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IPL 2020: Sunrisers Hyderabad End Campaign, Delhi Capitals Set Up Final Vs Mumbai Indians - Highlights

IPL 2020: Sunrisers Hyderabad End Campaign, Delhi Capitals Set Up Final Vs Mumbai Indians - Highlights

Kagiso Rabada's 4/29 kills SRH fightback after Shikhar Dhawan shines with bat for DC. Highlights of DC vs SRH here

Kagiso Rabada and Marcus Stoinis helped Delhi Capitals beat Sunrisers Hyderabad and enter IPL final on Sunday. BCCI

Shikhar Dhawan's fiery half-century and Marcus Stoinis' all-round show carried Delhi Capitals into their maiden IPL final as they survived some anxious moments before prevailing by 17 runs in the second Qualifier here on Sunday.  (SCORECARD)

Breathtaking counter-attacking knocks by Kane Williamson (67) and Abdul Samad (33) threatened to dash Delhi Capitals hopes but Stoinis' timely dismissal of the Kiwi batsman tilted it in his side's favour. The Capitals will now challenge Mumbai Indians for the title on Tuesday, having lost to them in the first Qualifier.
Brief Score:
Delhi Capitals: 189 for 3 in 20 overs (Shikhar Dhawan 78, Marcus Stoinis 38, Shimron Hetmyer 42 not out; Rashid Khan 1/26).
Sunrisers Hyderabad: 172 for 8 in 20 overs (Kane Williamson 67, Abdul Samad 33; Kagiso Rabada 4/29, Marcus Stoinis 3/26).

11:45 PM IST:  Shreyas Iyer: This is the best feeling ever. This has been a rollercoaster. A lot of ups and downs. We have stuck together like a family. Getting a lot of support from my coaches and the owners.

11:36  PM IST: At the start of the tournament no one gave us any chance. It was all about MI, DC and RCB. I am really proud of our campaign. T Natarajan, Rashid (Khan), Manish Pandey have been the positives- David Warner

11:17 PM IST: Dc win by 17 runs and set up title clash with MI

11:13 PM IST:   Rabada gets three wickets; Removes Rashid Khan, Abdul Samad and Shreevats Goswami

SRH 168/8 (19)  Need 22 in 6 balls

11:06 PM IST:  Ashwin into the attack. and Rashid Khan gets a SIX!!! of Ashwin and then next balls gets for FOUR!!!!

SRH 160/5 (18)  Abdul Samad 27, Rashid Khan 10,  Need 30 in 12 balls

11:02 PM IST:  Stoinis to bowl. Iyer has hit himself. Williamson gets a FOUR!!! much needed and that too without slogging. Just opens the face of the bat wide of cover point. Stoinis gets WICKET!!!!Willamson c Rabada b Stoinis 67

SRH 148/5 (17)  Abdul Samad 22, Need 42 in 18 balls

10:52 PM IST:  R Ashwin into the attack. Williamson gets the 3rd ball to FOUR!!!!

SRH 139/4 (16) Kane Williamson 62,  Abdul Samad 22, Need 51 in 24 balls

10:48 PM IST: DC need the wicket of Williamson if they have to  breathe easy. Samad gets into the act a SIX!! and FOUR!! has just increased the DC skipper Shreyas Iyer headache. Third ball dispatched for FOUR!!!. 16 runs of the over

SRH 129/4 (15) Kane Williamson 56,  Abdul Samad 18, Need 61 in 30 balls

10:41 PM IST: Axar Patel to bowl his 4th of the match. 9 runs of the over

SRH 113/4 (14) Kane Williamson 55,  Abdul Samad 3, Need 77 in 36 balls

10:38 PM IST: Stoinis into the attack and Williamson gets a SIX of the 1st ball over square leg. 9 runs of the over

SRH 104/4 (13) Kane Williamson 48,  Abdul Samad 1, Need 86 in 42 balls

10:32 PM IST: Williamson gets a big shot early in this over. Axar Patel hammered for a SIX!!! over the bowlers head. NZ skipper is turning the heat on. Holder meanwhile holes out in deep. Hoder c Dubey b Axar Patel 11 (11.4 overs)

SRH 95/4 (12) Kane Williamson 40,  Abdul Samad 0, Need 95 in 48 balls

10:26 PM IST: Rabada into the attack. DC need a wicket thats why the leader of the DC bowling attack has been tossed the ball. Williamson hits a SIX!!! a length ball dispatched over midwicket. They are now SRH's main hopes

SRH 83/3 (11) Kane Williamson 28, Jason Holder 11, Need 107 in 54 balls

10:22 PM IST: Praveen Dubey  into the attack and SRH will have to look for boundaries, Required rate is now climbing to 11.45; Williamson steps out and hits a SIX!!! over a bowlers head. 

SRH 75/3 (10) Kane Williamson 21, Jason Holder 11, Need 115 in 60 balls

10:16 PM IST: Axar is into another economical bowler. The run rate is climbing for SRH.  Required RR is now close to 12 runs per over. Williamson gets one FOUR!!! but thereafter only singles and doubles. 9 runs of the over.

SRH 64/3 (9) Kane Williamson 12, Jason Holder 9, Need 126 in 66 balls

10:12 PM IST: Praveen Dubey into the attack. SRH are just looking to consolidate and DC are running through with overs; 3 runs of the over

SRH 55/3 (8) Kane Williamson 6, Jason Holder 6

10:07 PM IST: Axar Patel into the away just 3 runs. another good over for DC

SRH 52/3 (7) Kane Williamson 4, Jason Holder 5

10: 03 PM IST: AnrichNortje into the attack. Holder cuts one for FOUR!!! but SRH need partnership

SRH 49/3 (6) Kane Williamson 2, Jason Holder 4

9:59 PM IST: Twin wickets for Stoinis after Garg also accounts for Manish Pandey c Nortje for 21

SRH 44/3 (5) Kane Williamson 1,Jason Holder 0

9:58 PM IST: Stoinis into the attack and the gentle pace compared to Nortje and Rabada means both SRH batsmen are opneing up. Pandey pulls one for a FOUR!!!.

WICKET!!! Stoinis bowls Garg for 17; pitched up and sneaks through defenses

SRH 43/2 (4) Manish Pandey 21,

9:53 PM IST: Rabada into the attack; SRH are taking singles as line has been good no width or starying on to the leg. 8 runs of the over

SRH 36/1 (4) Manish Pandey 16, Priyam Garg 16

9:48 PM IST: Anrich Nortje into the attack; Pandey drives him straight and over the bowlers head. SRH are not surrendering. Garg goes for pull shot and hits a SIX!!!11 runs of the over

SRH 28/1 (3) Manish Pandey 10, Priyam Garg 14

9:44 PM IST: Rabada gives 5 runs and takes a BIG wicket

SRH 17/1 (2) Manish Pandey 5, Priyam Garg 8

9:41 PM IST: Rabada bowls quick and into Warner. The ball swings late hits Warner on pads and craches onto the stumps

SRH 12/1 (1.1) David Warner b Rabada 2, Priyam Garg 8

9:38 PM IST: Garg almost gets out of the first ball but ends up slog sweeping Ashwin for a SIX!!!!. The youngster has the mandate to score quick and he is taking it.

SRH 12/0 (1) David Warner 2, Priyam Garg 8

9:34 PM IST:  SRH to start with David Warner and Priyam Garg; So SRH also have a change in the opening. R Ashwin to start the attack for DC

9:17 PM IST:  Natarajan to bowl the last over. Nails 4 yorkers. Delhi finally connect and get it to the outfield. 7 runs of the over

DC 189/3 (20), Rishabh Pant 2,  Shimron Hetmyer 42

9:11 PM IST:  Rashid drops Dhawan at deep midwicket.  but Sandeep gets Dhawan lbw of the next ball; Might have taken a review impact was outside off stump

DC 178/3(18.3) Shikhar Dhawan lbw Sandeep 78, Shimron Hetmyer 34

9:05 PM IST:  Holder hits Hetmyer for two FOURS!!!!!. first one was driven through long-off, second Nadeem goes for a diving catch but misses and ball rolls for a FOUR!!!. Dhawan now picks up a FOUR!!!!

DC 176/2(18) Shikhar Dhawan 77, Shimron Hetmyer 34

9:01 PM IST:  Natarajan into the attack. SIX!!! Hetmyer slaps it over deep cover; DC will be looking at something in between 195-200. They have wickets in hand wait for fireworks. 13 runs of the over

DC 158/2(17) Shikhar Dhawan 72, Shimron Hetmyer 21

8:54 PM IST:  Rashid to bowl his last over of the match. and DC are not taking any chances of him. DC pick six singles of the over

DC 145/2(16) Shikhar Dhawan 71, Shimron Hetmyer 10

8:51 PM IST:  Nadeem now into the attack and Hetmyer comes ahead of Pant. 2 southpaws in the middle for DC. 13 runs of the over Nadeem finishes with 4-0-48-0

DC 139/2(15) Shikhar Dhawan 68, Shimron Hetmyer 7

8:45 PM IST:  Holder now into the attack. SRH now looking to limit the damage. Warner must be thinking of score his side will end up chasing. Holder gets the breakthrough. Has Iyer caught at mid-off

DC 126/2(14) Shikhar Dhawan 68, Shreyas Iyer c Pandey b Holder 21

8:36 PM IST:  Nadeem to bowl his third over. He keeps things tight for the first 4 balls. But another misfield in the deep gives DC a FOUR!!!

DC 120/1 (13) Shikhar Dhawan 62, Shreyas Iyer 16

8:33 PM IST:  Natarajan into the attack. Dhawan and Iyer have settled into a nice rhythm. But the average score on this pitch is 161. Surely DC will be looking to get in excess of that.  5 runs of the over

DC 112/1 (12) Shikhar Dhawan 60, Shreyas Iyer 11

8:28 PM IST:   Rashid back into the attack. This will be his 3rd over; DC are not taking any chances just singles of the over

DC 107/1 (11) Shikhar Dhawan 58, Shreyas Iyer 8

8:24 PM IST:   Nadeem into the attack and Dhawan brings up his fifty his 41st in the IPL with a SIX!!!!; 13 runs of the over

DC 102/1 (10) Shikhar Dhawan 56, Shreyas Iyer 5

8:19 PM IST:   Rashid now attacking more a wicket has changed the game. Suddenly SRH chatter has picked up. SRH will feel they can now add more pressure. DC need to build on this platform

DC 89/1 (9) Shikhar Dhawan 44, Shreyas Iyer 3

8:16 PM IST:   Rashid gets Stoinis; The ball turns and crashes on to the off stump.

DC 86/1 (8.2) Shikhar Dhawan 44, Marcus  Stoinis b Rashid 38

8:14 PM IST:  T Natarajan into the attack now. Bowls a good over giving little away till Dhawan dispatches one for a FOUR!!! 9 runs of the over

DC 85/0 (8) Shikhar Dhawan 44, Marcus  Stoinis 38

8:07 PM IST:  Rashid Khan comes into the attack. Khan has taken 6 wickets for 21 runs in two matches against DC this season. But here Delhi are off to good start

DC 76/0 (7) Shikhar Dhawan 38, Marcus  Stoinis 36

8:01 PM IST:  Nadeem into the attack. Gives way a SIX!!! and a FOUR of a no ball. A loopy full toss is dispatched for a FOUR by Dhawan. With field restrictions DC are taking advantage. 15 runs of the over; TIME OUT taken

DC 65/0 (6) Shikhar Dhawan 30 (16b), Marcus  Stoinis 33 (21b)

7:55 PM IST:  Since that drop Stoinis has hit 5 fours and a six. As Sandeep bowls his 3rd over of the match. FOUR!!! Dhawan gets into the act and DC are now looking unstoppable. T Natarajan misfields at short fine leg and gives away FOUR!!!.  11 runs of the over;

DC 50/0 (5) Shikhar Dhawan 19, Marcus  Stoinis 31

7:51 PM IST:  Holder into the attack; Bowls short but on a slow pitch it just sits up and Stonis dispatches it for a FOUR!!! through midwicket. A ball later Stoinis is getting into the attacking mode. FOUR!!!! SRH will have to come with a ploy to stop him. Stonis was on 3 when he was dropped so all this is bonus for DC. SIX!!! slogged to wide of long-on and last ball dispatched for a FOUR!!! 18 runs of the over.

DC 39/0 (4) Shikhar Dhawan 9, Marcus  Stoinis 30

7:46 PM IST:  Sandeep Sharma almost had Stoinis caught by holder who is standing at silly mid-on; The gamble of having a fielder there and bowing a middle and leg line almost worked. Stoinis had enough and then gets two FOURS!!!! of the next two balls. 10 runs of the over

DC 21/0 (3) Shikhar Dhawan 9, Marcus  Stoinis 12

7:41 PM IST:  Jason Holder into  the attack. Dhawan steps out to slap Holder over point for a FOUR!!!!. First boundary for DC; 8 runs of the over

DC 11/0 (2) Shikhar Dhawan 8, Marcus  Stoinis 3

7:35 PM IST:  Looks like a slowish pitch and Sandeep keeps things tight. Just 3 runs of the over

DC 3/0 (1) Shikhar Dhawan 1, Marcus  Stoinis 2

7:28 PM IST:  DC come out to bat and Shikhar Dhawan is accompanied by Marcus Stoinis; Sandeep Sharma to start the attack for SRH

7:15 PM IST: DC are without a regular opener, so who will walk out to bat with Dhawan. Bet it's Marcus Stoinis. Shaw is missing and Hetmyer gives DC more depth in the batting

7:13 PM IST: Teams
Delhi Capitals: Shikhar Dhawan, Ajinkya Rahane, Shreyas Iyer (c), Marcus Stoinis, Rishabh Pant (wk), Shimron Hetmyer, Praveen Dubey, Axar Patel, R Ashwin, Kagiso Rabada, Anrich Nortje

Sunrisers Hyderabad: David Warner (c), Kane Williamson, Manish Pandey, Shreevats Goswami (wk), Priyam Garg, Abdul Samad, Rashid Khan, Jason Holder, Sandeep Sharma, Shahbaz Nadeem,  T Natarajan.

7:05 PM IST: Shreyas Iyer wins the toss and to bat first. David Warner looks completely happy with bowling first. Sid had he won he would have bowled first. For DC, Shrimon Hetmyer comes in and so does Praveen Dubey. SRH are unchanged.

6:57 PM IST:   Wriddhiman Saha was missing from SRH's line-up against RCB in eliminator. There is no word on his fitness yet but his addition will surely be a big boost for the side. DC need their batsmen to click. Shukhar Dhawan hasn't fired ever since two back-to-back centuries.

6:35 PM IST:  A must win game for both the teams. SRH have shown great fighting spirit, while Delhi Capitals will be smarting from the loss against Mumbai Indians. A stake is a  berth in final. SRH have been here and in final also, while it's an unchartered territory for DC.


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