Monday, Aug 08, 2022

Rijiju Lauds Central Govt's Efforts Towards Electoral Reforms

Alleging that opposition parties were spreading lies that by linking Aadhaar and voter ID it would become known to whom the voter is going to cast his vote, Rijiju said the people should not be taken as stupid for they know well who is spreading lies and who is telling the truth.

Rijiju was addressing a session on the first day of the two-day Doordarshan conclave "Kitna Badla UP".

Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju on Friday lauded the efforts of the central government towards making electoral reforms, stressing on the necessity of correct electoral rolls for ensuring proper polls.

He was addressing a session on the first day of the two-day Doordarshan conclave "Kitna Badla UP". "Clean elections are the priority of the central government and it is in constant dialogue with the Election Commission in this regard. The first requirement for holding good polls is the correctness of electoral rolls," the minister said.

On opposition parties' allegations over linking of voter ID with Aadhaar, Rijiju said that they did not understand electoral reforms. "Either they did not have time to read the bill or they did not want to understand it," he said, adding that "if the name of a voter has to be on the list just once, then how can it be corrected? For that, if we have to link Aadhaar with the voter list, then this decision of the government is appropriate".

On opposition linking electoral reforms with the upcoming Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, he said, "These people are thinking that Yogi ji is running a good government and it is difficult to defeat him, so they are out to mislead people by spreading confusion. But the people of UP are not going to be misled."

Noting that the law and order situation of the state was much better than before, the Rijiju said there was a vast difference in the condition of UP today compared to that of five years ago. On the chief minister's slogan of using bulldozers against law breakers, he said, "There are two categories of people in the society. Good people and those who take law into their hands. Today those who take law in their hands are feeling the fear of bulldozers."

"There has been a lot of improvement in the law and order situation of the state and people are now living in a fear-free environment. Women and girls feel safe," he said, adding that nepotism has ended and people are getting equal opportunities for development.

With inputs from PTI.