June 11, 2021
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IPL 2020: Jason Holder Cameo Sets Up SRH Win After Bowlers Choke RCB-Highlights

Defeat keeps Royal Challengers Bangalore waiting for IPL playoffs; Sunrisers Hyderabad stay in hunt

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IPL 2020: Jason Holder Cameo Sets Up SRH Win After Bowlers Choke RCB-Highlights
Jason Holder's quickfire cameo helped Sunrisers Hyderabad chase Royal Challengers Bangalore target in the 15th over on Saturday.
IPL 2020: Jason Holder Cameo Sets Up SRH Win After Bowlers Choke RCB-Highlights

With six teams vying for three spots in the IPL playoffs, Saturday's Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Sunrisers Hyderabad match will be must-win for both teams. Royal Challengers Bangalore, currently No. 2 in the IPL 2020 standings with 14 points from 12 matches, need just two points from their remaining two matches to seal a berth in the IPL playoffs. Virat Kohli's RCB face a rejuvenated Sunrisers Hyderabad in Sharjah on Saturday evening. David Warner's SRH are coming off  a big morale-boosting win against Delhi Capitals and can upset all calculations. SRH have 10 points from 12 matches. (POINTS TABLE | FIXTURES & RESULTS)

10:45 PM IST: Holder seals a win with a six SRH win by 5 wickets; RCB tried hard but didn't had much of a score to defend; SRH 121/5 in 14.1 Holder 26, Samad 0, Chahal 2 for 19

10:42 PM IST: Holder showing how its done. Saini hit for  a SIX!!!! and Follows it up with FOUR!!!! through fine leg; Abhishek gets into the act hits a SIX!!! But Saini gets a WICKET!!!!Abhishek c Gurkeerat b Saini 8 (5b)

SRH 115/5 Holder 19 Need 6 in 36 balls

10:34 PM IST: Holder hammers a SIX!!! of Udana, much needed for SRH . An attempted bouncer Holder having none of it dispatches it over long-on

SRH 96/4 (13) Holder 9, Abhishek 2, Need 25 in 42

10:30 PM IST: WICKET!!!!Udana now strikes removes Kane Williamson SRH are making it diffiicult for themselves. slow bowl Kane find Kohli at extra cover

SRH 87/4 (12.1) Need 34 in 47

10:29 PM IST: Sundar bowls economical over SRH under some pressure although they need 34 in 48 and should be favourite

SRH 87/3 (12) Kane 8, Abhishek 2

10:24 PM IST: WICKET!!!! Chahal stumps Saha. A sudden twist. Saha jumps misses the line and AB was quick to remove the bails; Chahal is bowling RCB back into the match; Saha started well managing a FOUR!!! over midwicket; End of 11th SRH are wobbling 

SRH 83/3 (11) Saha st AB b Chahal 39, 

10:17 PM IST: Udana into the attack and Saha welcomes him with a FOUR!!!! full toss driven through covers; ball changed and may be it will grip better now. SRH 

74/2 Saha 33, Kane 3 Need 47 in 60

10:12 PM IST: Chahal almost runs out Kane. Saha drives straight but Chahal gets finger tips to it and ball crashes on to the stumps. But 3rd umpires gives it Not Out; Chahal was excited but Kane survives; Just 3 runs from the over

SRH  67/2 (9) Saha 27, Kane 2

10:06 PM IST: Udana bowls a fine over just 4 runs of the over as SRH feel pressure Kane Williamson plays watchfully,

SRH 64/2 (8) Saha 25, Kane 1, Need 57 in 72 

9:55 PM IST: WICKET!!! Chahal into the attack utmost respect for the spinner for the first two balls; Pandey tries to hammers the next one for a six. Playing against the turn, only find Morris at mid-on; SRH 60/2, Need 61 in 78 balls

9: 52 PM IST: Siraj into the attack; Saha lofts him over the mid-on for FOUR!!! taking advantage of fielding restrictions; 4th ball Saha makes room Siraj follows him and its quick and rising; Saha hits the next one out of park SIX!!!!! hooks it for maximum

RCB 58/1 (6) Saha 21, Pandey 25

9:44 PM IST: Morris back into the attack, driven straight for FOUR!!!! flicks it over midwicket; SRH are now getting into the groove and settling in for the chase. Morris is getting it all wrong 3 wides in the over already; SRH will be happy no pressure as 5th over gives them 15 runs; A flick by Pandey gets them last ball FOUR!!!

SRH 46/1 (5) Pandey 25, Saha 9

9:39 PM IST: Sundar into the attack and this time it's Saha's turn to post a boundary. Saha on his knee sweeps powerfully, Pandey at the other end is looking in good touch. 9 runs of the over

SRH 31/1 (4) Pandey 16 Saha 6

9:35 PM IST: Saini into the attack Manish Pandey just walks out of the crease and hammers it past mid-on for  a FOUR!!!, A ball later Pandey pulls Saini  for a SIX!!!!! over square leg; Saini is under pressure. Bowls well the next two balls inside edge and last ball beats Saha

SRH 22/1 Pandey 12, Saha 1

9:28 PM IST:   Sundar into the attack and Gets a wicket!!!! Warner had hammered a six of the previous ball tries to hit the next one also out of the park find Udana at mid-on; Huge wicket for RCB but they will need a few more, Manish Pandey next man in

Warner c Udana b Sundar 8 (5) SRH 11/1 (2)

9:22 PM IST:   Chris Morris into the attack, SRH start with Saha and Warner; RCB need good bowling and .wickets to defend this total. Morris bowls good over just 4 runs from it

SRH 4/0 (1)

9:04 PM IST: RCB have set a target of 121 for SRH to Chase, SRH bowlers have done well to restrict RCB. Strikes by Sandeep, Rashid and Holder and some brilliant fielding means SRH are favourites

 RCB 120/9 (20) Phillippe 32, AB 24, Sundar 21,Sandeep 2/20, Holder 2/27

8:58 PM IST: WICKET!!! Jason Holder gets another one Udana c Willamson b Holder 0  RCB innings is faltering in quick succesion;

Udana c Kane b Holder 0 RCB 114/7(18.4) End of 19th RCB are 116/7 (19)

8:57 PM IST: WICKET!!! Jason Holder has Morris Caught at long -on as RCB innings unravels;

SRH will be happy with the effort; He was dropped of the previous ball; But this time Warner makes no mistake

Morris c Warner B Holder 3 RCB 114/6 (18.2)

8:54 PM IST: Natrajan finshes 18th over with a wicket and gives away 5 runs. Sandeep dropped Mann and gave away FOUR of a misfield; RCB 111/5 (18) Mann 12, Morris 1

8:49 PM IST: WICKET!!! Sundar gone Caught and bowled by T Natrajan  21

 RCB are now 5 down; RCB 106/5 (17.1)

8:49 PM IST: Over to Sandeep into his last over of the day; Mann will be comfortable with him, Both play for Punjab, Sundar too muct have faced him in domestic cricket; Sandy though is willy customer gives away just 7 runs

RCB 106/4 (17 ) Sundar 21, Mann 8

8:44 PM IST: Last over for Rashid Khan. Spinner on top of his bowling both the batsmen finding it hard to read the spinner; Khan is attacking . Rashid lofts the 5th ball just a bit more and Sundar is quick to pounce a welcome FOUR!!! ; Dropped by Pandey of the next ball Sundar survives

RCB 99/4 (16) Sundar 18, Mann 5

8:39 PM IST: Holder into the attack and Sundar manages to slash the first ball for a FOUR!!! welcome boundary for RCB. Mann playing sheet anchor role, Sundar takes the scoring mantle. 

RCB 93/4 (15) Sundar 13, Mann 4 

8:34 PM IST:  Nartajan bowls a good over end of 14th and they have taken just 3 runs of this over;

RCB 86/4 (13) Sundar 7, Mann 3

8:28 PM IST: End of 13th Nadeem bowls a fine over gives away 7 runs and RCB are now struggling to score

RCB 83/4 (13) Sundar 5, Mann 2

8:23 PM IST: WICKET!!! No 4; Rashid Khan gets Josh Phillippe spin striking for SRH. trying to hit a SIX, find Manish Pandey at deep midwicket; Pulling RCB back 5 of the over; RCB are looking in trouble Washington Sundar and Gurkeerat Mann in middle for Bangalore

RCB 76/4 (12)

8:20 PM IST:  WICKET!!!! Nadeem Gets AB de Villers. The spinner was getting a hammering from AB, looks like AB had picked his bowler to target; SIX!!!! second ball disappears out of the park. But Nadeem has last laugh; AB tries to hit the next flat out of the park but finds Abhishek Sharma at deep point

AB c Abhishek b Nadeem 24, RCB 71/3 (11) 

8:16 PM IST: End of 10th Rashid Khan into the attack SRH need a big performance from him and Khan has been doing great not giving away any width and bowling to the field. Something will give AB can't be bogged down for long; AB hits a FOUR ; Short and stands up AB hammers it through midwicket;  9 runs from it

RCB 61/2 (10) Ab 15, Josh31

8:11 PM IST:  Nadeem now into the attack AB knows he needs to attack T20 doesn't give much time for batsmen to settle; AB makes room and smashes Nadeem for a FOUR!!!! through long-on, 10 runs of the over TIME OUT!!

RCB 52/2 (9) Josh 29, AB 8

8:07 PM IST: End of 8th Rashid Khan ideal time for him RCB are under pressure and what an over; almost deceives Ab twice. A wide and 2 runs of the last ball means RCB have taken just 3 runs from the over

RCB 42/2 (8) Josh 21, AB 6

7:58 PM IST: End of 7th Nadeem bowls  gives away a FOUR of the 4th ball, SRH won't mind that because they are attacking ; almost had de Villers caught and bowled but ball pops out of hand; Rashid into the attack

RCB 38/2 (7) Josh 20, Ab 4

7:58 PM IST: End of 6th Natrajan into the attack gives away just 1 run

RCB 30/2 (6) Josh 14, AB 3

7:51 PM IST: WICKET!!!! Sandeep back into the attack; Saha stands up to the stumps Sandy is not that fast but gets Big wicket VIRAT KOHLI c Williamson b Sandeep 7 (7b) at extra cover; 7th time Sandy has picked Kohli

RCB 28/2 (4.4)

7:48 PM IST: End of 4th Holder to Virat Kohli who has hit the ground running looking for singles. Holder will be happy with singles till the time no boundary is given; but Josh slaps one over mid-off for a FOUR!!!! 11 runs of the over

RCB 24/1 (4) Josh 13, Kohli 4

7: 43 PM IST: WICKET!!!!! RCB jolted in-form Padikkal out,  swings back in;Sandeep almost had a wicket of the first ball. Phillippe decieved by a knuckle ball, batsman was early on to the shot. but doesn't carries to bowler;

Padikkal b Sandeep 5; RCB 13/1 (3) Kohli 0, Josh 8

7:37 PM IST: Jason Holder into the attack bowls a good line but it's Devdutt Padikkal who gets the first FOUR!!! of the match. The Southpaw has grown in confidence and just drives it to boundary  through mid-off 

RCB 8/0 (2)

7:34 PM IST: Sandeep Sharma starts well gives way just 3 runs. Gives little room to the batsmen RCB 3/0(1)

7:29 PM IST: David Warner leads SRH on to the field.  RCB to start with Devdutt Padikkal and Josh Phillippe; Sandeep Sharma with the ball in hand for SRH 

7:15 PM IST:  Warner wins the toss and elects to bowl. SRH all-rounder Vijay Shankar is out with hamstring injury while Wriddhiman Saha is fit to take to the feild.
For RCB Navdeep Saini replaces Shivam Dube and Isuru Udana comes in for Dale Steyn
Devdutt Padikkal, Josh Philippe, V Kohli (c), AB de Villiers (wk), Gurkeerat Singh, Washington Sundar, Chris Morris, Isuru Udana, Nitin Saini, Mohammed Siraj, Yuzvendra Chahal

Sunrisers Hyderabad :
David Warner (c), Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Manish Pandey, Kane Williamson, Abdul Samad, Jason Holder, Abhishek Sharma, Rashid Khan, Shahbaz Nadeem, Sandeep Sharma, T Natarajan

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