August 06, 2021
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England vs India, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, Highlights: Rohit Sharma Ton In Vain as England Keep Semis Hopes Alive

Rohit Sharma's 109-ball 102, his third century in this year's tournament, went in vain as England defeated India by 31 runs in a Cricket World Cup 2019 game at Edgbaston, Birmingham on Sunday. With the victory, England kept their semifinal hopes alive. Catch highlights of England vs India here

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England vs India, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, Highlights: Rohit Sharma Ton In Vain as England Keep Semis Hopes Alive
Liam Plunkett, center, celebrates with teammates the dismissal of Hardik Pandya during the Cricket World Cup match between England and India at Edgbaston, Birmingham on Sunday.
England vs India, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, Highlights: Rohit Sharma Ton In Vain as England Keep Semis Hopes Alive

England beat India by 31 runs in their league stage game at Edgbaston, Birmingham on Sunday (June 30), handing the visitors their first defeat in the Cricket World Cup and boosting their own semi-final prospects. Set 338 for victory, India lost KL Rahul early but Rohit Sharma’s 102 and skipper Virat Kohli’s fifth consecutive half-century kept them in the hunt. Faced with a climbing run-rate in the final overs, India lost wickets at crucial intervals and eventually ended on 306/5. Earlier, Jonny Bairstow’ 111 and half-centuries from Jason Roy and Ben Stokes powered England to a mammoth 337/7. Mohammed Shami (5/69) was the pick of the Indian bowlers. Get highlights of England vs India here (REPORT | SCORECARD | STREAMING | POINTS TABLE | FULL SCHEDULE)

23:21 hrs IST: That's it. Thank you for joining us! 

Jonny Bairstow, Player of the Match: "It was important to set up a platform. It's been frustrating a little bit for the guys, we know how well we can play. But today we were pretty good with bat, ball and in the field. But there's still things we can improve on against New Zealand. Having been at the IPL with VVS definitely helped (deal with spinners). The basic principles are the same. They bowled well upfront and the ball did a bit, a couple of inside edges went for fours. But you capitalise when you can. It was the closest to a complete performance we've had in the competition, but we also know we've got three must-win games in this World Cup up next."

23:05 hrs IST: That's it. England win by 31 runs. India's unbeaten run in the 2019 World Cup is over. England are back on track. If they beat New Zealand on Wednesday, they'll progress to the semifinals

22:58 hrs IST: Just 11 off the last two overs. India are 287/5 after 48 overs. Looks all over now

22:49 hrs IST: Nine off the over from Wood. India are 276/5 after 46 overs, need 62 off 24

22:43 hrs IST: OUT! No timing at all (from Pandya) and Vince completes a nice catch at long-on. Can't blame him as India needed a big shot. Kedar Jadhav comes to the crease. Plunkett ends with 3/55. India are 267/5 after 45 overs, need 71 off 30

22:37 hrs IST: Exceptional over from Archer, only five off it. India are 260/4 after 44 overs, need 78 off 36. Plunkett to bowl his final over. 

22:31 hrs IST: Excellent change in pace from Woakes. Seven off his penultimate over. India are 255/4 after 43 overs, need 83 off 42. Archer comes back into the attack. 

22:27 hrs IST: Very good from Rashid. Just five singles. India are 248/4 after 42 overs, need 90 off 48. 

22:23 hrs IST: Nine off Woakes' eighth. India are 243/4 after 41 overs, need 95 off 54. Rashid comes back into the attack.  

22:17 hrs IST: OUT! Pant falls for 32(29). Woakes pulls off a ripper on the square leg boundary. Such kind of catches win you matches. MS Dhoni comes to the crease. Tailor-made situation for him. India are 234/4 after 40 overs, need 104 off 60

22:10 hrs IST: 4,4,4 - Pandya on fire! Smashes Wood all around the park. India are 226/3 after 39 overs, need 112 off 66

22:03 hrs IST: FOUR! Too full from Wood and Pant hits it to the wide long-on boundary. India are 210/3 after 38 overs, need 128 off 72

21:57 hrs IST: OUT! Slower ball from Woakes, Rohit looks to hit it over mid-wicket but gets an edge and Buttler takes a simple catch. Important breakthrough for England. Hardik Pandya comes to the crease. Good decision by the management to promote him ahead of MS Dhoni. India are 204/3 after 37 overs, need 134 off 78

21:52 hrs IST: FOUR! Short delivery from Wood and Pant pulls it to deep square leg. Just the over India needed, 10 off it. They are 198/2 after 36 overs, need 140 off 84

21:46 hrs IST: Double and that's a century for Rohit - third in the tournament and 25th overall. He struggled early on but is on song now. Outstanding! Should look to stay till the end. India are 188/2 after 35 overs, need 150 off 90

21:40 hrs IST: Solid over from Wood, six off it. India are 183/2 after 34 overs, need 155 off 96. Time for drinks

21:34 hrs IST: FOUR! Fuller delivery from Plunkett, outside off, Pant drives it through cover. That should ease the nerves. For a moment it looked like Woakes would stop it but he fails to do so. India are 177/2 after 33 overs, need 161 off 102

21:29 hrs IST: FOUR! Offcutter from Wood and Rohit hits it over the fielder at mid-on for a boundary. Costly over, 11 off it. India are 166/2 after 32 overs, need 172 off 108

21:22 hrs IST: Only four off Archer's seventh. India are 152/2 after 30 overs, need 186 off 120. Rohit 80*, Pant 3*

21:17 hrs IST: OUT! Massive blow to India. Kohli departs for 66, hits a length ball straight to the fielder at backward point. Once again he fails to convert a fifty into a century. Rishabh Pant comes to the crease. India are 148/2 after 29 overs

21:10 hrs IST: Eleven off the last 12 deliveres. India are 144/1 after 28 overs. Rohit 77*, Kohli 66*. Plunkett comes back into the attack. 

21:04 hrs IST: Stokes with his fourth over. A short ball and Rohit plays his trademark Natraj shot for a four, behind square. He follows it up with another four, this time to deep backward point. Another one, in the same area. Three in a row. Woakes beaten twice. Two dots and a single to end the over. India are 133/1 after 26 overs.

21:00 hrs IST: Rashid continues. Kohli hits the first ball for a boundary to sweeper cover. A single to end the over. India are 120/1 after 25 overs. 37 off the last overs.

20:56 hrs IST: Stokes on with his third over. Kohli takes a single off the first ball to bring up a 100-run partnership with Rohit. India are 112/1 after 24 overs.

20:53 hrs IST: Rashid on with his third over. Three singles from five balls, then Rohit plays a brilliant inside-out for a boundary to deep extra cover. Half-century (43rd) for India's vice-captain off 65 balls. India are 107/1 after 23 overs.

20:49 hrs IST: Stokes on with his second over. Kohli takes a single towards cover. Two dots, then Rohit drives through cover for a boundary. Perfect execution! Two more singles, and 100 for India. 

20:45 hrs IST: Rashid continues. Rohit hits the first ball for a boundary to sweeper cover. Two dots, then two singles. He finishes off the over with a delicate cut for another boundary to deep backward point. India are 93/1 after 21 overs.

20:40 hrs IST: Double and that's a half-century for Kohli - fifth consecutive in this tournament. Needs to keep going. India need a big one from their skipper today. Remember, a win will confirm India's spot in the semi-finals

20:36 hrs IST: Only three singles off Rashid's first. India are 74/1 after 18 overs. Kohli 43*, Rohit 31*. Ben Stokes comes into the attack. 

Some spin now. Adil Rashid comes into the attack

20:29 hrs IST: Asking rate has gone up to almost 8.3. India are 71/1 after 18 overs. Kohli 42*, Rohit 29*. Drinks are on the field now

20:25 hrs IST: FOUR! Short ball from Plunkett, Rohit pulls in front of square, to the midwicket boundary. India are 67/1 after 17 overs. Kohli 39*, Rohit 28*

20:21 hrs IST: Twenty-six runs off the last 30 balls. India need some big overs here. Plunkett and Wood are bowling really well in tandem. Someone from Kohli or Rohit has to take risks. India are 57/1 after 16 overs. Kohli 34*, Rohit 23*

20:17 hrs IST: Another notable over from Plunkett, just two off it. India are 53/1 after 15 overs. Kohli 31*, Rohit 22*

20:13 hrs IST: FOUR! Too good from the Indian skipper. Nothing much wrong with the line of that delivery and Kohli drives it through extra cover and to the boundary. India are 51/1 after 14 overs. Kohli 30*, Rohit 21*

20:06 hrs IST: FOUR! Short delivery from Wood and Rohit pulls it to fine leg boundary. Nine off the over. India are 40/1 after 12 overs. Rohit 20*, Kohli 20*

20:02 hrs IST: Three singles off Plunkett's first six deliveries. India are 31/1 after 11 overs. Kohli 19*, Rohit 12*. Another change. Mark Wood comes into the attack. 

19:58 hrs IST: Archer continues to keep it tight. India are 28/1 after 10 overs. Kohli 17*, Rohit 11*. First change in bowling. Liam Plunkett comes into the attack. 

19:53 hrs IST: FOUR! Length ball, Kohli comes down the track and drives Woakes over extra cover. Seven off the last two overs. India are 27/1 after 9 overs. Kohli 16*, Rohit 11*

19:46 hrs IST: Another fine over from Woakes, only three runs off it. India are 20/1 after 7 overs. Kohli 10*, Rohit 10*

19:42 hrs IST: FOUR! Full delivery from Archer, Kohli times it through extra cover. Fabulous! Expensive over from Archer, eight off it. India are 17/1 after 6 overs. Rohit 9*, Kohli 8*

19:39 hrs IST: Three maidens in a row! Spectacular spell from Woakes. India are 9/1 after 5 overs. 

19:35 hrs IST: Tidy over from Archer, only one run off it. India are 9/1 after 4 overs. Rohit 9*, Kohli 0*

19:32 hrs IST: OUT! Rahul looks to flick but gets a leading edge and Woakes dives forward, to his right, and does the rest. Another maiden from the Englishman. Virat Kohli comes to the crease. India are 8/1 after 3 overs

19:27 hrs IST: FOUR! Too full from Archer, Rohit opens the bat face and hits it through point for a boundary. Classy! Also, the India vice-captain gets a lifeline with Root dropping a sitter at second slip. India are 8/0 after 2 overs. Rohit 8*, Rahul 0*

19:23 hrs IST: Superb start from Woakes. Maiden. India are 0/0 after the first over. Jofra Archer comes into the attack. 

19:20 hrs IST: Time for India's reply. KL Rahul to take strike. Chris Woakes to open the attack. 

18:50 hrs IST: That's it. Splendid over from Bumrah, only three off it. He finishes with 1/44. While Shami took five, he proved to be pretty expensive in the death overs. We'll be back in a short while with India's chase

18:43 hrs IST: OUT! Shami gets a five-wicket haul. Using the short ball well. Rohit comes running in from deep square leg to complete a neat catch. England are 334/6 after 49 overs

18:39 hrs IST: FOUR! Top-edge and Woakes gets a boundary. England wouldn't mind this. Eight off the over. England are 319/5 after 48 overs. Stokes 63*, Woakes 7*. Shami to bowl the penultimate over. 

18:33 hrs IST: OUT! Back of a length delivery from Shami, Buttler looks to pull but gets a top-edge, Shami fumbles on his first attempt but manages to hold on. Still a costly over, 17 off it. Chris Woakes comes to the crease. England are 310/5 after 47 overs

18:27 hrs IST: Outstanding over from Bumrah, just three off it. England are 293/4 after 46 overs. Stokes 54*, Buttler 10*. Has been a remarkable fightback from India

18:22 hrs IST: OUT! Overpitched from Shami, Root attempts a scoop but finds the fielder (Pandya) at fine leg. Third scalp for Shami. Also, Stokes completes his half-century - third in a row at this World Cup. England are 289/4 after 45 overs

18:16 hrs IST: FOUR! Full toss from Pandya and Stokes hits it well in the gap between deep mid-wicket and deep square leg. Pandya ends with 0/60. England are 277/3 after 44 overs. Stokes 48*, Root 44*. Shami comes back into the attack. 

18:12 hrs IST: Super over from Bumrah, only three runs off it. England are 268/3 after 43 overs. Root 42*, Stokes 41*. Pandya comes back into the attack. 

18:07 hrs IST: SIX! Stokes hits it powerfully ver cow corner for a maximum. Chahal finishes with 0/88 - his most expensive spell in ODIs. England are 265/3 after 42 overs. Root 40*, Stokes 40*

18:03 hrs IST: Bumrah still has four overs left. Can England still get to 350? Well, the time will tell. Chahal to bowl his final over. England are 253/3 after 41 overs. Root 35*, Stokes 33*

17:57 hrs IST: SIX! Tossed up from Chahal, Stokes plays the reverse slog-sweep over point for a maximum. Extraordinary shot! 15 off the over. England are 245/3 after 40 overs. Bumrah comes back into the attack.

17:53 hrs IST: Another quality over from Pandya. Boundaries have been hard to come by in the last 10-12 overs. England are 230/3 after 39 overs. Root 31*, Stokes 15*. Chahal again

17:48 hrs IST: FOUR! Quicker delivery from Chahal, Stokes reverse sweeps it past the fielder at short third man. Eight off the over. England are 224/3 after 38 overs. Root 27*, Stokes 13*. Pandya to bowl his penultimate over. 

17:43 hrs IST: Only three singles off Pandya's eighth. England are 216/3 after 37 overs. Root 27*, Stokes 5*. Chahal comes back into the attack. The leggie has three overs left. Can he strike?

17:39 hrs IST: Shami continues to keep things tight. Get a feeling pitch will be slower in the second innings. India need to strike here. England are 213/3 after 36 overs. Root 26*, Stokes 3*

17:31 hrs IST: OUT! Short delivery from Shami, Morgan goes for the pull but isn't in control of it, gets a top-edge and Jadhav at fine leg takes a nice running catch. Ben Stokes comes to the crease. England are 207/3 after 34 overs

17:25 hrs IST: Has been a good recovery from India. With Shami coming in and finally getting the better of Bairstow, India have a chance of keeping England to under 330. If that happens, it's game on! 

17:06 hrs IST: Would be interesting to see how India respond once they come out to bat. They could be chasing anywhere around 370. England are 196/1 after 29 overs. Bairstow 109*, Root 16*

17:03 hrs IST: Wonderful over from Pandya, only three off it. Uses the variations well. England are 194/1 after 28 overs. Bairstow 109*, Root 14*. Kuldeep to continue

Update on Rahul: Rahul landed on his back while attempting a catch at the long-on boundary. He is being assessed. 

16:58 hrs IST: Single and that's a first World Cup century for Bairstow, overall eighth in ODIs. Lets his bat do the talking! One of the best innings of this tournament. Needs to get a big one here. England are 183/1 after 26 overs

16:51 hrs IST: FOUR! Flighted delivery from Kuldeep, outside off, Bairstow plays the reverse sweep past the fielder at short third man. Moves to 98 with a single off the last ball. England are 180/1 after 25 overs. Bairstow 98*, Root 11*

16:48 hrs IST: FOUR! A deliberate outside edge from Root and it runs away to the third man boundary. Expensive over from Bumrah, 10 off it. England are 173/1 after 24 overs. Bairstow 92*, Root 10*

16:44 hrs IST: OUT! Jadeja takes a blinder at long-on. Roy looks to clear the long-on boundary but doesn't get the elevation, Jadeja comes running to his left, dives full length and completes an excellent catch. Much-needed breakthrough for India. Joe Root comes to the crease. England are 163/1 after 23 overs. Bumrah comes back into the attack. 

16:39 hrs IST: Another very good over from Pandya, five off it. England are 160/0 after 22 overs. Bairstow 89*, Roy 66*

16:34 hrs IST: SIX! Bairstow charges down the track and slogs it over wide long-on. 10 off the over. England are 155/0 after 21 overs. Bairstow 87*, Roy 63*

16:30 hrs IST: Great over from Pandya, only four runs off it. England are 145/0 after 20 overs. Bairstow 78*, Roy 62*. If India don't get wickets here, England will easily score 400

16:26 hrs IST: SIX! Flighted delivery from Kuldeep, Bairstow gets down on his knees and hits it over deep square leg boundary. England are 141/0 after 19 overs. Bairstow 77*, Roy 59*. Pandya comes back into the attack. 

16:23 hrs IST: SIX! Fraction short from Chahal, Bairstow rocks back and smokes it over wide long-on. England are 130/0 after 18 overs. Bairstow 68*, Roy 57*. Both openers are connecting everything today. 

16:19 hrs IST: SIX! Roy - you beauty! Gets to the pitch of the ball and creams it over long-on for a maximum. 16th ODI half-century for him. England are 124/0 after 17 overs. Chahal (5 overs) and Kuldeep (2) have gone for a combined 70 runs. 

16:12 hrs IST: SIX! Fuller delivery from Chahal, Bairstow gets into position early and pummels it over long-on for a maximum. A half-century for him. This is a serious assault from England, who are 112/0 after 16 overs. Drinks are on the field now

16:08 hrs IST: FOUR! Juicy full toss from Kuldeep and Bairstow smacks it over wide long-on for a boundary. Easy pickings! England are 97/0 after 15 overs. Bairstow 48*, Roy 44*. India seem to be losing control. 

16:05 hrs IST: SIX! Bairstow picks the length early and slog-sweeps it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum. 11 off the over. England are 84/0 after 14 overs. Bairstow 41*, Roy 38*. Kuldeep Yadav comes into the attack. 

16:00 hrs IST: BOUNDARY! This is superb from Bairstow. Length delivery from Pandya, the Englishman lifts it over mid-on for one-bounce four. Another costly over from Pandya, 10 off it. England are 73/0 after 13 overs. Bairstow 35*, Roy 33*

15:56 hrs IST: Fine over from Chahal, three runs off it. England are 63/0 after 12 overs. Roy 32*, Bairstow 27*

15:52 hrs IST: SIX! Pitched up from Pandya, Roy makes room and hammers it over long-off for a maximum. He would've dismissed off the previous ball but India didn't review it. 13 off the over. England are 60/0 after 11 overs. Roy 31*, Bairstow 25*. Chahal comes back into the attack. 

15:46 hrs IST: Extremely good over from Shami, just one off it. England are 47/0 after the end of first Powerplay. Bairstow 25*, Roy 20*. Another change in bowling. Hardik Pandya comes into the attack. 

15:42 hrs IST: Impressive over from Bumrah. It's a maiden! England are 46/0 after 9 overs. India in desperate need of a couple of wickets here. Looks a high-scoring track. Shami comes back into the attack. 3-0-21-0. Sometimes figures don't reflect how well a bowler has gone about his job. 

15:37 hrs IST: FOUR! Slower, wider from Chahal and Roy thumps it to deep mid-wicket. Shot! Expensive over from Chahal, nine off it. England are 46/0 after 8 overs. Bairstow 25*, Roy 19*

15:32 hrs IST: Nice and tidy over from Bumrah, only two runs off it. England are 37/0 after 7 overs. Bairstow 24*, Roy 11*

15:27 hrs IST: FOUR! Tossed up from Chahal and Bairstow lofts it over mid-on. Was almost a six. England are 35/0 after 6 overs. Bairstow 23*, Roy 10*. Bumrah comes back into the attack. 

15:23 hrs IST: FOUR! England have had some luck going their way. Bairstow looks to drive (again) and gets the inside edge which goes to fine leg for a boundary. England are 28/0 after 5 overs. First change in bowling. Yuzvendra Chahal comes into the attack. 

15:18 hrs IST: FOUR! Length delivery from Bumrah, on Bairstow's pads, the Englishman clips it towards the short boundary - square leg. England are 19/0 after 4 overs. Bairstow 9*, Roy 9*. Shami to continue

15:13 hrs IST: FOUR! Bairstow looks to drive on the up but gets an inside edge that runs away to the fine leg boundary. Good over from Shami despite the boundary. Lucky! England are 14/0 after 3 overs. Roy 8*, Bairstow 5*

15:08 hrs IST: Magnificent from Bumrah. No margin for error. Bairstow gets off the mark with off the last ball. Outside edge to third man for a single. England are 10/0 after 2 overs. Roy 8*, Bairstow 1*

15:04 hrs IST: FOUR! Fuller length from Shami, Roy leans forward and times it in the gap between cover and mid-off. As Nasser Hussain says, "An 80% fit Roy is worth" for England. Costly start from Shami. England are 9/0 after the first over. Jasprit Bumrah comes into the attack. 

15:00 hrs IST: Time for live action. Jason Roy and Jonny Bairstow to open. Mohammed Shami to begin the proceedings. 

He has raw, uninhibited power, and his shots radiate class. And he can entertain the crowds with humongous sixes, summo­ned almost at will. He is Rishabh Pant, India’s most exciting young wicket-keeper-batsman. A batsman, mor­­­eover, cast in the Virender Sehwag-­esque mould--not just in terms of brisk scoring, but also in diet. Read full story here 

14:38 hrs IST: Playing XIs

India: KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli(c), Rishabh Pant, Kedar Jadhav, MS Dhoni(w), Hardik Pandya, Mohammed Shami, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Jasprit Bumrah 

England: Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(w), Chris Woakes, Adil Rashid, Liam Plunkett, Jofra Archer, Mark Wood

14:33 hrs IST: England have won the toss and have opted to bat

14:20 hrs IST: We'll have the toss in 10 minutes. Looks like Rishabh Pant could play his first World Cup game. He will be replacing Vijay Shankar in that's the case.

--> Meanwhile, Eoin Morgan disagrees with Jonny Bairstow's claim critics are "waiting for England to fail" in the World Cup and expressed his gratitude for the "wonderful support" the hosts have been given.

Bairstow feels comments made by former players including Kevin Pietersen and Michael Vaughan following the defeat to Australia were a "typical English thing to do, in every sport".

--> Australian perfection has yet to be achieved in the eyes of Mitchell Starc despite guiding his side to a seventh win at the World Cup. Starc’s record-breaking third career World Cup five-wicket haul proved characteristically destructive as Australia bowled New Zealand out for 157, securing victory by 86 runs at Lord’s. Read full story here 

13:20 hrs IST: WEATHER UPDATE - The sun has been out in the days leading up to the game, and it is expected to stay that way today as well.

13:03 hrs IST: India have taken nine wickets per match on an average, the best among the 10 sides in this tournament. 

12:56 hrs IST: England have won three of their last four men's ODIs against India, losing one. 

12:49 hrs IST: BIG NUMBERIndia have won 16 of their last 17 completed Cricket World Cup matches.

12:45 hrs IST: STAT ATTACK - England have won their previous three ODIs at Edgbaston, their last defeat at the venue coming in 2014 against India.

12:40 hrs IST: Hello and welcome to Outlook's live coverage of the ICC World Cup 2019 game between England and India. 

Not long ago, England were considered to be favourites to win the tournament but Eoin Morgan's men have bungled big time in crucial situations, which has left them on the verge of early exit with just eight points from seven games.

Wins against India and New Zealand in their final league stage matches will guarantee England a last-four berth, but anything less will leave them vulnerable to results elsewhere. (SCENARIOS)

Opener Jason Roy (hamstring) is expected to return to the England side, while fast bowler Jofra Archer (side strain) is a doubt. 

England captain Eoin Morgan said: "I think we're in an extremely lucky position. To be in playing in a home World Cup for your own country is an extremely privileged position to be in and presents a huge opportunity. (There are) two more group-stage games left. If we win the two, we go through to the semi-finals, if we win that, we get through to a World Cup final. There's still a lot on the line, and we're really looking forward to it."

India skipper Virat Kohli said: "Everyone is a bit surprised, we thought England is probably going to dominate in their own conditions, but as I said at the beginning of the tournament in the press conference, that pressure is going to be a massive factor to handle and low scores are going to be defended. I said that because I have played two World Cups and that usually happens in such a big tournament where all teams are very strong."

India have happy memories of facing England at Edgbaston, having triumphed in the final of the ICC Champions Trophy six years ago.

In this World Cup, Rohit Sharma has hit two centuries, while Virat Kohli has scored four consecutive half-centuries. MS Dhoni, who was criticised for his slow knock against Afghanistan, scored a crucial half-century against West Indies.

The middle-order still remains a concern and Vijay Shankar's performance at No. 4 certainly makes him a weak link.  

But Kohli suggested India would field an unchanged squad with Bhuvneshwar Kumar continuing his recovery from a tight hamstring and Shankar retaining his place. Mohammed Shami, who replaced Bhuvneshwar, has claimed eight wickets in two matches and is a certainty.

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