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New Zealand Vs India, 5th T20, Highlights: IND Win By 7 Runs To Complete 5-0 Whitewash

New Zealand Vs India, 5th T20, Highlights: IND Win By 7 Runs To Complete 5-0 Whitewash

India completed a whitewash over New Zealand in the final T20I, courtesy of some excellent bowling by Jasprit Bumrah. Follow here highlights of New Zealand (NZ) vs India (IND).


India grabbed a 5-0 whitewash against New Zealand after defeating them by seven runs in the fifth and final T20I. Electing to bat first, India posted 163 for three. The visitors then restricted the Black Caps to 156 for nine. Follow here highlights of New Zealand (NZ) Vs India (IND).

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16:10 hrs IST: One run. It was outside off. Sodhi outside edges it to third man.

20 overs | NZ 156/9, Ish Sodhi 16 (10), Hamish Bennett 1 (2)

New Zealand fall short once again and Inda win by seven runs!

16:10 hrs IST: No run. Thakur sends it a little wide. Sodhi misses it.

19.5 overs | NZ 155/9, Ish Sodhi 15 (9), Hamish Bennett 1 (2)

Done and dusted, India win the series! Its a complete whitewash.

16:04 hrs IST: No run. A full around off by Bumrah. Bennett blocks it.

19 overs | NZ 143/9, Hamish Bennett 1 (2), Ish Sodhi 3 (4)

New Zealand need 21 runs from 6 balls.

16:00 hrs IST: OUT!!! WHAT A YORKER!!! Bumrah's delivery whizzed past Southee and hits the stumps.

Tim Southee b Jasprit Bumrah 6 (5)

18.2 overs | NZ 141/9, Ish Sodhi 2 (2)

In comes, Bennett.

15:58 hrs IST: FOUR!! It was a length ball by Saini. Southee scoops it over mid-off.

18 overs | NZ 140/8, Tim Southee 6 (4), Ish Sodhi 1 (1)

New Zealand need 24 runs from 12 balls.

15:53 hrs IST: OUT!! THE PRESSURE WAS MOUNTING ON TAYLOR AND NOW SAINI GETS HIM! Saini sends a full wide delivery. Taylor outside edges it to Rahul.

Ross Taylor c KL Rahul b Navdeep Saini 53 (47)

17.1 overs | NZ 133/8, Tim Southee 0 (0)

In comes, Ish Sodhi.

15:50 hrs IST: OUT! It was a short one by Thakur. Kuggeleijn pulls, but it goes high straight down deep square leg.

Scott Kuggeleijn c Washington Sundar b Shardul Thakur 0 (1)

16.5 overs | NZ 132/7, Ross Taylor 52 (45)

In comes, Tim Southee.

15:48 hrs IST: OUT!!!! It was a knuckle ball by Thakur. Santner mistimes it to long-on. Pandey is there to catch it.

Mitchell Santner c Manish Pandey b Shardul Thakur 6 (7)

16.3 overs | NZ 131/6, Ross Taylor 51 (44)

In comes, Scott Kuggeleijn.

15:45 hrs IST: No run. it was a leg break by Chahal, going wide. Taylor went for a premediated slog sweep. Clever by Chahal.

16 overs | NZ 129/5, Ross Taylor 50 (43), Mitchell Santner 5 (5)

New Zealand need 35 runs from 24 balls.

15:37 hrs IST: One run. It was a length one outside off by Sundar. Taylor mistimes it towards point.

15 overs | NZ 122/5, Ross Taylor 48 (40), Mitchell Santner 1 (2)

New Zealand need 42 runs from 30 balls.

15:33 hrs IST: OUT!! It was a yorker by Bumrah, which cleanly bowls out Mitchell.

Daryl Mitchell b Jasprit Bumrah 2 (4)

14 overs | NZ 119/5, Ross Taylor 46 (36)

In comes, Mitchell Santner.

15:26 hrs IST: OUT!! It was a hard length delivery by Saini. Seifert pulls and splices to midwicket.

Tim Seifert c Sanju Samson b Navdeep Saini 50 (30)

12.4 overs | NZ 116/4, Ross Taylor 45 (32)

In comes, Daryl Mitchell.

15:19 hrs IST: FOUR!! It was a short delivery by Bumrah. Seifert sends it along the ground in front of square.

11.5 overs | NZ 113/3, Tim Seifert 49 (27), Ross Taylor 43 (30)

15:15 hrs IST: No run. A flat delivery by Chahal. Taylor hit it back to him.

11 overs | NZ 107/3, Ross Taylor 42 (27), Tim Seifert 44 (25)

New Zealand need 57 runs from 54 balls.

15:11 hrs IST: ANOTHER SIX!!! TAYLOR IS ON FIRE HERE AND DUBE IS FEELING THE HEAT!!! It was a length delivery and outside off. The ball just wanted to be hit! Taylor listens and sends it over midwicket.

10 overs | NZ 98/3, Ross Taylor 41 (24), Tim Seifert 36 (22)

15:04 hrs IST: FOUR! A wrong'un by Chahal. Seifert goes down on one knee and hits it hard between two fielders in deep on the leg side.

8.3 overs | NZ 61/3, Tim Seifert 17 (15), Ross Taylor 24 (20)

14:52 hrs IST: 1 leg bye. Saini sends a 148 ks delivery, which beats the batsman and rolls away towards short third man.

6 overs | NZ 41/3, Ross Taylor 14 (12), Tim Seifert 8 (9)

New Zealand need 123 runs from 14 overs.

14:42 hrs IST: FOUR!!! Thakur sends a poor ball. Taylor sends it away fine of long leg.

4.1 over | NZ 27/3, Ross Taylor 5 (5), Tim Seifert 4 (6)

14:37 hrs IST: OUT!!! AWFUL MIX-UP. Seifert hits Saini's delivery to cover point and wants to take a run. But Bruce is not ready. There is confusion, and Samson throws the ball to the striker's end. Rahul rushes in and stumps Bruce.

Tom Bruce run out Sanju Samson/Kl Rahul 0 (3)

3.2 overs | NZ 17/3, Tim Seifert 0 (3)

In comes, Ross Taylor.

14:31 hrs IST: OUT!!! Sundar comes from around the wicket, cramps Munro. It was a flat delivery, skids off the pitch, Munro misses it, and it hits the stumps.

Colin Munro b Washington Sundar 15 (6)

2.3 overs | NZ 17/2, Tim Seifert 5 (3)

14:26 hrs IST: OUT!!! Guptill decides against a review. Bumrah sent a length ball which was angling in from outside off. It skids off the pitch to put Guptill in a position without much space. It hits the pads in line with stumps. LBW!

Martin Guptill lbw Jasprit Bumrah 2 (6)

1.3 overs | NZ 7/1, Colin Munro 5 (3)

In comes Tim Seifert.

14:23 hrs IST: FOUR!! Excellent shot by Munro! Sundar goes short on middle stump. Munro goes down on one knee and slog-sweeps over midwicket.

1 over | NZ 7/0, Colin Munro 5 (3), Martin Guptill 2 (3)

14:11 hrs IST: Fan favourite Sanju Samson kept his spot for the first time in successive matches as India decided to give the talented wicketkeeper-batsman another chance. But that's the long and short of Samson story. Here is what the fans had to say: CLICK HERE.

14:08 hrs IST: One run. Good delivery Southee. He goes wide. Iyer manages an inside edge back on to his body.

20 overs | IND 163/3, Shreyas Iyer 33 (31), Manish Pandey 11 (4)


14:03 hrs IST: OUT! A length ball angled by Kuggeleijn. Dube tries to slog it but doesn't get power. The shot has height but is comfortably caught at long-on.

Shivam Dube c Tom Bruce Scott Kuggeleijn 5 (6)

18.5 overs | IND 148/3, Shreyas Iyer 30 (28)

In comes, Manish Pandey.

14:01 hrs IST: FOUR!! It was fuller delivery by Kuggeleijn. Dube clears the infield and sends it over the ropes.

18.4 overs | IND 148/2, Shivam Dube 5 (5), Shreyas Iyer 30 (28)

13:54 hrs IST: Good delivery by Sodhi. Rohit tries to find the backward point. No run. Now he walking off. He looks in extreme discomfort.

Rohit Sharma retired hurt 60 (41)

16.4 overs | IND 138/2, Shreyas Iyer 26 (21)

In comes, Shivam Dube.

13:47 hrs IST: OH! ROHIT LOOKS TO HAVE HURT HIMSELF. Iyer went for a run off Sodhi. Rohit seems to have pulled his calf.

16.1 overs | IND 132/2, Shreyas Iyer 26 (21), Rohit Sharma 54 (38)

13:40 hrs IST: FOUR RUNS!!! It was a length ball by Southee. Rohit slams it into the long-on boundary!

15.1 overs | Rohit Sharma 51 (35), Shreyas Iyer 18 (18)

13:26 hrs IST: One run. It was a full delivery by Bennett. Iyer hits it to deep cover to retain strike.

12 overs | IND 101/2, Shreyas Iyer 5 (3), Rohit Sharma 44 (31)

13:23 hrs IST: OUT!!!! It was length delivery by Bennett. Rahul hit it with the face of the bat. Poor timing. It lobs to Santner.

KL Rahul c Mitchell Santner b Hamish Bennett 45 (33)

11.3 overs | IND 96/2, Rohit Sharma 45 (32)

In comes, Shreyas Iyer.

13:16 hrs IST: FOUR! It was a fuller delivery by Santner and outside off. Rahul sends it away fine of short third man.

10 overs | IND 84/1, KL Rahul 42 (28), Rohit Sharma 35 (27)

13:09 hrs IST: One run. It was round-arm from Santner. Rohit hits it to long-on off back foot.

8 overs | IND 62/1, Rohit Sharma 19 (20), KL Rahul 36 (23)

13:02 hrs IST: 1 run. It was a slower ball by Kuggeleijn. Good length. Rahul punches it on a backfoot to mid-off.

6 overs | IND 53/1, KL Rahul 33 (17), Rohit Sharma 13 (14)

12:59 hrs IST: FOUR!!! It was a slower ball by Bennett. A knuckle ball. Sharma sends it square of short fine leg.

5 overs | IND 44/1, Rohit Sharma 12 (11), KL Rahul 25 (14)

12:52 hrs IST: 5 wides!! It was a wild short ball by Kuggeleijn to Rahul. It goes down the leg side, well away from Seifert. It rolls to the fine leg fence.

3.6 overs | IND 34/1, KL Rahul 24 (13), Rohit Sharma 3 (6)

12:48 hrs IST: No run. It was a length ball by Southee on fourth stump line. Rohit punches it to mid-off.

3 overs | IND 25/1, Rohit Sharma 2 (4), KL Rahul 21 (9)

12:45 hrs IST: OUT!!!! It was an overpitched ball by Kuggeleijn. Pitched wide outside off. Samson went for a drive but gives Santner catching practice at short cover.

Sanju Samson c Mitchell Santner b Scott Kuggeleijn 2 (5)

1.3 overs | IND 8/1, KL Rahul 6 (4)

In comes, Rohit Sharma

12:32 hrs IST: FOUR!!! Rahul starts off in style. It was a length delivery by Southee outside off. Rahul sends it along the deck to the back. He finds a gap at cover point.

0.2 overs | IND 4/0, KL Rahul 4 (2), Sanju Samson 0 (0)

12:15 hrs IST: Here are the starting XIs-

New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Colin Munro, Tim Seifert, Ross Taylor, Tom Bruce, Daryl Mitchell, Mitchell Santner, Ish Sodhi, Tim Southee, Hamish Bennett, Scott Kuggleijn.

India: KL Rahul, Sanju Samson, Rohit Sharma, Shreyas Iyer, Manish Pandey, Shivam Dube, Washington Sundar, Shardul Thakur, Yuzvendra Chahal, Navdeep Saini, Jasprit Bumrah.

12:05 hrs IST: Rohit Sharma has won the toss and elected to bat first.

11:57 hrs IST: Meanwhile, Virender Sehwag on Saturday questioned the Indian team's decision to bench Rishabh Pant during the ongoing T20 International series in New Zealand and wondered if skipper Virat Kohli was properly communicating with the youngster.

11:51 hrs IST: Allrounder Hardik Pandya has been ruled out of the upcoming Test series Vs New Zealand.

The decision was taken after the 26-year-old consulted spinal surgeon James Allibone in the United Kingdom.

"Team India all-rounder Hardik Pandya has been ruled out of the upcoming Test series against New Zealand. He travelled to London and was accompanied by NCA Head Physio Ashish Kaushik for a review by spinal surgeon Dr James Allibone," BCCI secretary Jay Shah said in a statement.

"Hardik will be under rehab at the National Cricket Academy until he regains full match fitness," he added.

Pandya underwent a successful surgery in October last year to treat an acute lower-back injury and has remained out of action since.

11:37 hrs IST: Good evening everyone and welcome to Outlook's live coverage of the 5th T20I between New Zealand and India. Can Virat Kohli's side push for a whitewash or can the hosts pull one back?

With the T20 World Cup in Australia coming up this year, Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri will once again try to experiment with the side and find a perfect balance. The experimentation failed in the 4th T20I, with Sanju Samson and Shivam Dube wasting their chances.

Also, Manish Pandey's display in the previous fixture, helped him cement his spot as the team's number six in the batting order. After the previous fixture, Pandey quipped, "we have an opportunity to make it 5-0 and it will be really amazing to do that. Come the fifth match, we will look to go 5-0 up, that is our plan. Nobody has done it before and especially India has not done it before. So, I think it will be a great start to do that."

There is also a chance that Rishabh Pant could get an opportunity with the wicketkeeping gloves, to reduce the pressure on KL Rahul. The batsman has been with the gloves since the Australia series and has been impressive. Rohit Sharma was rested in the 4th T20I, and could play today. Kohli could be rested.

Meanwhile, in India's bowling department, Jasprit Bumrah could be rested with Mohammed Shami set to lead the bowling department.

The hosts will need to work on their finishing in the Bay Oval, after having faltered in the previous two fixtures.

Kane Williamson is expected to return after missing the previous match due to a shoulder injury. The Black Caps skipper will need to motivate a side, low on confidence and will be supported by Tim Southee and Ross Taylor.

Tim Seifert is the obvious choice to stay behind the wickets, with Scott Kuggeleijn expected to not lose his place. In the 4th T20I, Ish Sodhi and Mitchell Santner were excellent while bowling and could be their side's main weapon.


India (from): Virat Kohli (capt), Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul (wk), Manish Pandey, Rishabh Pant, Sanju Samson, Shreyas Iyer, Shivam Dube, Ravindra Jadeja, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah, Shardul Thakur, Navdeep Saini, Washington Sundar.

New Zealand (from): Kane Williamson (capt), Martin Guptill, Ross Taylor, Scott Kuggeleijn, Colin Munro, Tom Bruce, Daryl Mitchell, Mitchell Santner, Tim Seifert (wk), Hamish Bennett, Ish Sodhi, Tim Southee, Blair Tickner.


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