Friday, Aug 12, 2022

'Congress, Sonia Ji Paid For Your Tickets': Punjab MLA Tells Migrants In Train

A Congress MLA on Sunday showed up at a railway station in Punjab to tell the migrant workers that their train fare was being paid by Congress and Sonia Gandhi.

Screengrab of the video showing Congress MLA and party workers distributing pamphlets among migrant workers at Bathinda Railway station. Source: Twitter

Punjab Congress MLA Amarinder Raja Warring on Sunday showed up at Bathinda railway station where a train full of migrant workers was leaving for Bihar's Muzzafarpur. The Gidderbaha legislator, accompanied by several Congress workers, handed over pamphlets to the migrants, repeatedly stressing that their train fare was being paid by the Congress.

A video that surfaced on social media showed Warring, wearing a face mask and accompanied by party workers, distributing flyers among the migrant workers and telling them, one by one, that Congress had paid for their journey to home. "Congress party is paying for your journey to home, brother...Sonia ji is paying for this," the Congress MLA can be heard telling the workers.

Another worker, who also distributes the flyers among the workers, reiterates and stresses that it is the Congress and its interim chief Sonia Gandhi who is taking care of the migrants' journey to home. "The cost of your train journey is being taken care of by Congress....Everything is written in here (pamphlet). Read it at ease in the train... and go home and have compassion for each other, brothers...." the Congress worker is heard telling the migrant workers who take the flyers through windows.

According to reports, the Congress workers did not stop at pamphlet distribution but also made an announcement from tower of railway station, repeating the same message: 'Congress is paying for your tickets.'

The Congress had announced to pay for the migrant workers' train tickets after it slammed the Centre for asking the stranded workers to pay for their rail journey.