Friday, Dec 09, 2022

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Vs Mahindra Marazzo: Which MPV Offers Better Space?

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Vs Mahindra Marazzo: Which MPV Offers Better Space?

Let’s find out if the new Ertiga can match up to the Marazzo in terms of space offered inside the cabin

  • The Marazzo’s price range starts where Ertiga’s prices end
  • Both MPVs have their fair share of pros and cons when it comes to cabin space
  • The Marazzo can be had with either seven or eight seats while the Ertiga is only available as a 7-seater

Mahindra launched its all-new MPV, the Marazzo, is September this year. This was soon followed by the launch of one of its primary rivals, the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, in November. Although the Marazzo is priced at a slight premium over the Ertiga, it is a bigger vehicle as well. But how does it compare to the more affordable Maruti when it comes to space and comfort on the inside?

Before we find out, Let’s first have a look at their exterior dimensions.

The Mahindra Marazzo is longer, wider and taller than the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga by a substantial margin. The wheelbase too is longer, but the difference is not as big as other measurements. The Ertiga, however, offers more boot space with the third row folded up.

Interior Space

First Row

The Marazzo trumps the Ertiga in terms of front legroom and kneeroom by a margin. Folks with long legs will definitely find the Marazzo’s front seat more easy on their legs. But at the same time, the Ertiga regains lost ground with a longer seat base length. The additional 25mm offered in the Ertiga’s seats should make for better under thigh support for the driver and front passenger. When it comes to headroom, both MPVs are on par with each other..

Second Row

The Marazzo’s 7-seater version comes with captain seats in the middle, unlike the bench seat on offer on the Ertiga. That said, the Marazzo is also available with a bench in the second row. Since we only had the 7-seater Marazzo with us for this comparison, here’s how both MPVs differ.

The second row shoulder room in the Ertiga is quite far behind the Marazzo, and this effect is amplified as only two people sit in the second row of the 7-seater Marazzo. The headroom offered in the Marazzo is marginally more and only tall occupants will be able to tell the difference. The Marazzo offers captain seats, each 540mm wide. The Ertiga’s second row is meant for three and has a seat base width of 1270mm. The Marazzo’s seat base length is 10mm less than on the Ertiga. This results in lesser under thigh support for second row occupants.

It’s when we get to the kneeroom that things get interesting. The Marazzo’s minimum kneeroom is better than the Ertiga. However, the Maruti has more maximum kneeroom than the Mahindra. With the second row seats pulled completely to the front to make more room for third row occupants, the Marazoo offers more leg space for passengers in the second row. As a result, middle row passengers will feel more comfy in the Marazzo than in the Ertiga.

Third Row

The shoulder room offered in the third row of the Ertiga is miles ahead of the Marazzo. Although the seat base width of the Ertiga is less in the last row, it only has to seat two compared to three passengers in the Marazzo. The captain seats in the second row of the Marazzo return to haunt it now.

The headroom offered in the third row of the Marazzo is 30mm more. But the Ertiga’s third row seat is positioned higher than the Marazzo’s by 55mm, giving passengers a better seating position overall. The seat base length is also more in the Ertiga, offering better under thigh support.

The minimum kneeroom offered in the Ertiga is marginally less than the Marazzo, but it is the other way around in the case of maximum kneeroom. With the second row seats positioned forward, third row passengers will have more leg space in the Ertiga.


The first row is a bit of a mixed bag. While tall occupants will find the Marazzo’s first row a better fit, the Ertiga offers more under thigh support, making it more comfortable for longer journeys.

The second row of the Marazzo is more luxurious, primarily because of the captain seats offered in the 7-seater variant. If you’re going to be driven around more often, pick this variant of the Marazzo. Also, if you’re buying the MPV for carrying not more than four people, the Marazzo will feel more luxurious and comfortable with its 2+2+3 configuration.

However, when it comes to the third row, the Marazzo takes a backseat as the Ertiga leads in shoulder room, seat base length and seat base height from the floor. The Ertiga will be a better buy if you drive the car yourself and are often accompanied by five people. In this case, you’ll always be using the third row (2+2+2 configuration), and passengers in the third row are likely to thank you for buying the Ertiga rather than the Marazzo.