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New Zealand Vs India, 4th T20, Highlights: IND Defeat NZ In Super Over

New Zealand Vs India, 4th T20, Highlights: IND Defeat NZ In Super Over

After sealing their maiden T20 international series win on New Zealand soil, India face the hosts in the 4th T20 of the five-match series in Wellington Regional Stadium. Follow here live cricket score and updates of New Zealand (NZ) Vs India (IND)


India edged past New Zealand in the Super Over, led by Virat Kohli, Shreyas Iyer and Jasprit Bumrah. Chasing 166, the hosts looked set to win at point, but were pinned down by some great work by India bowlers. In the Super Over, the Black Caps made 13 runs, which India beat with ease. Follow highlights of New Zealand (NZ) Vs India (IND), 4th T20I at Wellington, here.

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16:40 hrs IST: Ball 4 - 2 runs! Kohli taps a length ball towards mid-on. Good running.

16:39 hrs IST: Ball 3 - OUT! Short one by Southee. Rahul gets caught by Kuggeleijn.

In comes, Samson. Kohli will be on strike.

16:38 hrs IST: Ball 2 - FOUR!!! Short ball by Southee. Rahul hammers it towards deep backward square leg fence.

16:37 hrs IST: Ball 1 - SIX! WHAT A SHOT BY KL RAHUL! THAT WAS GIGANTIC!! A good length ball by Southee though.

16:34 hrs IST: Tim Southee to bowl for New Zealand. KL Rahul and Virat Kohli to bat for India.


16:29 hrs IST: Ball 6 - No run! Munro tries to scoop it, but he under edges it and it bounces on the way to the fielder in short fine leg.

19:28 hrs IST: Ball 5 - A slow ball by Bumrah. Munro sends it for a four.

16:27 hrs IST: Ball 4 - OUT!!!! Bumrah sends a length ball. Seifert tries to send it over cover, but toe-ends it high.

16:26 hrs IST: Ball 3 - Two runs and Rahul misses a catch. Seifert top edges Bumrah's ball. Rahul misses the catch.

16:26 hrs IST: Ball 2 - FOUR!! A mishit shot, but Seifert made good contact.

16:24 hrs IST: Ball 1 - Two runs. Bumrah sends a short ball, Seifert swings it high. Iyer misses the catch.

16:22 hrs IST: Jasprit Bumrah will bowl first. Colin Munro and Tim Seifert will bat for New Zealand.

16:18 hrs IST: One run! Santner sweeps Thakur's ball to deep point. No time for double and Santer goes run out. SUPER OVER TIME!

Mitchell Santner run out Samson/Rahul 2 (2)

20 overs | NZ 165/7, Scott Kuggeleijn 0 (0)

16:14 hrs IST: BEAUTIFUL KNUCKLE BALL BY THAKUR!!! OUT!!! Mitchell lofted it to off side, Dube comes under it.

Daryl Mitchell c Shivam Dube b Shardul Thakur 4 (3)

19.5 overs | New Zealand 164/6, Mitchell Santner 1 (1)

16:11 hrs IST: OUT!!! Tim Seifert has fallen short. Thakur sent a good delivery, which went for a bye. But Rahul hits the stumps.

Tim Seifert run out KL Rahul 57 (39)

19.3 overs | NZ 163/5, Daryl Mitchell 4 (2)

New Zealand need 3 runs from 3 balls.

In comes, Mitchell Santner.

16:08 hrs IST: OUT!!! Good delivery by Thakur, but Taylor sends it to deep midwicket where Iyer is there to catch it.

Ross Taylor c Shreyas Iyer b Shardul Thakur 24 (18)

19.1 overs | NZ 159/3, Tim Seifert 57 (39)

New Zealand need 7 runs from 5 balls.

In comes, Daryl Mitchell.

16:06 hrs IST: One run. Good delivery by Saini. It goes off Taylor's pad for a leg bye.

19 overs | NZ 159/3, Ross Taylor 24 (17), Tim Seifert 57 (39)

15:59 hrs IST: One run. It was a short ball by Bumrah. Seifert sends it to short leg.

18 overs | NZ 155/3, Tim Seifert 54 (34), Ross Taylor 23 (16)

New Zealand need 11 runs from 12 balls.

15:51 hrs IST: FOUR!!! A short and wide ball by Thakur. Taylor sends it behind square with a cut.

16.1 overs | NZ 144/3, Ross Taylor 20 (13), Tim Seifert 46 (26)

15:45 hrs IST: FOUR!!! It was a delivery by Chahal which was outside off. Taylor sweeps it between deep midwicket and long on.

15 overs | NZ 130/3, Ross Taylor 15 (10), Tim Seifert 38 (22)

New Zealand need 36 runs from 30 balls.

15:40 hrs IST: SIX!!! Not a good ball by Dube. There were two fielders from leg side coming towards deep midwicket. But Seifert sends it beyond them.

14 overs | NZ 113/3, Tim Seifert 31 (20), Ross Taylor 6 (6)

15:31 hrs IST: OUT!!! Chahal bowls Bruce around the legs. He sends a slow swinging ball, which on middle and leg. It goes straight and knocks over leg stump.

Tom bruce b Yuzvendra Chahal 0 (3)

12.1 overs | NZ 97/2, Tim Seifert 21 (15)

In comes, Ross Taylor.

15:24 hrs IST: OUT!! AND THERE GOES MUNRO!! RUN OUT! It was a direct hit from deep by Kohli, and Munro falls short. Good relay throw!

Colin Munro run out Virat Kohli 64 (47)

11.4 overs | NZ 95/1, Tim Seifert 21 (15)

In comes, Tom Bruce.

15:15 hrs IST: FOUR!!!! Munro slams it to point. Sundar sent a shorter delivery, but it turned out to be a half-tracker.

9.3 overs | NZ 77/1, Colin Munro 54 (39), Tim Seifert 15 (10)

15:10 hrs IST: SIX!!! Seifert sweeps Chahal's delivery over deep midwicket. EXCELLENT!

9 overs | NZ 68/1, Tim Seifert 15 (10), Colin Munro 46 (36)

15:06 hrs IST: SIX!! Munro slams Sundar's full toss to short leg-side boundary. New Zealand reach their 50.

7.4 overs | NZ 54/1, Colin Munro 40 (31), Tim Seifert 7 (7)

14:58 hrs IST: No run. Good delivery by Thakur. Seifert mistimes the cut to point.

6 overs | NZ 39/1, Tim Seifert 0 (3), Colin Munro 32 (25)

14:54 hrs IST: SIXX!!! WHAT A SHOT! It was a short length ball by Thakur. Munro simply swings his bat and sends it over deep square.

5.1 overs | NZ 23/1, Colin Munro 23 (21), Tim Seifert 0 (1)

14:48 hrs IST: STRAIGHT UP!!!! AND KL RAHUL CATCHES IT! Guptill tried to slam this BUmrah length ball, but it flew off the top edge. And Rahul was there to catch it as it sank down.

Martin Guptill c KL Rahul b Jasprit Bumrah 4 (8)

4.2 overs | NZ 22/1, Colin Munro 16 (18)

In comes, Tim Seifert.

14:41 hrs IST: No run. Guptill tries to slam it for a boundary but can't get underneath it well. Excellent delivery by Bumrah.

3 overs | NZ 12/0, Martin Guptill 2 (5), Colin Munro 8 (13)

14:36 hrs IST: One run. Munro hits Saini's delivery to mid-on.

2 overs | NZ 9/0, Colin Munro 6 (9), Martin Guptill 2 (3)

14:29 hrs IST: One run. Good delivery by Thakur. Guptill flicks it to deep midwicket.

0.5 overs | IND 3/0, Martin Guptill 2 (3), Colin Munro 1 (2)

14:13 hrs IST: 1 bye. Not a good delivery by Kuggeleijn. Good running by Pandey and Saini. It was a full delivery, Saini tried to swing it, but misses it.

20 overs | IND 165/8, Navdeep Saini 11 (9), Manish Pandey 50 (36)


14:08 hrs IST: OHHH!! CRUNCHING SHOT BY PANDEY!!!! YUMMY!!!! It was a short delivery by Kuggeleijn. Pandey slams it on the off side, beats deep point for a four.

19.1 overs | IND 158/8, Manish Pandey 46 (33), Navdeep Saini 11 (7)

14:04 hrs IST: FOUR!!!! Saini connects to Bennett's delivery and sends it for a four over point with a thick outside edge.

18.3 overs | IND 148/8, Navdeep Saini 5 (4), Manish Pandey 42 (32)

14:01 hrs IST: OUT!!! It a length ball by Southee. It takes a thin edge of Chahal's bat and goes to the keeper.

Yuzvendra Chahal c Tim Seifert b Tim Southee 1 (2)

17.5 overs | IND 143/8, Manish Pandey 42 (32)

In comes, Navdeep Saini.

13:56 hrs IST: One run. It was a length ball by Bennett. Pandey hits to cover and keeps strike.

17 overs | IND 138/7, Manish Pandey 38 (29), Yuzvendra Chahal 0 (0)

13:54 hrs IST: OUT!!! It was a knuckle ball by Bennett which floats, and Thakur mistimes it. Southee is there around short mid-on to get it.

Shardul Thakur c Tim Southee b Hamish Bennett 20 (15)

16.3 overs | IND 131/7, Manish Pandey 31 (26)

In comes, Yuzvendra Chahal.

13:52 hrs IST: FOUR!!! POWERFUL SHOT BY THAKUR!! It was short ball by Bennett. Thakur sends it to the midwicket fence.

16.1 overs | IND 129/6, Shardul Thakur 18 (13), Manish Pandey 31 (26)

13:48 hrs IST: FOUR!!! Terrific by Pandey. Southee's delivery was going for the off stump. Pandey slams it past point.

15.3 overs | IND 118/6, Manish Pandey 29 (24), Shardul Thakur 11 (11)

13:41 hrs IST: Two runs. Thakur uses his wrists to send Santner's delivery over the covers. Good running.

14 overs | IND 104/6, Shardul Thakur 10 (9), Manish Pandey 18 (17)

13:38 hrs IST: FOUR!!! Sodhi gave it too much width on off, and Thakur swings it past a diving point fielder.

13 overs | IND 97/6, Shardul Thakur 7 (7), Manish Pandey 14 (13)

13:32 hrs IST: OUT!!!! Santner's excellent delivery inside edges to the stumps! He pitched it outside off, and Sundar doesn't move his feet, poking it, which leads to edging in.

Washington Sundar b Mitchell Santner 0 (3)

11.3 overs | IND 88/6, Manish Pandey 12 (11)

In comes, Shardul Thakur.


Shivam Dube c Tom Bruce b Ish Sodhi 12 (9)

10.2 overs | IND 84/5, Manish Pandey 8 (7)

In comes, Washington Sundar.

13:25 hrs IST: Three runs. Pandey chips it over Santner. Decent running.

10 overs | IND 83/4, Manish Pandey 7 (6), Shivam Dube 12 (8)

13:20 hrs IST: OUT!!!!!! It was a good delivery by Sodhi to Rahul. Picked out deep midwicket. Santner catches it easily.

KL Rahul c Mitchell Santner b Ish Sodhi 39 (26)

8.4 overs | IND 75/4, Shivam Dube 11 (6)

In comes, Manish Pandey.

13:15 hrs IST: FOUR!!! Rahul uses his wrists to send this behind point. Shirt delivery by Kuhheleijn.

7.2 overs | IND 60/3, KL Rahul 33 (21), Shivam Dube 2 (2)

13:09 hrs IST: OUT!!!!! It was a wrong'un by Sodhi. Iyer tried to cut it, but it gets a big edge and Seifert catches it.

Shreyas Iyer c Tim Seifert b Ish Sodhi 1 (7)

6.3 overs | IND 53/3, KL Rahul 27 (19)

In comes, Shivam Dube.

13:03 hrs IST: OUT!!!! WHAT A CATCH!! Santer leaps high and grabs it. Good delivery by Bennett too. What was Kohli doing with that extra bounce!

Virat Kohli c Mitchell Santner b Hamish Bannett 11 (9)

4.3 overs | IND 48/2, KL Rahul 25 (15)

In comes, Shreyas Iyer.

12:55 hrs IST: FOUR RUNS!! Kohli hits Bennett's delivery to the square leg fence.

4.1 overs | IND 44/1, Virat Kohli 7 (7), KL Rahul 24 (14)

12:42 hrs IST: OUT!!! POOR SHOT BY SAMSON! It was a good delivery by Kuggeleijn. Samson tried to hit it across the line from outside off. He gets a top edge, and Santner at covers gets to the end of it.

Sanju Samson c Mitchell Santner b Scott Kuggleijn 8 (5)

1.3 overs | IND 14/1, KL Rahul 4 (4)

In comes, Virat Kohli.

12:38 hrs IST: SIX!!! WHAT A SHOT! Samson slams Kuggelejin over wide long-on. EXCELLENT!

1.1 overs | IND 13/0, Sanju Samson 8 (3), KL Rahul 4 (2)

12:17 hrs IST: Here are the starting XIs for today - 

India: Sanju Samson, KL Rahul, Virat Kohli, Shreyas Iyer, Manish Pandey, Shivam Dube, Washington Sundar, Shardul Thakur, Yuzvendra Chahal, Navdeep Saini, Jasprit Bumrah

New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Colin Munro, Tom Bruce, Ross Taylor, Daryl Mitchell, Tim Seifert, Mitchell Santner, Scott Kuggelejin, Tim Southee, Ish Sodhi, Hamish Bennett.

12:03 hrs IST: New Zealand have won the toss and will bowl first.

11:39 hrs IST: Kane Williamson has been ruled out due to a left shoulder injury. Tim Southee will captain the Black Caps.

11:24 hrs IST: Good morning everyone and welcome to Outlook's live coverage of the 4th T20I between New Zealand and India. 0-3 down, can the hosts improve on their displays and finally get one up against Virat Kohli's men?

A heartbroken NZ team faced another Super Over defeat, reminiscent of their dramatic 2019 Cricket World Cup defeat to England. Meanwhile, Rohit Sharma led his side to a thrilling win with an exquisite batting performance.

With an unassailable lead, Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri will be eyeing few permutations and combinations, in preparation to the upcoming T20 Cricket World Cup. The main aim of the Indian dressing room will be to cement this new-found balance, with the likes of KL Rahul, Shreyas Iyer impressing for the national team. The team management will also be hoping for a 5-0 whitewash, with the scores currently settled at 3-0.

Sanju Samson was being heralded as Rishabh Pant's replacement as wicketkeeper, but the calm presence of Rahul in the past few matches has changed the entire paradigm. Also, Shreyas Iyer has proved his batting skills with some match-winning moments. Manish Pandey and Shivam Dube need more game time to prove their mettle.

Washington Sundar, Kuldeep Yadav and Navdeep Saini haven't got a chance yet in New Zealand, and could get one soon. Saini is expected to replace Shardul Thakur.

Meanwhile, New Zealand will be without Colin de Grandhomme, who has been replaced by Tom Bruce, which is a straight swap in the middle order. Also, Martin Guptill and Colin Munro are expected to start alongwith captain Kane Williamson.

Mitchell Santner and Tim Southee will look to add some stability to a shaky bowling department for the hosts.

Teams (from):

India: Virat Kohli (c), Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul (wk), Manish Pandey, Rishabh Pant, Sanju Samson, Shreyas Iyer, Shivam Dube, Ravindra Jadeja, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah, Shardul Thakur, Navdeep Saini, Washington Sundar.

New Zealand: Kane Williamson (c), Martin Guptill, Ross Taylor, Scott Kuggeleijn, Colin Munro, Tom Bruce, Daryl Mitchell, Mitchell Santner, Tim Seifert (wk), Hamish Bennett, Ish Sodhi, Tim Southee, Blair Tickner.


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