January 28, 2021

Bharat Ahluwalia

  • The Winter Rose
    The Winter Rose

    In a strife-torn land, the J&K Bank has a problem—of plenty

  • On The Road To Nowhere
    On The Road To Nowhere

    The government's decision to reduce its holding in public sector banks raises hackles on all sides

  • A Ray Of Hope For The Blind
    A Ray Of Hope For The Blind

  • The Mutiny Drive
    The Mutiny Drive

    At a time when marketspace is cramped, a fight for incentives at MUL turns ugly

  • Fasting For Feasting
    Fasting For Feasting

    It's time to get real. Ignoring infrastructure for software has led to the economy slowing down.

  • Am I Gonna Go My Way?
    Am I Gonna Go My Way?

    Be your own boss. That simple but seductive motto is what motivates big dreamers, fuelled by easing cash...

  • "Intelligence Is Value"

    Who will be the winners in tomorrow's networked world? Which business models will make money and which...

  • On Your Merc, Get Set...
    On Your Merc, Get Set...

    Own the roads. The Rs 60-lakh S 320L, Merc of the Mercs, is now here to spoil you.

  • gunfight@okportal

    Rediff and sify, chalk and cheese, rule the web in India now. But will they in another three years?

  • Life Beyond The Line Of Control
    Life Beyond The Line Of Control

    With its international long-distance monopoly under threat, the PSU needs to reconfigure itself and add fresh...

  • Gone For A Toss
    Gone For A Toss

    But don’t panic. It’s just a dollar bull chasing the rupee.

  • Still A Long Distance
    Still A Long Distance

    STD could be as cheap as a local call. But only if the DoT is kept out of harm’s way.

  • Mind Your Own Wallet
    Mind Your Own Wallet

    The case for fiscal autonomy is strong. But are the states demanding it responsible enough?

  • Is There Anybody In There?
    Is There Anybody In There?

    A 'lame-duck' Paswan feels he's more sinned against than sinning

  • Grains Of Truth
    Grains Of Truth

    It's a case of too much of a good thing

  • Ten Years After
    Ten Years After

    Already one of the world's top growers, India could become the fastest growing economy in the next decacde

  • Narayan Karthikeyan
    Narayan Karthikeyan

    India's most popular F3 driver on what it takes to be the fastest Indian on wheels

  • The Ring Master
    The Ring Master

    From bicycle spares to a NASDAQ listing - he owes it all to focus. Meet India’s telecom king, Sunil...

  • Running Cricket Into The Ground
    Running Cricket Into The Ground

    Rolling in crores, the BCCI is a money-minting behemoth. A PIL seeks to get them to play cricket.

  • Taking On Big Daddy
    Taking On Big Daddy

    Two chums hope to clean up BCCI's act

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