April 04, 2020
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Statements On Pakistani Missile Tests

Statements On Pakistani Missile Tests

Statement issued by the Official Spokesperson on Pakistan’s plan to carry out missile tests : 24 May 2002
We have been informed by Pakistan that it plans to carry out a series of missile tests comprising short and medium range missiles, and that appropriate notifications have been issued for these tests, which are scheduled between May 25 and 28. This is routine and not central to the current situation.

What is and what we would expect and judge by is the specific action taken by the Government of Pakistan to stop cross-border infiltration and terrorism, to dismantle the training camps for terrorists, to destroy the support and financing structures for the terrorist networks, and to show conclusively that it has abandoned its use and promotion of terrorism as an instrument of State policy.

That is why the Government of India is not particularly impressed by these missile antics, clearly targeted at the domestic audience in Pakistan.

Statement Issued On May 26:
We have already said earlier that we are not impressed by these missile antics, particularly when all that is demonstrated is borrowed or imported ability. What is important is for the international community to understand clearly the actual mindset of the Pakistani leadership.

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