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New Zealand Vs India, 2nd T20, Highlights: IND Win By 7 Wickets, With 15 Balls Remaining

New Zealand Vs India, 2nd T20, Highlights: IND Win By 7 Wickets, With 15 Balls Remaining

India easily chased down a 133-run target with KL Rahul shining with his bat. Follow here highlights of New Zealand (NZ) vs India (IND) here


India cruised to a seven-wicket victory (with 15 balls remaining) in the 2nd T20I Vs New Zealand, at Auckland. Kane Williamson won the toss and opted to bat first. The hosts had a good start, with openers Martin Guptill (33 off 26) and Colin Munro (26 off 25) flourishing. But it was the likes of Kane Williamson and Colin de Grandhomme, failed to shine with the bat, with the Kiwis setting a 133-run target. India lost Rohit Sharma early on, after he registered only eight runs off six balls. It was KL Rahul who led India with an unbeaten 57-run knock. He was ably supported by Shreyas Iyer (44 off 33) and Shivam Dube (8 off 4). Tim Southee shone for his side with two wickets. Meanwhile, Ravindra Jadeja scalped two wickets. Follow highlights of New Zealand (NZ) Vs India (IND) here. After sealing a six-wicket victory in the 1st T20 International, India will be aiming to extend their lead when they face New Zealand in the second of the five-match series at Eden Park, Auckland on Sunday. The high-scoring ground will be a boost to the visitors' batting order, but a tweak in the bowling department is expected. Follow live cricket score and updates of New Zealand (NZ) vs India (IND) here.


15:33 hrs IST: SIX!! AND INDIA HAVE DONE IT AGAIN! It was a short delivery by Southee on the stumps. Dube slams it over long-on for a six.

17.3 overs | IND 135/3, Shivam Dube 8 (4), KL Rahul 57 (50)

India defeat New Zealand in the 2nd T20I by seven wickets and 15 balls to spare. 2-0.

15:30 hrs IST: One run. It was a full toss by Sodhi at knee height on fifth stump. Dube drives it wide of extra cover to wide long-off.

17 overs | IND 127/3, Shivam Dube 1 (2), KL Rahul 56 (49)

15:28 hrs IST: OUT!! BRILLIANT CATCH BY SOUTHEE!! It was floated full and wide outside off. Iyer tries to send it flying over long-off, but fails to do so. Southee comes running and takes a superb diving catch from the rope.

Shreyas Iyer c Tim Southee b Ish Sodhi 44 (33)

16.3 overs | IND 125/3, KL Rahul 55 (48)

In comes, Shivam Dube.

15:26 hrs IST: SIX!!! It was full delivery by Sodhi, flighted on the legs. Iyyer clears it off long-on.

16.2 overs | IND 124/2, Shreyas Iyer 44 (32), KL Rahul 55 (48)

15:22 hrs IST: GREAT SHOT!! PURE CLASS BY THE DELHI CAPITALS CAPTAIN! It was a perfect uppercut to a Tickner bouncer. He sends it over the keeper for a four.

15.4 overs | IND 115/2, Shreyas Iyer 37 (30), KL Rahul 53 (46)

15:19 hrs IST: No run. Better delivery by Bennett. Confusion amongst the Indian batsmen as to should a run be taken or not, and they decide against it in a chaotic manner.

15 overs | IND 103/2, KL Rahul 52 (45), Shreyas Iyer 26 (27)


It was a delivery by Bennett on fifth stump. Rahul drives it over extra cover, and it falls short of the rope as it goes in with a bounce.

14.4 overs | IND 98/2, KL Rahul 52 (43), Shreyas Iyer 26 (27)

15:15 hrs IST: One run. It was a full delivery by Tickner on the stumps. Iyer flicks it to deep midwicket.

14 overs | IND 87/2, Shreyas Iyer 25 (25), KL Rahul 42 (41)

India need 46 runs from 36 balls.

15:08 hrs IST: One run. It was almost a full length ball by Santner towards Iyer on middle and off. Iyer sends it to long-off.

13 overs | IND 82/2, Shreyas Iyer 21 (20), KL Rahul 41 (40)

India need 51 runs from 42 balls.

15:04 hrs IST: SIX! THAT WAS WONDERFUL BY IYER! It was a decent delivery by Sodhi, but Iyer cleanly strikes it over long-on and into the stands.

11.4 overs | IND 74/2, Shreyas Iyer 19 (36), KL Rahul 36 (35)

14:55 hrs IST: No run. It was a good length delivery by Sodhi. Rahul tried it to trickle it for a boundary, but pit goes to backward point with the cut.

10 overs | IND 60/2, KL Rahul 33 (29), Shreyas Iyer 8 (13)

14:48 hrs IST: One run. It was a full delivery by Sodhi on leg. Rahul drives it to long-on. Good running by Rahul and Iyer.

8 overs | IND 49/2, KL Rahul 26 (21), Shreyas Iyer 4 (9)

India need 84 runs from 12 overs.

14:44 hrs IST: One run. It was a full delivery by Santner on fifth stump. Rahul drove it to long-off.

7 overs | IND 42/2, KL Rahul 21 (17), Shreyas Iyer 2 (7)

14:37 hrs IST: OUTTTTT!!! YEAH, SOUTHEE HAS TAKEN KOHLI DOWN THE LEG SIDE!! WONDERFUL FIELDING BY SEIFERT! It was a leg stup half-volley. Kohli tried to direct it through fine leg, but it came off the open face of the bat for Seifert to pull a dive and catch it.

Virat Kohli c Tim Seifert b Tim Southee 11 (12)

5.2 overs | IND 39/2, KL Rahul 20 (14)

In comes, Shreyas Iyer.

14:35 hrs IST: FANTASTIC SHOT BY KL RAHUL! It was a short delivery on fourth stump by Tickner. Rahul uppercuts it over deep third man over the ropes for six.

4.5 overs | IND 39/1, KL Rahul 20 (13), Virat Kohli 11 (10)

India require 94 runs 15.1 overs.

14:32 hrs IST: FOUR! SIMPLY EXQUISITE! It was a length ball on fourth stump by Tickner. Kohli clears it well enough mid-off.

4.1 overs | IND 28/1, Virat Kohli 8 (8), KL Rahul 12 (11)

14:30 hrs IST: One run. It is a full length delivery on middle and off by Bennett. Kohli flicked it through midwicket. Good running.

4 overs | IND 24/1, Virat Kohli 4 (7), KL Rahul 12 (11)

14:25 hrs IST: One run. Good length ball by Southee to Rahul. It was on middle and leg. Rahul flicks it through square leg.

3 overs | IND 16/1, KL Rahul 5 (8), Virat Kohli 3 (4)

14:20 hrs IST: No run. It was a good length delivery by Bennett. It was a little wider, Kohli cut it to backward point.

2 overs | IND 13/1, Virat Kohli 2 (3), KL Rahul 3 (3)

14:15 hrs IST: OUTT!!! WHAT JUST HAPPENED! It was full length delivery outside off on sixth stump coupled with swing. Rohit hits it straight at Taylor in slip. Good start by New Zealand.

Rohit Sharma c Ross Taylor b Tim Southee 8 (6)

1 over | IND 8/1, KL Rahul 0 (0)

In comes, Virat Kohli.

14:01 hrs IST: One run. It was knee high full toss on off. Seifert slapped it to wide long-on.

20 overs | NZ 132/5, Tim Seifert 33 (26), Mitchell Santner 0 (0)


It has been an excellent bowling display by Indian bowlers. There is something in this pitch for spinners. New Zealand batsmen just couldn't find their way and forceful attempts at boundaries cost the crucial wickets.

13:59 hrs IST: OUT!!! It was cutter on fifth stump by Bumrah. Taylor pulled it to the leg side. Rohit was there to catch it about five meters inside the rope.

Ross Taylor c Rohit Sharma b Jasprit Bumrah 18 (24)

19.4 overs | NZ 125/5, Tim Seifert 26 (24)

In comes, Mitchell Santner.

13:55 hrs IST: No run. It was a length ball on fifth stump. Seifert attempts to drive it but fails.

19 overs | NZ 123/4, Tim Seifert 25 (22), Ross Taylor 17 (22)

13:50 hrs IST: No run. It was a good length ball by Bumrah on fifth stump. Seifert cuts it back to Bumrah.

18 overs | NZ 118/4, Tim Seifert 24 (19), Ross Taylor 13 (19)

13:40 hrs IST: One run. It was top spin delivery by Chahal on fourth stump. Seifert hit it on back foot to long off.

16 overs | NZ 109/4, Tim Seifert 22 (14), Ross Taylor 9 (12)

13:37 hrs IST: FOUR!!! It was fuller delivery by Chahal and wider outside off. Siefert drove it past Kohli at extra cover. Shami tried to stop it along the ropes but failed to do so.

15.3 overs | NZ 100/4, Tim Seifert 12 (10), Ross Taylor 10 (13)

13:34 hrs IST: One run. It was a full delivery on middle. Seifert hit it along the ground to long-on.

15 overs | NZ 94/4, Tim Seifert 8 (9), Ross Taylor 8 (11)

13:28 hrs IST: OUTTT!!!!! Jadeja gets Williamson!! It was a full length delivery aimed down leg. Williamson went for a sweep, and hammered it flat to deep square leg. Chahal was there to catch it.

Kane Williamson c Yuzvendra Chahal b Ravindra Jadeja 14 (20)

12.3 overs | NZ 81/4, Ross Taylor 3 (5)

In comes, Tim Seifert.

13:15 hrs IST: OUT!!! It was a good length ball by Jadeja, which stops a touch in the wicket. Grandhomme went for the shot early and it goes to Jadeja who catches it easily.

Colin de Grandhomme c and b Rabindra Jadeja 3 (5)

10.2 overs | NZ 74/2, Kane Williamson 10 (12)

In comes, Ross Taylor.

13:07 hrs IST: OUT!! Dube sent it on a back of a length. Munra wanted to slam it over in-field on the off-side. But he clipped the top half of the bat, and Kohli dives and catches it.

Colin Munro c Virat Kohli b Shivam Dube 26 (25)

8.4 overs | NZ 68/2, Kane Williamson 7 (7)

In comes, Colin de Grandhomme

13:02 hrs IST: Good delivery by Chahal. No run. It was a googly at Munro.

8 overs | NZ 63/1, Colin Munro 22 (22), Kane Williamson 6 (6)

13:00 hrs IST: One run. It was a good length ball by Dube on the fourth stump. Williamson punches it to long-on.

7 overs | NZ 58/1, Kane Williamson 2 (2), Colin Munro 21 (20)

12:53 hrs IST: OUTTT!!!! Good delivery by Thakur. Guptill wanted to make full use of the final powerplay ball, and paid for it. Good catch by Virat Kohli.

Martin Guptill c Virat Kohli b Shardul Thakur 33 (20)

6 overs | NZ 48/1, Colin Munro 14 (16)

In comes, Kane Williamson.

12:49 hrs IST: No run. Good ball by Chahal. It goes full on the legs. Guptill goes for a sweep but misses it.

5 overs | NZ 39/0, Martin Guptill 25 (16), Colin Munro 13 (14)

12:43 hrs IST: Three runs! It was a slow full on off ball by Shami, Munro drove it past Kohli at mid-off. Good running by NZ.

4 overs | NZ 32/0, Colin Munro 7 (10), Martin Guptill 24 (14)

12:37 hrs IST: GOOD BOUNCER BY BUMRAH! Guptill ducked under it.

3 overs | NZ 23/0, Martin Guptill 19 (12), Colin Munro 3 (6)

12:33 hrs IST: FOUR!! BRILLIANT BY GUPTILL! He backs away from the stumps and sends Shami's delivery from fourth stump through the gap in covers. It races to the boundary.

2 overs | NZ 18/0, Martin Guptill 16 (9), Colin Munro 1 (3)

12:27 hrs IST: SIX RUNS!!! Guptill slams Thakur's delivery!! Its a second consecutive six. It goes short now. It flew over the short straight boundary into the stands.

0.4 overs | NZ 12/0, Martin Guptill 12 (4), Colin Munro 0 (0)

12:05 hrs IST: Kane Williamson has won the toss and opted to bat first.

11:59 hrs IST: Good everyone and welcome to Outlook's live coverage of New Zealand Vs India, 2nd T20I. The visitors registered won the first fixture, can they increase their lead? Or will the hosts level one back?

Jasprit Bumrah was the only bowler from either side to concede less than eight runs per over on Friday. The likes of Mohammed Shami (0/53 in 4 overs) and Shardul Thakur (1/44 in 3 overs) were pounded by the Black Caps, using the pace of the outfield to their own advantage.

Navdeep Saini, who missed out on the 1st T20 due to jetlag could replace Thakur. Also, its still a question, if Virat Kohli will bring in Kuldeep Yadav or Washington Sundar as an extra spinner, considering Yuzvendra Chahal and Ravindra Jadeja did a decent job on Friday.

It is highly expected that Ravi Shastri won't bring any changes in the batting order, with Shreyas Iyer repaying the management's faith with a match-winning half-century previously.

Iyer has played in all of India's 12 T20s since September 2019, averaging 34.14 in 11 innings, coupled with two half-centuries and a strike rate of 154.19. Also, Manish Pandey and Shivam Dube proved their role as finishers in Auckland, and are favourites to be included. KL Rahul, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are the obvious starters and will look to give India a good start.

Kohli also feels that India need to improve on their fielding after some poor mistakes cost them some boundaries in the 1st T20I. "I think fielding is one thing that we can improve on, just getting used to the ground dimensions and the ball snaking a bit," said the India captain.

New Zealand will be disappointed with Friday's result. The Black Caps batted well, but it was their bowling that failed to deal with the visiting batsmen. Although Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor slammed powerful half centuries, the team still needs some finishers other than the duo. Colin de Gradhomme has failed to sparkle. Colin Munro and Martin Guptill are unable to provide stability currently as openers.

Williamson also accepted that his side needed a bigger total to win the match and 203 wasn't enough. "We know coming to Eden Park it's hard to defend and there was a bit of dew and obviously India showed their class. We knew batting first we had to get a good total on the board," said the captain.

The Kiwis are expected to field the same XI, although Daryl Mitchell could be given a chance. Meanwhile, Blair Tickner and Tim Southee will need to work on their bowling displays.


India (from): Virat Kohli (captain), Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul (wk), Manish Pandey, Rishabh Pant, Sanju Samson, Shreyas Iyer, Shivam Dube, Ravindra Jadeja, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah, Shardul Thakur, Navdeep Saini, Washington Sundar.

New Zealand (from): Kane Williamson (captain), Martin Guptill, Ross Taylor, Scott Kuggeleijn, Colin Munro, Colin de Grandhomme, Tom Bruce, Daryl Mitchell, Mitchell Santner, Tim Seifert (wk), Hamish Bennett, Ish Sodhi, Tim Southee, Blair Tickner.


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