Tuesday, Aug 09, 2022

Bipasha Basu: There’ve Been A Lot Of Pregnancy Speculations Whenever I Put On Weight

Actress Bipasha Basu speaks up about the numerous pregnancy rumours that keep coming out in the media every now and then. She clears the air once and for all.

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Actress Bipasha Basu is widely regarded as one of the most significant fitness idols to emerge from the Hindi cinema industry. Basu, in a recent interview with Hindustan Times, has spoken up about being the subject of multiple pregnancy rumours in the media, which has usually been as a result of her little increase in weight.

“My family life is extremely important to me. And I know there have been a lot of speculations about me being pregnant, on and off when I put on weight,” said Basu. She went on to say that she may be a fitness enthusiast, but she is still free to gain weight whenever she wants.

Basu said, “I know that I’m an ambassador of fitness. But there is a time when I can let go a little bit and live life a little bit. It is not that I’m becoming unhealthy. But the speculations are always going to be there till the time people see me with an actual baby. They are wishing for a family for me, and it is a sweet thought. If that’s supposed to happen, it will happen. The constant scrutiny doesn’t bother me. They’re not saying something evil about me. It’s just that I’m not pregnant, so that’s sad.”

When asked about being away from the screens during the Covid-19 time, she said, “I have not done anything for a long time. That has been a personal choice. Corona definitely had put a little bit of halt in my head. I didn’t want to take any unnecessary risks. So I was not even listening or reading any scripts. But now I’m pretty open to it.”