting this group and the murder, the film unfolds at its own pace.

What's Hot

The first thing that gets you hooked on to the film is not the actors or story but the introduction song at the opening credits of the film. Singer Souparnika Rajagopalan's track 'Find' is a good start to the film. Mohanlal plays his part of the day investigating police officer meticulously and owns the frame.  The 11 actors cast as the friends in the film too do their job well. Unni Mukundan once again shares screen with Mohanlal after 'Bro Daddy'.  The film's dialogues written by deserve a special mention as they add to the narrative and make it strong. Screenwriter KR Krishnakumar's focus is visible in the story. 

What's Not

When a director like Jeethu Joseph directs a film the space of mystery, the expectations are bound to be high. However, the film lacks in building the required momentum. While all actors play their part well, certain scenes feel incomplete while others leave one wondering about what just happened. While the director and writer have tried to keep the story refreshing, it feels dry right in the middle of the film and can cause the mind to get distracted easily.


Mohanlal's fans need to watch this film, without second thoughts. Even those who are not a fan, can entertain themselves with an interesting story on a lean day. The film seems apt for the OTT experience. However, it does fall short on expectations at some parts.