June 18, 2021

Ishan Joshi

  • 'India Will Have To Fight Its Own Battle'
    'India Will Have To Fight Its Own Battle'

    His comments tinged with realism about the lack of formal guarantees to India of a 'Phase II' in the...

  • A Classic Botch-Up
    A Classic Botch-Up

    RSS has got the better of BJP on J&K’s autonomy resolution

  • Darker Shades Of Grey
    Darker Shades Of Grey

    Discord is the ruling flavour as the old guard instals puppets

  • Saffron's Fading Flavour
    Saffron's Fading Flavour

    The man's hot, the party's not. Infighting, even for its internal polls, is destroying the BJP's claim of...

  • It’s Gupta, Period
    It’s Gupta, Period

    Removing UP’s lame-duck CM will make a bad situation worse

  • 'Eelam Won't Harm India'
    'Eelam Won't Harm India'

    A London-Based LTTE spokesman speaks to Outlook

  • Kapil’s Devils
    Kapil’s Devils

    A cricketing hero has to exorcise the match-fixing demons that haunt him

  • Passing The Bucket
    Passing The Bucket

    Alleviating the suffering of the drought-stricken gets caught up in ugly Centre-state tussles

  • A Drought Of Sense
    A Drought Of Sense

    It’s a chronicle of a calamity foretold, but fresh thinking is needed to avoid future tragedy

  • Mask And The Masque
    Mask And The Masque

    The party denies any Advani-Vajpayee rift but many see a behind-the-scenes succession struggle

  • An Old Swayamsevak's Dilemma
    An Old Swayamsevak's Dilemma

    The PM is torn between the RSS and his compulsions of office

  • Company Of Critics
    Company Of Critics

    The BJP’s position becomes shaky as its allies grow more strident and join forces on key issues

  • Saffron Versus Rainbow
    Saffron Versus Rainbow

    BJP hardliners call into question Vajpayee’s preferred coalition path

  • Ethical Cleansing
    Ethical Cleansing

    For a right wing that revels in the politics of identity, Deepa Mehta’s film is the water of life itself

  • Swadeshi Whispers Too
    Swadeshi Whispers Too

    Resentment at the reforms grows within the Sangh outfits

  • The Politics Of Hurt
    The Politics Of Hurt

    Post-Kandahar, Vajpayee is under attack from the hardline camp for the first time since the elections

  • 'I'll Go To Jail If It Comes To That'
    'I'll Go To Jail If It Comes To That'

    Union home minister L.K. Advani, the most prominent of the three central ministers chargesheeted in the...

  • The Bjp’s Millennial Muslim
    The Bjp’s Millennial Muslim

    Shahnawaz Hussain is that rare politician, a Muslim who’s proud of his Sangh connections

  • ‘It May End With The Closing Of The Indian Mind’
    ‘It May End With The Closing Of The Indian Mind’

    In an in-depth conversation with Ishan Joshi on November 23, Thapar puts forward an extensive critique of the...

  • The Papal Test
    The Papal Test

    The BJP government may have succeeded in reining in the VHP this time, but for how long?

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