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India Vs Australia, 3rd ODI, Highlights: IND Cruise Past AUS, Seal Series 2-1

India Vs Australia, 3rd ODI, Highlights: IND Cruise Past AUS, Seal Series 2-1

After having levelled the series in Rajkot, India will look to grab a famous series victory Vs Australia in the 3rd ODI at Bengaluru's M Chinnaswamy Stadium. Follow here live cricket score and updates of India (IND) Vs Australia (AUS)


India cruised past Australia in Bengaluru's  M Chinnaswamy Stadium, to seal the ODI series 2-1. Rohit Sharma's century set the total for the hosts, as they win by seven wickets with 15 balls remaining. Aaron Finch won the toss, and opted to bat first. The visitors set a 287-run target, but the home side cruised to victory with ease. Follow highlights of India (IND) Vs Australia (AUS) here.


21:06 hrs IST: THERE IT GOES! Pandey slams Hazlewood for the winning four! It was a full ball straight at Pandey. He slammed it past Hazlewood for the killer four!

47.3 overs | IND 289/3, Manish Pandey 8 (4), Shreyas Iyer 44 (35)

India win by 7 wickets (with 15 balls remaining). India have sealed the series 2-1!

21:02 hrs IST: GOOD FIELDING! Iyer flicked Starc's length ball towards mid-wicket. But Turner stopped it inside the circle with a dive.

47 overs | IND 208/3, Shreyas Iyer 44 (35), Manish Pandey 0 (1)

India need 7 runs from 18 balls.

20:56 hrs IST: OUT!!! Hazlewood just goes through Kohli. It was a yorker, which just went past the India captain.

Virat Kohli b Josh Hazlewood 89 (91)

45.5 overs | IND 274/3, Shreyas Iyer 38 (29)

In comes Manish Pandey. India need 13 from 25 balls.

20:52 hrs IST: FOUR! WHAT A SHOT BY SHREYAS IYER! Starc sends a fuller ball, Iyer slams it towards extra cover.

He had just hit him for a six in the previous ball. He is on fire!

45 overs | IND 268/2, Shreyas Iyer 37 (28), Virat Kohli 84 (87)

India require 19 runs from 30 balls.

20:44 hrs IST: FOUR!! Hazlewood sends a poor delivery to Iyer. He steps back, slashes it, it goes straight to the deep point fence with one bounce.

43 overs | IND 246/2, Shreyas Iyer 23 (21), Virat Kohli 76 (82)

India need 41 runs from 42 balls.

20:37 hrs IST: FOUR! It was a full ball, around off by Starc. Iyer drives it through cover-point for a boundary. Labuschagne made an effort but couldn't stop the ball from crashing against the boundary ropes.

41.5 overs | IND 235/2, Shreyas Iyer 13 (15), Virat Kohli 75 (81)

20:31 hrs IST: No run. It was a length delivery by Agar. Iyer drives it to cover.

41 overs | IND 227/2, Shreyas Iyer 8 (13), Virat Kohli 73 (78)

India need 60 runs from 54 balls.

20:21 hrs IST: Good ball by Starc. Kohli hits it to fine leg. One run.

38 overs | IND 212/5, Virat Kohli 64 (70), Shreyas Iyer 2 (3)

20:14 hrs IST: OUT!! Zampa gets Rohit!! He gave his delivery plenty of air, and Rohit looked to strike but it took the edge and Starc caught it.

Rohit Sharma c Mitchell Starc b Adam Zampa 119 (128)

36.4 overs | IND 206/2, Virat Kohli 60 (65)

In comes, Shreyas Iyer.

20:07 hrs IST: WHAT A SHOT! KING KOHLI IS ON SONG!!! He slams Cummins for a second consecutive four. He reached his 50 in the previous ball with a four. Cummins sent a full delivery, Kohli went for a straight drive. India cross the 200-mark.

35.4 overs | IND 202/1, Virat Kohli 57 (62), Rohit Sharma 119 (125)

19:57 hrs IST: FOUR!!! Kohli slams Cummins through cover. It wasn't a good delivery, it was short and wide.

33.2 overs | IND 184/1, Virat Kohli 44 (53), Rohit Sharma 114 (120)

19:47 hrs IST: Good delivery, as Agar finishes a decent over. No run by Kohli.

31 overs | IND 161/1, Virat Kohli 32 (46), Rohit Sharma 103 (113)

19:42 hrs IST: Rohit reaches his century!! He takes only a run, flicks the ball towards third man.

29.2 overs | AUS 154/1, Rohit Sharma 100 (110), Virat Kohli 28 (39)

19:36 hrs IST: SIX!! THAT WAS HUGE!! It was a short ball by Finch. Rohit plummeted for the mid-wicket fence.

27.3 overs | IND 145/1, Rohit Sharma 93 (101), Virat Kohli 26 (37)

19:31 hrs IST: No run. It was a slower delivery by Zampa around off stump. Rohit defends it back at the Aussie.

26 overs | IND 135/1, Rohit Sharma 86 (95), Virat Kohli 23 (34)

19:20 hrs IST: No run. It was a full delivery by Starc towards leg stump. Rohit hits it short of mid-on.

23 overs | IND 118/1, Rohit Sharma 73 (86), Virat Kohli 16 (25)

19:13 hrs IST: SIXXX!! THAT WAS AMAZING BY ROHIT SHARMA!! Labuschagne is experimenting with his deliveries. He sends a short one, which Rohit plummets into the middle tier over mid-wicket.

20.4 overs | IND 106/1, Rohit Sharma 68 (79), Virat Kohli 12 (18)

19:03 hrs IST: No run. Good angled delivery by Zampa. Kohli tried to drive it past third man, but couldn't.

18 overs | IND 90/1, Virat Kohli 7 (13), Rohit Sharma 57 (68)

India need 197 runs from 32 overs.

18:55 hrs IST: Driven straight back at Zampa by Kohli, who misses the catch. It looks like Kohli is testing the spinner.

16 overs | IND 84/1, Virat Kohli 6 (10), Rohit Sharma 52 (59)

18:52 hrs IST: One run, as Rohit reaches his half-century. He seems to be in dominating form. It was a good delivery by Agar though.

14.5 overs | IND 79/1, Rohit Sharma 50 (56), Virat Kohli 3 (6)

18:45 hrs IST: OUT! LBW! Umpire turns down Agar's appeal, but Australia win the review. KL Rahul departs.

KL Rahul lbw b Ashton Agar 19 (27)

12.3 overs | IND 68/1, Rohit Sharma 44 (48)

In comes, Virat Kohli.

18:35 hrs IST: Good delivery by Agar. Rohit words it away to square leg. One run.

10.5 overs | IND 63/0, Rohit Sharma 42 (43), KL Rahul 15 (22)

18:32 hrs IST: Good ball by Hazlewood. A length ball towards mid-wicket, Sharma defends it. Also a maiden over!

10 overs | IND 61/0, Rohit Sharma 41 (39), KL Rahul 14 (21)

India need 226 runs from 40 overs.

18:19 hrs IST: FOUR! Cummins bowls down the leg side, but Rohit places it wide of short fine leg! STYLISH!

6.5 overs | IND 46/0, Rohit Sharma 30 (23), KL Rahul 10 (18)

18:04 hrs IST: ONCE AGAIN, IT'S A BOUNDARY!! Rohit scoops Starc over point. SIX RUNS!! Rohit Sharma is on fire!! It was a poor delivery from Starc.

3.4 overs | IND 31/0, Rohit Sharma 19 (3), KL Rahul 6 (7)

18:01 hrs IST: FOUR! Rahul just drives past Cummins' delivery to cover drive. FULL POWER!

2.5 overs | IND 19/0, KL Rahul 4 (5), Rohit Sharma 9 (12)

17:56 hrs IST: SIMPLY EXQUISITE!! Starc sends a length ball, and Rohit simply drives it through to the cover-point fence! FOUR!

2 overs | IND 10/0, Rohit Sharma 9 (12), KL Rahul 0 (0)

17:47 hrs IST: Straight into business. Cummins delivers an angled length ball. Rohit plays it off his pads towards fine leg. Two runs. Good running between the wickets.

0.1 overs | IND 2/0, Rohit Sharma 2 (1), KL Rahul 0 (0)

17:45 hrs IST: It is KL Rahul who will open for India alongside Rohit Sharma. Looks like Shikhar Dhawan's injury is serious.

17:17 hrs IST: One run. Superb display by Shami. Another yorker, and Agar can only match a single. 63 runs conceded by India in the final 10 overs. Superb display.

50 overs | AUS 289/6, Ashton Agar 11 (13), Josh Hazlewood 1 (2)



17:13 hrs IST: OUT! IT GOES STRAIGHT THROUGH AND HITS THE STUMPS! SHAMI PICKS HIS FOURTH WICKET! It was an inswinging full delivery, it comes off his pad and hit the leg stump.

Adam Zampa b Mohammed Shami 1 (6)

49.2 overs | AUS 282/9, Ashton Agar 9 (11)

In comes, Josh Hazlewood.

17:04 hrs IST: OUT!! Just like Rajkot, Shami sends Cummins away in the first ball itself. The yorker was just too exquisite.

Pat Cummins b Mohammed Shami 0 (1)

47.4 overs | AUS 276/8, Ashton Agar 6 (8)

In comes, Adam Zampa.

17:01 hrs IST: OUT! BRILLIANT CATCH BY IYER! WHAT AN END TO SMITH'S MAGNIFICIENT INNINGS! Shami sent a poor delivery, Smith sent it flying to deep midwicket. Excellent catch by Iyer.

Steve Smith c Shreyas Iyer b Mohammed Shami 131 (132)

47.1 overs | AUS 273/7, Ashton Agar 3 (5)

In comes, Pat Cummins.

16:57 hrs IST: A SECOND CONSECUTIVE FOUR! SMITH IS ON FIRE! Bumrah sends a slow delivery outside off stump. Smith slams it for a four.

46.3 overs | AUS 270/6, Steve Smith 129 (129), Ashton Agar 4 (4)

16:49 hrs IST: Smith sends Shami's delivery to the cow corner. Australia take a single.

45 overs | AUS 245/6, Steve Smith 106 (122), Ashton Agar 2 (2)

16:44 hrs IST: OUT! It was an amazing delivery by Saini. A yorker, outside off stump snicked underneath the bat and went straight into the gloves of KL Rahul. The umpire didn't give the dismissal. Virat Kohli had to use his review to get it judged out.

Ashton Turner c KL Rahul b Navdeep Saini 4 (10)

44 overs | AUS 238/6, Steve Smith 101 (118)

In comes, Ashton Agar.

16:39 hrs IST: ONE RUN! Steve Smith reaches his 100! It was good delivery by Saini, but it couldn't stop Smith from reaching his ninth ODI ton.

43.4 overs | AUS 236/5, Steve Smith 100 (117), Ashton Turner 3 (8)

16:37 hrs IST: Outstanding over by Bumrah as he concedes only one run that too in the last delivery of this over. Turner sent it to the deep cover fielder. One run.

43 overs | AUS 234/5, Ashton Turner 2 (7), Steve Smith 99 (115)

16:31 hrs IST: OUT!!!!! Yadav sends a turning delivery. Carey lofted it over cover, but Iyer doesn't let it reach the ropes. BIG WICKET!

Alex Carey c Shreyas Iyer b Kuldeep Yadav 35 (36)

41.4 overs | Steve Smith 98 (114)

In comes, Ashton Turner.

16:23 hrs IST: FOUR!!!!!!! Carey slams Bumrah's delivery to the boundary. It was a good over, but has ended on a poor note. He drove it off the outside edge past the third man.

40 overs | AUS 223/4, Alex Carey 30 (29), Steve Smith 95 (111)

16:17 hrs IST: FOUR! Smith hammers Saini's delivery down to fine leg. That's 4,000 ODI runs for the Aussie genius.

38.2 overs | AUS 215/4, Steve Smith 93 (107), Alex Carey 25 (23)

16:12 hrs IST: A short delivery by Saini to Smith. Smith drives it through point towards third man.

37 overs | AUS 200/4, Steve Smith 82 (102), Alex Carey 21 (20)

15:59 hrs IST: FOUR! A reverse sweep by Carey as he sends Jadeja's delivery to the boundary. He keeps it in front of square.

33.5 overs | AUS 181/4, Alex Carey 5 (7), Steve Smith 79 (96)

15:51 hrs IST: OUT!!! Jadeja takes his second wicket in this over. He pulls the length of his delivery a little and slows it. Starc tries to slog, but gets it way too high, and Chahal catches it by the deep mid-wicket fence.

Mitchell Starc c Yuzvendra Chahal b Ravindra Jadeja 0 (3)

32 overs | AUS 173/4, Steve Smith 77 (92)

In comes Alex Carey.

15:47 hrs IST: WHAT A CATCH! KOHLI SHOWS HIS ATHLETIC FORM! Jadeja tosses the ball, Labuschagne whips it inside out drive. Kohli dives low to his right and catches it effortlessly. BIG MOMENT!

Marnus Labuschagne c Virat Kohli b Ravindra Jadeja 54 (64)

31.3 overs | AUS 173/2, Steve Smith 77 (92)

In comes, Mitchell Starc.

15:45 hrs IST: FOUR!! WHAT A SHOT!! HE MADE IT LOOK SO EASY!! He drove a Shami length ball towards deep mid-wicket, and reaches his half century. His ODI 50!

30.5 overs | AUS 172/2, Marnus Labuschagne 53 (60), Steve Smith 77 (92)

15:37 hrs IST: One run, as Smith uses Shami's pace to direct the ball to third man.

29 overs | AUS 158/2, Steve Smith 69 (85), Marnus Labuschagne 47 (56)

15:23 hrs IST: A wrong'un by Yadav but Smith anticipated it. He sent to the third man. One run.

25 overs | AUS 140/2, Steve Smith 62 (71), Marnus Labuschagne 40 (46)

15:11 hrs IST: Two runs. Jadeja delivery gets driven to a gap in the onside by Labuschagne. Good running by Labuschagne and Smith.

22 overs | AUS 117/2, Marnus Labuschagne 30 (37), Steve Smith 49 (62)

15:04 hrs IST: OH! THAT WAS CLOSE! Jadeja delivered a length ball, Labuschagne flicked it at first slip, where Rohit was there, but it went on one bounce. CLOSE!

20 overs | Marnus Labuschagne 27 (32), Steve Smith 46 (55)

14:59 hrs IST: No run, as Smith defends it towards Point. Good ball by Jadeja.

18 overs | AUS 100/2, Steve Smith 38 (48), Marnus Labuschagne 24 (27)

14:55 hrs IST: FOUR!! Labuschagne slams it to the right side of deep square leg. Poor delivery by Yadav and a fifty partnership for Smith and Labuschagne.

17 overs | AUS 96/2, Marnus Labuschagne 22 (25), Steve Smith 26 (44)

14:48 hrs IST: It was a good length ball towards leg side by Bumrah. Labuschagne hits it towards fine leg. One run.

14 overs | AUS 80/2, Marnus Labuschagne 14 (15), Steve Smith 29 (36)

14:36 hrs IST: FOUR! EXQUISITE BY SMITH! It was length ball by Saini, around leg. Smith drived it down to fine leg. The pace of the outfield helps him further.

12 overs | AUS 69/2, Steve Smith 26 (32), Marnus Labuschagne 7 (7)

14:21 hrs IST: FOUR RUNS!! Smith responds in style. He drives it to through the covers.

9 overs | AUS 50/2, Steve Smith 14 (21), Marnus Labuschagne 0 (0)

14:20 hrs IST: OUT!! MASSIVE MOMENT!! FINCH IS DEVASTATED!! Terrible mix-up for Australia. Smith hit Shami's delivery to short third man, and Finch wanted to go for a single but Smith hesitated. Soon Finch was at Smith's end and running back for safety. Shai comfortably removed the bails.

Aaron Finch run out Mohammed Shami 19 (26)

8.5 overs | AUS 46/2, Steve Smith 10 (20)

In comes Marnus Labuschagne.

14:13 hrs IST: Good delivery! No run, as Saini continues to keep Smith at bay. Only two runs from this over.

8 overs | AUS 41/1, Steve Smith 6 (16), Aaron Finch 19 (25)

14:09 hrs IST: Meanwhile, at Bloemfontein, India U-19 have got off to a good start against Sri Lanka in the U-19 World Cup. Divyaansh Saxena (13 off 14) and Yashasvi Jaiswal (14 off 26) have held fort, with India currently at 34/0, with 6.4 overs done.

14:04 hrs IST: Excellent delivery Saini. It was swinging back in. Smith played it to mid-on. Good over, concedes only one run.

6 overs | AUS 28/1, Steve Smith 5 (10), Aaron Finch 9 (19)

14:01 hrs IST: STAT ATTACK -

Jasprit Bumrah has already conceded more wides in this match than he has in any game in his entire limited-over international career; 105 matches. He has conceded 14 wides in this series. He had conceded only 9 wides from 14 ODIs in 2009.

13:58 hrs IST: No run, as Bumrah bowls wider outside off. Smith lets it go. Dhawan has gone off for now. A dive in the previous delivery seems to have injured him and concerned Kohli.

4.4 overs | AUS 27/1, Steve Smith 5 (4), Aaron Finch 8 (17)

13:49 hrs IST: OUT!!!! WHAT A DELIVERY!!!! HE LEAVES WARNER IN TWO MINDS!! WARNER IS FURIOUS!!! It was a terrific delivery by Shami, just outside off stump. Warner tried to poke it, it went off his outside edge for a catch to Rahul. Shami gets it going for India!

David Warner c KL Rahul b Mohammed Shami 3 (7)

3.2 overs | AUS 18/1, Aaron Funch 6 (13)

In comes, Steve Smith. Can he continue his fine batting form from the last ODI?

13:41 hrs IST: Better delivery by Shami, as Finch defends it to the covers. Good over for the Aussies, as they grab seven runs.

2 overs | AUS 10/0, Aaron Finch 6 (8), David Warner 2 (4)

13:38 hrs IST: FOUR RUNS! Excellent shot by Finch. Shami's delivery is flicked by Finch between mid-on and midwicket. Shami didn't have pace nor line and length.

1.1 overs | AUS 8/0, Aaron Finch 5 (6), David Warner 1 (1)

13:34 hrs IST: A straight-lined delivery by Bumrah to Finch. He defends it with a full bat towards mid-on.

0.2 overs | AUS 2/0, Aaron Finch 0 (1), David Warner 1 (1)

13:30 hrs IST: Aaron Finch and David Warner march in to open India's account. Meanwhile, Jasprit Bumrah is warming up for the first over.

13:16 hrs IST: Meanwhile, Sri Lanka have won the toss and elected to field Vs India in the U-19 Cricket World Cup. It is the defending champions' tournament opener.

13:14 hrs IST: Former India international, Praveen Kumar, recently revealed that he once tried to shoot himself with a revolver in the highway to Haridwar.

"I told myself, ‘Kya hai yeh sab? Bas khatam karte hain (What’s all this? Let me just end it)'," a Indian Express report quoted Kumar. Then, his eyes fell on the photo he kept in the car, of his smiling children.


13:09 hrs IST: Meanwhile, Virat Kohli has revealed that India won't make any changes to their 2nd ODI squad.

13:05 hrs IST: Also, Josh Hazlewood has replaced Kane Richardson, who has been given time to rest.

13:01 hrs IST: Aaron Finch has won the toss, with Virat Kohli getting unlucky again. Australia will bat first.

12:55 hrs IST: India crashed to a 10-wicket loss in the 1st ODI at Wankhede. Virat Kohli tinkered with his batting order, going at number 4, with KL Rahul at number 3. India went back to their original strategy in the 2nd ODI.

"We live in the days of social media and a panic button being pressed too early. It's very important to figure out the best team you can put on the park and when you see how KL was batting today, it's very difficult to leave someone like that out," Kohli said at Rajkot.

12:46 hrs IST: Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma are once again expected to open for India. Rohit hurt his shoulder while fielding in Rajkot, but Kohli feels that the Mumbaikar will feature in Bengaluru.

Meanwhile, Dhawan was hit in the rib cage off a Pat Cummins delivery. He didn't field.

"Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma are progressing well. Their recovery is being closely monitored and a call on their participation in the final ODI will be taken before the match," BCCI said in a statement.

12:27 hrs IST: Good evening and welcome to Outlook's live coverage of the 3rd ODI between India and Australia, at Bengaluru. With the series having been levelled at Rajkot, Virat Kohli will be aiming that his side carry on with their form and wrap it up today.

The hosts weren't expected to stage a comeback after the Aussie hammering in the opener at Wankhede Stadium. But Team India came back strong in the second ODI to set up a fitting finale.

Ravi Shastri and Co. will once again expect KL Rahul to prove his calibre as he did so at the Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium. Apart from his keeping, his elegant batting display will be one to watch out for too.

Virat Kohli is once again expected to come at number three, after having done so in the second ODI. The Men in Blue would not repeat a tactical failure like the first at Wankhede. Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma will look to give India a good start. Meanwhile, Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Shami will lead India's bowling department.

For Australia, David Warner will look to bounce back after running out of gas in Rajkot. Aaron Finch will need him to give the visitors a rocking start.

Steve Smith and Marnus Labuschagne will be waiting at number three and four respectively, to pile up the runs with style. Mitchell Starc will look to bounce back, meanwhile Pat Cummins and Adam Zampa are expected to continue on with their fine bowling display.


India (from): Virat Kohli (captain), Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, K L Rahul (wk), Shreyas Iyer, Manish Pandey, Kedar Jadhav, Shivam Dube, Ravindra Jadeja, Yuzvendra Chahal, Rishabh Pant (wk), Kuldeep Yadav, Navdeep Saini, Jasprit Bumrah, Shardul Thakur, Mohammed Shami and Srikar Bharat (wk).

Australia (from): Aaron Finch (captain), Alex Carey (wicket-keeper), Patrick Cummins, Sean Abbott, Ashton Agar, Peter Handscomb, Josh Hazlewood, Marnus Labuschange, Kane Richardson, Steve Smith, Mitchell Starc, Ashton Turner, David Warner and Adam Zampa.


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