Tuesday, Aug 16, 2022

Rajnath Singh Hails Yogi, Says His 'Inswingers' Unplayable For Opposition Parties

Hailing Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath while addressing BJP's Jan Vishvas Rally, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said 'It's a two-alphabet name, which puts fear in the heart of criminals'.

Defense Minister Rajnath Minister PTI

Hitting out at rival political parties, Defence minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday claimed nobody will be able to face the "inswingers" and "outswingers" delivered by UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Extending the cricket analogy, Singh called Adityanath an all rounder saying that the CM has been able to control crime in the state while also working for its development.

Addressing a rally at the BJP's Jan Vishvas Rally, Singh said, "Chief Minister Yogi has done wonders. It is a two-alphabet name, which puts fear in the heart of criminals. Earlier, they used to come out brandishing country-made pistols after the Sunset, but nobody dares do so today."

Praising Yogi, the name literally meaning a practitioner of Yoga, the union minister said the CM is bringing development to the state with all the grace of yogic poses.

He especially targeted the Samajwadi Party saying it will be made to do a “headstand” in the upcoming assembly election.

“I have seen Yogi Adityanath working. He is an all-rounder. He can bat, and when he bowls, he uproots the stumps, be it against the SP, BSP or the Congress. Nobody is able to face his inswingers and outswingers,” Singh said.

He said even developed nations like the US, Russia, China and the UK were not as successful in tackling the Covid-19 pandemic as India has been.

The Defence minister blamed Pakistan for terror incidents in Jammu and Kashmir.

"Pakistan … is trying break the country, weaken it, and is sending terrorists from its soil, launching terror attacks in Jammu and Kashmir. We too have decided to give it a befitting reply and we are giving it,” he said.

The minister also broached the subject of incursions in the bordering areas by China, without taking its name, and urged people to have faith in the country’s leadership.

"There is another neighbouring country, I will not discuss much. But, as a Defence Minister, I urge you to have faith in us. We will not allow the country's head to bow down even if that means making a sacrifice. We should have faith in our Jawans."