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IPL 2020: Pat Cummins Four-For Helps Kolkata Knight Riders Blow Away Rajasthan Royals - Highlights

Eoin Morgan plays captain's knock to keep KKR in hunt for a spot in IPL playoffs. Highlights of KKR vs RR here

IPL 2020: Pat Cummins Four-For Helps Kolkata Knight Riders Blow Away Rajasthan Royals - Highlights
KKR's Pat Cummins accounted for Rajasthan Royals top order to set up an easy win in Dubai on Sunday. | BCCI
IPL 2020: Pat Cummins Four-For Helps Kolkata Knight Riders Blow Away Rajasthan Royals - Highlights

Kolkata Knight Riders comprehensively beat Rajasthan Royals by 60 runs in an IPL encounter on Sunday. (LIVE SCORES | POINTS TABLE | FIXTURES & RESULTS)

Batting first, KKR scored 191 for 7, riding on skipper Epin Morgan's unbeaten 68 off 35 balls with five fours and six sixes.
Rahul Tewatia was the best bowler with figures of 3 for 25. In reply, Royals only managed  131 for 9 with Pat Cummins grabbing 4 for 34 in four overs.

KKR finished with 14 points from 14 games with a net run-rate of -0.214 and will now wait for the results of the last two fixtures between DC and RCB followed MI against SRH to know if they will make it to the last four.
Brief Scores: KKR 191/7 in 20 overs (Eoin Morgan 68 no off 35 balls, Rahul Tewatia 3/25).
Rajasthan Royals 131 for 9 (Jos Buttler 35, Rahul Tewatia 31, Pat Cummins 4/34).

11:13 PM IST:  KKR complete a 60 run win, RR are gutted they can go last on th epoints table because the loss will drop there net run rate; They came in with a chance to reach top four and have ended up going last or second last depending on NRR. KKR will need to wait and hope for others results are in their favour

RR 131/9 (20 ) Buttler 35, Pat Cummins 4/34

11:08 PM IST:  Tyagi c &b Mavi  2; RR 129/9 2nd wicket for Mavi. It's all over for RR now, KKR will need to wait and see how the other results go before they can rejoice and deram of playoffs 

11:04 PM IST: Nagarkoti into the attack to bowl the 18th WICKET!!!! Archer gone; Mavi takes the catch at long-on RR ae eight down RR 125/8 (18 ) Need 65 in 12

10:58 PM IST: Narine into the attack; RR want to play full 20 overs Gopal reverse sweeps Narine for a FOUR!!! over point;  Gopal finishes the over with a FOUR!! reverse sweep again. He will have his say

RR 123/7 Gopal 19, Archer 5, Need 69 in 18

10:54 PM IST: Mavi into the attack now surely KKR can dream of a big win which will get them to playoffs

RR 112/7 (16) Gopal 9, Archer 4 Need 80 in 24 balls

10:45 PM IST: Chakravarthy into the attack gets WICKET!!! Rahul Tewatia Gone

Tewatia looking for a boundary top edges Karthik gets under it to complete an easy catch

RR 107/7 (15) Tewatia c Karthik b Varu 31 (27b) Gopal 6, Archer 1, need 85 in 30

10:40 PM IST:  Cummins to bowl his quota; what a spell 4 wickets for 31; Tewatia wages a lone battle Gopal has given him company for now, RR 101/6 (14) Tewatia 28, Gopal 5, need 91 in 36

 10:36 PM IST:  Chakravarthy bowls a decent over gives away 3 runs. RR 96/6 (13) Tewatia 25, Gopal 3, Need 96 in 42 balls 

10:34 PM IST:  Narine gets hit for a SIX and a FOUR by Tewatia who is the only one fighting on for RR;  Shreyas Gopal  in company RR reach 93/6 (12) Need 99 in 48

10:25 PM IST:  Chkravarthy Strikes Removes Buttler 35 (22b) RR are reeling and its Cummins in outfield who takes the catch. Butter looking for a big shot find Cummins who settles in to complete an eays catch

RR 80/6 (10.4) need 112 in 56

10:22 PM IST: Nagarkoti into the attack Buttler lofts youn bowler for a FOUR!!!! just makes room clears his arm and hits through mid-off.

RR  74/5 (10) Buttler 29 Tewatia 12 need 118 in 60

10:15 PM IST: Sunil Narine gets into attack; Buttler carts a SIX!!! RR need more of this but KKR need to win big if they want to upstage RCB-DC or SRH; 10 runs of the over

KKR 66/5 need 126 in 66

10:12 PM IST: Nagarkoti into the attack; Buttler gets a FOUR but bowler almost gets Tewatia, who slashes the ball but lands in no man land; Tewatia gets room outside off Hits a FOUR!!! through covers;

KKR 56/5 Tewatia 10 Buttler 13 need 136 in 72 balls

10:05 PM IST:  Sunil Narine into the attack as RR try and look to rebuild the innings and make a match out of it. 4 runs of the over

KKR 45/5 (7)

10:03 PM IST:   Varun Chkravarthy into the attack RR are 41/5 (6) powerplay gone; Royals have lost half their side; What a turn of events for KKR; it started with Morgan getting 68 (35b) and Cummins have been superb with 4 wicket haul still has an over to go. Knocked wind out of RR sails

9:59 PM IST:  Cummins into the attack and Buttler sends first ball through extra cover for FOUR!!!!; But RR are reeling well and truly out of the game now 4th wicket for Pat Cummins 3-0-29-4; RR 37/5 (5) Need 155 in 89 balls; Tewatia next man in

9:53 PM IST:A wicket maiden for Mavi

KKR 32/4 (4) need 160 in 13 overs

9:49 PM IST: Samson c Karthik b Mavi 1, RR 32/4 (3.3); RR are now in deep trouble; There top order is gone.

9:45 PM IST:  Smith now takes over, guides a ball on leg stump, hits a FOUR!!!!  But hang on Smith has been bowled by Cummins. Inside edge outside off, Smith tries to smash but inside edge dislodges the stumps

RR 32/3 (3) Smith b Cummins 4,

9:42 PM IST:  WICKET!!!! Pat Cummins has struck. Ben Stokes gets thick edge and Dinesh Karthik flies to left to take abrilliant catch dives FULL LENGTH, KKR now have upper hand

RR 27/2 (2.1) Stokes c Karthik b Cummins 18 (11b)

9:39 PM IST:  Shivam Mavi to bowl 2nd over good over. Ben Stokes almost chips one back to Mavi but safe, Stokes takes 2 runs of the next ball almost gets runs out; everything happening here; Cracks a FOUR!!!! of the 5th. Stokes is pulling away as much as KKR want to hold and restrict him. 8 runs of the over KKR 27/1 Stokes 18, Smith 0

9:31 PM IST:  Cummins first ball goes for a SIX!!!! Uthappa Stokes then laps up a FOUR !!! and a SIX!!! ramped up to over fine leg; 19 runs given and and a WICKET!!!! KKR won't mind it. It was going to be an expensive over but Cummins gets Uthappa and pulls things back Uthappa c Nagarkoti b Cummins 6 (2b); Smith is the next man in

RR 19/1 (1) Stokes 11;

9:26 PM IST: Robin Uthappa ad Ben Stokes to start the chase for RR; KKR to start with Pat Cummins into the attack; Target 192, At stake playoff berth

9:10 PM IST: Tyagi gets Cummins After not taking two singles on offer, Morgan hits a SIX of the last ball KKR 191/7 (20) Morgan 68 (35b), Nagarkoti 1; Morgan has led the team to a good score, let's see how much dew effects the conditions

RR will require a serious batting effort to achieve this.

8:56 PM IST:  Stokes getting a bit of stick Morgan goes after Stokes big time 24 runs

3 SIXES!!!! and a FOUR!!! Stokes beng carted to all parts of the ground; KKR 182/6 (19) Morgan 62 (32b), Cummins 13

8:56 PM IST:  Archer to Cummins who managed Looks like RR are going to bowl out Archer; They need wickets and RR can't see total swell more. Already Russell cameo has given KKR some momentum and Morgan is looking in fine touch. 6 runs of the over Archer figues 4-0-19-1

KKR 158/6 (18) Morgan 45, Cummins 6

8:56 PM IST:  Stokes into the attack; A FOUR!! of the last ball by Morgan and a good over for RR; 6 runs of it

KKR 152/6(17) Morgan 45, Cummins 1

8:51 PM IST:  Tyagi finishes 16th gives 14 runs but takes a wicket; KKR 146/6 (16) Morgan 40, Cummins 1. Tyagi has been expenisve going for 27 in his 3 overs but has taken big wicket

8:49 PM IST:  Tyagi is under pressure Russell hits him for 2 SIXES!!!! BUt Tyagi gets his man

Russell c Miller (sub) b Tyagi 25 (11) KKR 144/6 Morgan 40

8:45 PM IST: Archer comes in for a bit of damage control; Russell now gets going

FOUR!!! was an edge that rushed to boundary; SIX!!!! Pulls short ball over square leg; KKR are down but not out; 11 runs of the over and most imp for KKR Russell seems to be firing again. They need him tonight

KKR 132/5 (15) -Morgan 40, Russell 19

8:41 PM IST: Gopal has given a few lose balls and Morgan has been quick to pounce

FOUR!!! FOUR!!! and SIX!!!! SIX!!!!! dew making it diifficult to grip the ball; 21 runs of the over

KKR 121/5 (14) Morgan 40, Russell 2

8:35 PM IST:Tewatia has bowled RR back into the match; KKR 100/5 in 13 overs

Morgan 20, Russell 1

8:32 PM IST: WICKET!!!! Tewatia gets his 3rd wicket of the night. Spinners have pulled RR back into the match Dinesh Karthik c Smith b Tewatia 0 KKR 99/5 12.3

8:29 PM IST: WICKET!!!!  Gopal gets Tripathi KKR 94/4; Its a big wicket for RR Tripathi was playing well. Tries to hit six but Uthappa runs and covers ground quickly to complete a good catch at long-on

KKR 94/4 (12) Morgan 15, Tripathi c Uthappa B Gopal 39

8:24 PM IST: Tewatia into the attack and his twin strikes has his skipper Steve Smith breathing easy; RR are back in the match. Tewatia is now bowling well to the field. 4 runs of the over

KKR 88/3 (11) Morgan 11, Tripathi 38

8:17 PM IST: Taygi into the attack, Morgan gets a SIX!!! of the 4th ball; KKR are now trying to rebuild and RR will need some kind of pressure to negate the quick start provided by Gill and Tripathi

KKR 84/3 (10) Morgan 9, Tripathi 36

8:15 PM IST: Twin Strikes WICKET!!! for Tewatia Sunil Narine gone 2nd ball he faced;

tries to hit a six but long boundary means Ben Stokes completes a good catch; Morgan walks in

KKR 75/3 (9), Tripathi 37 

8:10 PM IST: Tewatia into the attack gets WICKET!!! Gill caught at midwicket by Jos Buttler much to the relief of RR, Gill c Buttler b Tewatia 36 (24b) KKR 73/2 (8.3 ) Tripathi 34;

8:06 PM IST: Tyagi into the attack and RR need some quiet good overs. Gets good carry to the keeper has managed to keep both the batsman quiet for six balls; 4 runs of the over

KKR 68/1 (8) Gill 36, Tripathi 29

8:02 PM IST: Tewatia into the attack, and KKR acceleration is not stopping Tripathi after dealing in singles; launches the spinner for a SIX!!!!!!!! over Long-on

KKR 64/1 (7) Gill 34, Tripathi 27

7:57 PM IST: Aaron into the attack Tripathi looking in fine touch and knocks a FOUR!!! of the 2nd ball through point and cover region. A wicket in first over haven't dented KKRs pace; they are scoring freely. Gill hits a FOUR!!! of the last ball Aaron ends up giving 12 runs of the over; RR are failing to create any pressure barring Archer but he has just 4 overs in his quota

End of 6th KKR 55/1 Gill 33, Tripathi 20

7:50 PM IST: Stokes into the attack, Tripathi gets a SIX!!!! over backward square leg; KKR are getting momentum 11 runs of the over

KKR 43/1 (5) Gill 27, Tripathi 16

7:45 PM IST: Spinner Shreyas Gopal to bowl the 4th. Gill and Tripathi attack and help themselves to three boundaries. Gill pulls one through midwicket, Tripathi follows it with FOUR!!! through square leg and midwicket

KKR 32/1 (4) Gill 23, Tripathi 9

7:45 PM IST: Archer into the attack, Main man for RR and their bid for playoffs. 2 runs of the over KKR 15/1 (3) Gill 14, Tripathi 1

7:40 PM IST: Varun Aaron gets hammered for a 3 FOURS!!! Shubman Gill in nice form 

KKT 13/1 (2) Gill 13, Rahul 0

7:35 PM IST: Archer gives 1 run and picks a wicket

KKR 1/1 (1) 

7:30 PM IST:  WICKET!!!! Archer strikes Gets Nitish Rana of the 2nd ball; Rana golden duck

Rana c Samson B Archer KKR 1/1

7:30 PM IST: Shubman Gill to start for KKR along with Nitish Rana, Archer for RR

Shubman Gill, Nitish Rana, Rahul Tripathi, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Eoin Morgan (c), Andre Russell, Sunil Narine, Pat Cummins, Kamal Nagarkoti, Shivam Mavi, Varun Chkravarthy

Robin Uthappa, Ben Stokes, Sanju Samson (wk), Steve Smith (c), Jos Buttler, Riyan Parag, Rahul Tewatia, Jofra Archer, Shreyas Gopal, Kartik Tyagi, Varun Aaron


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