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IPL 2019, Highlights, SunRisers Hyderabad Vs Kolkata Knight Riders: Warner, Bairstow Demolish KKR

SunRisers Hyderabad were lethal in the chase today. Both David Warner and Jonny Bairstow went berserk right from the word go and they achieved to reach the target within 15 overs. KKR now have 5 defeats on the trot. Catch the IPL 2019 highlights of SunRisers Hyderabad Vs Kolkata Knight Riders here:

IPL 2019, Highlights, SunRisers Hyderabad Vs Kolkata Knight Riders: Warner, Bairstow Demolish KKR
SunRisers Hyderabad has played Kolkata Knight Riders 16 times, winning 6 matches; KKR has won on 10 occasions
IPL 2019, Highlights, SunRisers Hyderabad Vs Kolkata Knight Riders: Warner, Bairstow Demolish KKR

Kolkata Knight Riders have suffered their fifth successive defeat and things are going out of hand for DK and boys. It is very evident that Russell is not getting enough balls in the end and he needs to come in a bit early. Even today he came in too late. KKR's bowling was torn apart by SRH's opening duo of David Warner and Jonny Bairstow. SRH won the match convincingly by 9 wickets and 5 overs to spare. Catch the IPL 2019 highlights of SRH Vs KKR here:

SRH were completely dominant over KKR as they won the match with ease. The opening duo of David Warner and Jonny Bairstow shared yet another 100 plus stand this season. They now have four hundred plus stands this season. KKR were poor with the field and the ball. Lots of dropped catches and indisciplined bowling. 

SRH now move to fourth place with this win. KKR started the season on a good note. But they have lost the plot. 5 defeats on the trot and they are slumping down the table and with every loss, their chance to make it to the play-off is becoming thin.


Brief Scores: Kolkata Knight Riders 159/8 in 20 overs (Lynn 51, Rinku 30, Khaleel 3/33)

SunRisers Hyderabad 161/1 in 15 overs (Bairstow 80*, Warner 67, Prithviraj 1/29)

Result: SRH won by 9 wickets.

19:14:  Chawla is back. Superb late cut by  Bairstow and the ball runs down the backward point boundary.  Bairstow sweeps it over deep square leg for a maximum. Bairstow finishes of the chase with a maximum over deep midwicket. Game over. SRH win by 9 wickets with 5 overs to spare. Bairstow 80 * off 43 balls (7x4,4x6)

19:09: Narine continues. Just 4 runs of the over. SRH 142/1 after 14 overs.

19:06: Prithvi continues. It is a short ball. Bairstow goes for the pull. Gets an edge and the ball balloons in the air and Piyush Chawla runs in from deep square leg and drops it. Prithvi is upset. Slower one and Warner's leg stump is rattled. Prithviraj is ecstatic. Warner departs for 67 off 38 balls (3x4,5x6). Kane Willamson comes in at No.3. Willamson pats it through the cover. Batsmen take three runs. 8 runs off the over. KKR 138/1 after 13 overs.

18:58: Narine continues. Bairstow goes for the seep, gets an edge and Gurney drops it at deep fine leg. Warner goes over Narine's head and itis a four. Warner finishes the over with a maximum over long on. SRH 130/0 after 12 overs.

18:53: Prithviraj is back.  Good over by the youngster. 5 runs off it. SRH 114/0 after 11 overs.

18:46: Narine into the attack. Both Warner and Bairstow notch up their respective fifties.  7 runs off the over. SRh 109/0 after 10 overs. Warner  52*(30), Bairstow 52*(30)

18:44: Cariappa is back. Bairstow welcomes him with a huge six that sails into the stands in the deep mid wicket region. Short pitched ball and Bairstow guides the ball past short third man for a boundary. 14 runs off the over. SRH 102/0 after 9 overs. Fourth 100+ partnership for Warner and Bairstow this season.

18:40: Chawla is back. Straying down leg. Bairstow swings his bat, gets an edge and the ball runs down to the fine leg boundary. SRH 88/0 after 8 overs.

18:34: Russell introduced by DK. Short ball and Bairstow pulls it for a boundary. SRH 80/0 after 7 overs. Warner 45*(23), Bairstow 31*(19)

18:30:  Cariappa into the attack. Big over. 20 runs off the over. two sixes and a four for Warner. SRH 72/0 after 6 overs.

18:23: Sunil Narine introduced into the attack. Short ball and Warner smokes it for a six over mid-wicket region. SRH 52/0 after 5 overs.

18:19: Piyush Chawla is introduced.  Bairstow sweeps it over mid-wicket for a four. Googly and Bairstow slog sweeps it for a maximum wide of long on. 11 runs off the over. SRH 43/0 after 4 overs.

18:15: Gurney continues. Warner lofts the ball over the infield and gets a four in the extra cover region. 10 runs off the over. SRH 32/0 after 3 overs.

18:08: Yarra Prithviraj, the left-arm seamer is into the attack. David Warner smashes him over long on for a six. Short and wide. Bairstow goes for the slash. It went straight to Cariappa who was positioned at the deep-backward point. Drops a sitter. One bounce into the fence. Short ball again and Bairstow pulls it for another boundary in the deep mid-wicket region. SRH 22/0 after 2 overs.

18:05: Gurney bowls the first over. David Warner and Jonny Bairstow to open SRH's innings. Just 6 runs off it. SRH 6/0 after 1 over.

Brief Score: Kolkata Knight Riders 159/8 in 20 overs (Lynn 51, Rinku 30, Khaleel 3/33)

Target: 160

17:46: Rashid to bowl the last over of the innings. Piyush pulls it in the square leg direction for a four. Piyush tries the reverse sweep, gets an edge and Bairstow takes the catch. KC Cariappa comes in. Short ball. Smashes it over long on for a maximum. KKR finish at 159/8 in 20 overs. Rashid 4-0-23-1

17:40: Bhuvi is back for the penultimate over. Low full toss on the pads and Russell smacks it over deep square leg for a six. Slow bouncer and Russell smashes it for another six in the same direction.  Low full toss on the pads, Russell is unable to clear the field and holes out to Rashid Khan at deep mid-wicket. Russell departs for 15(9). KKR 146/7 after 19 overs.

17:35: Rashid Khan is back. Russell takes a single of the first ball. Piyush plays down five dot balls. He went for the wild sweep on a couple of occasions, but he was beaten. No runs. Just one run off the over. KKR 134/4 after 18 overs.

17:33: Khaleel is in for his final over. Wide length ball and  Lynn cuts it over the point region for a four. 50 for Lynn.Fifty of 45 balls. This is Lynn's slowest fifty in the IPL. Chris Lynn departs. Off cutter again and Lynn went for the big shot over cover, but mistimes it. Williamson pulls of a diving catch.  Lynn 51 off 47 balls (4x4,1x6). 7 runs off the over. KKR 133/4 after 17 overs. Piyush Chawla walks in.

17:25: Sandeep is back. Low full toss and Rinku smashes it for a maximum in the long on region. Rinku perishes. Goes for a pull and Rashid comes running in from mid wicket, takes a good catch. Rinku departs for 30 off 25 balls (1x4,2x6). Andre Russell comes in. 10 runs off the over. KKR 126/4 after 16 overs.

17:15: Bhuvi coms for his third over. Wide length ball, Rinku smashes it in the cover region for a boundary. 7 runs off the over. KKR 116/4 after 15 overs.

17:10: Khallel is back into the attack. Just 6 runs off the over. Khallel is bowling a lot of off cutters here. KKR 109/4 after 14 overs.

17:05: Rashid bowls three dot balls on the trot to Rinku. Then the batsmen take a couple of singles and a couple for Rinku off the last ball. 4 runs off the over. KKR 103/4 after 13 overs.

17:00: Sandeep Sharma is back. Lynn gets a four. Short ball and Lynn pulls it to the deep mid wicket fence.  Short ball again. Rinku pulls it straight to Nadeem positioned at deep square leg. Nadeem drops the catch and the ball goes for a six. KKR 99/4 after 12 overs.

16:55: Nadeem to bowl his last over. 5 runs off the over. Nadeem 4-0-30-0. KKR 85/4 after 11 overs. Lynn 34*(33), Rinku 4*(6)

16:53: Rashid Khan is introduced into the attack. Great start by the leg-spinner.  Just 5 runs of the over. KKR 80/4 after 10 overs.

16:51: Nadeem comes for his third over. DK taps it in the mid-wicket region. Batsmen scamper for a second. And DK dives, yet he is short by a couple of yards. There was never a second there. Great throw from Shankar and Bairstow collects it in front of the stumps and does the rest.  DK departs for 6(4). Rinku Singh walks in. KKR 75/4 after 9 overs.

16:44: Bhuvi is back. Wicket off the first ball. Rana wanted to guide it to third man but the ball wobbles and bounces and gets an outside edge and Bairstow takes an easy catch. Rana departs for 11(11). DK walks in. DK opens the face of the bat and guides the ball fine and the ball races to the third man fence. KKR 71/3 after 8 overs.

16:37: Nadeem back into the attack. Quiet over. Just four runs off it. KKR65/2 after 7 overs.

16:33: Sandeep continues. Classic drive through the offside in the cover point region for a boundary by Rana. KKR 61/2 after 6 overs.

16:27: Khaleel continues. Slow delivery from Khaleel again. Gill goes for the drive.  The ball flies to Shankar positioned at backward point. Gill departs for 3 (4). Nitish Rana walks in.  KKR 53/2 after 5 overs.

16:20: Sandeep Sharma is into the attack. Just 5 singles in the over. KKR 49/1 after 4 overs.

16:15: Khaleel Ahmed introduced into the attack. Short ball and Narine slaps it for a flat six over extra cover region. Back-to-back fours for Narine. And Khaleel bowls an off cutter and Narine's leg stump is rattled. Narine departs for 25 off 8 balls (3x4,2x6). Shubhman Gill walks in at No.3. 16 runs off the over. KKR 44/1 after 3 overs.

16:11: Shabaz Nadeem to bowl the second over. Width ball and Lynn smashes it in the extra cover region for a boundary. Half-tracker again and Sunil smashes it over deep square leg for a maximum. Lynn goes over Long on and just manages to clear the fielder and the fence. Six runs. KKR 28/0 after 2 overs

16:04: Bhuneshwar Kumar bowls the first over.  Chris Lynn and Sunil Narine to open the innings for KKR. Width ball and Lynn smashes it on the offside that runs away for a boundary. Short ball again and Narine Pulls it across short fine leg for a boundary.  10 runs off the over. KKR 10/0 after 1 over.

15:45: Here are the Playing XI:

Sunrisers Hyderabad: Kane Williamson (C),  David Warner, Jonny Bairstow (WK), Vijay Shankar, Deepak Hooda, Yusuf Pathan, Rashid Khan, Shahbaz Nadeem, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Sandeep Sharma, K Khaleel Ahmed

 Kolkata Knight Riders: Dinesh Karthik (C & WK), Chris Lynn, Sunil Narine, Shubman Gill, Nitish Rana, Rinku Singh, Andre Russell, Piyush Chawla, KC Cariappa, Harry Gurney, Yarra Prithviraj


15:34: SRH have won the toss and they opt to bowl first.  Three changes for KKR. Robin Uthappa, Kuldeep Yadav and Prasidh Krishna are out. Rinku Singh, KC Cariappa and Yara Prithviraj are in.



SRH will fancy a win against a disturbed KKR who have lost their plot and focus midway through the season. KKR have now suffered 4 defeats on the trot and they will have to get back to winning ways to stay afloat in the tournament. KKR almost pulled off a miracle against RCB in their previous match as they almost managed to chase 214, with almost 113 runs required off the last six overs. KKR lost the match by 10 runs. Andre Russell has been in exceptional form for them with his power hitting skills.

KKR will have to work as a unit and everyone needs to put in their contributions to end up on the winning side. Dinesh Kaarthik's main concern is the form of Kuldeep Yadav. He has been leaking loads of runs. KKR will perhaps have to give him some break and try KC Cariappa. 

On the other hand, SRH will be heavily dependent on openers David Warner and Jonny Bairstow, who have been the major contributors for SRH in the previous games. Their middle order is vulnerable and hasn't been able to put up any show.  SRH's bowling is decent with the likes of Rashid Khan and Sandeep Sharma. Bhuvneshwar Kumar has been inconsistent this season and has been giving away a lot of loose deliveries.

SRH will be hoping that skipper Kane Williamson finds his touch and gets back in his prime form. He was the leading run scorer in IPL 2018.  With two points at stake, both DK and Williamson will be eager to put up a promising contest at Hyderabad.

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