Tuesday, Jul 05, 2022

AFG Vs PAK: Rashid Khan Tells Fans To Maintain Decorum Ahead Of T20 World Cup Clash Vs Pakistan

Afghanistan spinner Rashid Khan recalled a 2019 World Cup incident when his team's fans clashed with Pakistani counterparts after an aircraft was spotted flying with a flag carrying a political banner.

Rashid Khan was brilliant with the ball against Scotland claiming four wickets conceding just nine runs in their T20 World Cup match. AP

Recalling the clash that broke out between fans of his team and Pakistan at the end of the 2019 World Cup match between them, Afghanistan leg-spinner Rashid Khan on Thursday urged the supporters of both sides to stay calm and just enjoy the game.


During the match on June 29, 2019, a scuffle broke out between Pakistan and Afghanistan fans outside the Headingley Cricket Ground in Leeds after an aircraft was spotted flying in the area that unfurled a ‘Justice for Balochistan’ banner in the sky.

A number of videos surfaced showing the violent clashes during the first half of the game, leading to their eviction.

“After the 2019 World Cup match, whatever happened shouldn’t have happened. But this is the kind of request to all the fans, whatever there is that comes at the end, at the end of the day this game gives lots of unity to the nations and brings them together, not to have those kinds of accidents,” Rashid said.

The ace spinner was speaking on the eve of the T20 World Cup match against Pakistan. The last time these two teams met in an ICC event in 2019, Pakistan won by three wickets.

“Definitely it’s always a good game against Pakistan, even when we played in the 2018 in Asia (Cup). And also in terms of the 2019 World Cup. But this game should remain as a game. I think it’s a request to all the fans to stay cool and calm and just enjoy the game. This game is all about enjoyment.

“The more we just focus on the enjoyment, and as we have seen in this game, things happen, accidents happen. So I hope they remain cool and calm and just focus on enjoying the game and who plays better on the day that team wins,” he added.


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