#9 Kanimozhi: May 22, 2009 11:15:41

'My God. You know, he [Dayanidhi Maran] is watching everything you’re doing…'


#9 Kanimozhi: May 22, 2009 11:15:41

Kanimozhi: Hello.

Niira Radia: Kani, one feedback that’s coming back from Congress is that, that you’ve not even declared who your official negotiator is. Five, five people are negotiating at the same time. If your dad also appoints one person who is going to negotiate what everybody has done, then the problem gets solved.

Kanimozhi: Hey Niira, what can I do Niira? I really can’t do anything about it.

Niira Radia: You can’t tell them to appoint the official negotiator?

Kanimozhi: You know OK, we’ll have to say it’s Dayanidhi Maran.

Niira Radia: Well, I don’t think he will. Do you think he will say that?

Kanimozhi: He will…

Niira Radia: Well, then you might as well not have an official negotiator…

Kanimozhi: See that is a problem…

Niira Radia: The meeting is, the meeting is still going on. So, it’s, you know, when it’s over I’ll call you.

Kanimozhi: See, that is the only big problem, no. None of us want to push for it. If he’s going to become anyway.

Niira Radia: Yeah.

Kanimozhi: I mean, I can just completely, you see, I’m perfectly all right but if dad is going to say he is [too]. But then it become(s) such a self-serving thing, no.

Niira Radia: Is he staying back for the swearing-in?

Kanimozhi: No. What happened is, he [Maran] was supposed to leave with dad. Once he knew that I’m taking a later flight, he’s changed his flight to a later one.

Niira Radia: Good God. So, he is also not going for the swearing-in?

Kanimozhi: No, no. He is not going.

Niira Radia: Mm-hmm.

Kanimozhi: And then because I just want to stay back for the [inaudible] and take a later flight, he also wants to.

Niira Radia: My God. You know, he is watching everything you’re doing…


Kanimozhi: Let him watch. I am here at the mall, picking up music CDs. He can join in if he wants to.

Niira Radia: (laughing) What are you picking up?

Kanimozhi: (laughs) I am picking up some Fateh Ali Khan. If he wants he can come back (t


Source: This is what was attached to the SC petition