July 29, 2021

Soma Wadhwa

  • The Shrink Is In
    The Shrink Is In

    Distress and depression are no longer being shelved away as growing-up pain, teenage trauma, midlife crisis...

  • Want To Look Inside His Head?
    Want To Look Inside His Head?

    Can you tell if it's just normal growing-up pangs or if your teenaged child is headed for serious trouble?

  • Dying Everyday
    Dying Everyday

    Fear, anger are normal victim reactions. It's mass depression that's scaring workers.

  • Fleshed Out
    Fleshed Out

    A peep into the bedroom of married couples: how, why, what they do...

  • The Future Is Big
    The Future Is Big

    It's India's fastest-growing industry. Insecurity, uncertainty, innovation, technology: it's present perfect...

  • Home Alone
    Home Alone

    Stereotypes can't confine her anymore as the urban woman redefines her place in the family

  • 5-Judge Trench
    5-Judge Trench

    Caste panchayats have outgrown their function as local dispensers of justice. Today, they are epitomes of...

  • I Know, So I Am
    I Know, So I Am

    The Right to Information has changed lives and made governments accountable

  • Amend, Amend, Amend!
    Amend, Amend, Amend!

    The orthodoxy concedes that triple talaq is an ill, but still fights shy of tackling it Updates

  • ...And He Can Keep It
    ...And He Can Keep It

    God, that is. His Own Country has the largest suicide rate, the worst crime figures, the highest unemployment...

  • Politics Bachao
    Politics Bachao

    Autograph nahin, andolan. The Narmada activist's PPF is a new cause, of alternative, innovative and...

  • Fiefdooms

    Outlook takes a look at nine 'elite' seats from where their highnesses have returned again and again to...

  • Buffalo Soldier
    Buffalo Soldier

    Yet another ferocious indictment of Hindu Brahminism by author and activist in the Dalit-Bahujan movement...

  • All About Eve
    All About Eve

    A much talked about film imagines a society sans women

  • Pencil Erasure
    Pencil Erasure

    Amidst the fuss over IIM fees, the government is quietly pushing inequity. A months-long probe by Outlook...

  • Beyond The Bed
    Beyond The Bed

    The urban Indian woman is at the beginning of a new affair, with her body, her unmet desires

  • Concrete Jungle
    Concrete Jungle

    The grisly rape of a Swiss diplomat confirms Delhi's status as the beast among cities Updates

  • Bliss Krieg
    Bliss Krieg

    The live-for-today urban Indian is in the material whirl of malls, mobiles and multiplexes. And he is gasping...

  • Mudpond Blooms
    Mudpond Blooms

    Witness the persistence of life—where surviving birth itself is a battle half-won

  • 160/ 99
    160/ 99

    The 'Silent Killer' is on the prowl. Get your BP checked if you have headaches, blurred vision, feel dizzy or...

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