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India Vs Australia, 2nd ODI, Highlights: IND Grab 36-Run Victory, Level Series

India Vs Australia, 2nd ODI, Highlights: IND Grab 36-Run Victory, Level Series

Follow here highlights of 2nd ODI between India (IND) Vs Australia (AUS) at Rajkot's Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium


India grabbed a 36-run victory against Australia, to level the ODI series, 1-1, with the finale set to be held on January 19, at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium. The hosts set a 341 target after wrapping up for 340/6. Virat Kohli registered 78 runs (76 balls) to help India put a good total, coupled by Shikhar Dhawan's 96 (90 balls) and KL Rahul's 80-runs (52 balls). Adam Zampa grabbed two wickets for the Aussies, with Kane Richardson registering another. For Australia, David Warner couldn't have a big impact, so couldn't Aaron Finch. Steve Smith put up a fight reaching 98-runs off 102 balls, only to be sent back by Kuldeep Yadav. Mohammed Shami grabbed three wickets, alongwith Navdeep Saini (2), Ravindra Jadeja (2), Kuldeep Yadav (2) and Jasprit Bumrah (1). Catch here highlights of the 2nd ODI between India (IND) Vs Australia (AUS).

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21:34 hrs IST: OUT!! GAME OVER!!! It was a length ball which followed a backing Zampa from the leg stump. He tried to defend it, but edged it to Rahul, and Bumrah seals the game for India.

Adam Zampa c KL Rahul b Jasprit Bumrah 6 (6)

49.1 overs | AUS 304/10, Kane Richardson 24 (11)

India win by 36 runs.

21:28 hrs IST: FOUR RUNS! It was a length ball in the slot on the leg stump by Bumrah. Zampa stepped back and hammered this over the non-striker's end, beating a running Pandey.

48 overs | AUS 286/9, Adam Zampa 9 (7), Kane Richardson 3 (3)

Australia require 55 runs from 12 balls.

21:22 hrs IST: OUT!! Saini sends Starc back to the dressing room now. It was a bouncer, went to the hook. It took Starc completely by surprise coupled by a thin top edge and Rahul took it easily.

Mitchell Starc c KL Rahul b Navdeep Saini 6 (11)

46.3 overs | AUS 275/9, Kane Richardson 1 (1)

In comes Adam Zampa.

21:19 hrs IST: OUT!!! Saini sent a yorker on middle stump. It struck Agar low on the shin. The umpire signaled lbw, but Agar reviewed the decision. And surely, it was the right decision by the umpire.

Ashton Agar lbw b Saini 25 (25)

46.1 overs | AUS 274/8, Mitchell Starc 6 (10)

In comes Kane Richardson.

21:16 hrs IST: An off stump yorker by Shami. Agar glides it out to deep point for a single.

46 overs | AUS 274/7, Ashton Agar 25 (24), Mitchell Starc 6 (10)

Australia require 67 runs from 24 balls.

21:08 hrs IST: Shami concedes a leg bye against Starc. Excellent over. 2 runs conceded and 2 wickets taken!

44 overs | AUS 263/7, Mitchell Starc 0 (4), Ashton Agar 20 (18)

Australia need 78 runs from 36 balls.

21:03 hrs IST: OUT AGAIN!!! This time its Cummins who falls victim to Shami. Another middle stump yorker, with Cummins trying to defend it. Can Shami grab his hattrick?

Pat Cummins b Mohammed Shami 0 (1)

43.2 overs | AUS 259/7 Ashton Agar 20 (18)

In comes, Mitchell Starc.

21:01 hrs IST: OUT!!!! WHAT A DELIVERY BY SHAMI! It was a yorker, which was just too much for Turner to handle!

Ashton Turner b Mohammed Shami 13 (15)

43.1 overs | AUS 259/6, Ashton Agar 20 (18)

In comes, Pat Cummins.

20:51 hrs IST: Excellent yorker by Bumrah as it lands full on middle stump. Agar jams it back to Bumrah.

41 overs | AUS 241/5, Ashton Agar 7 (10), Ashton Turner 8 (10)

20:42 hrs IST: Sharp running by Australia. Bumrah sends a good length delivery. Turner keeps the strike as the asking rate moves above 10.

39 overs | AUS 228/5, Ashton Turner 3 (4), Ashton Agar 1 (4)

20:35 hrs IST: OH! HE HAS DONE IT! YADAV HAS CHANGED THIS MATCH!! He sends Smith back to the pavilion. It wasn't an excellent delivery, but the turn did its job.

Steve Smith b Kuldeep Yadav 98 (102)

37.5 overs | AUS 221/5, Ashton Turner 1 (1)

In comes Ashton Agar. The visitors need 113 runs from 66 balls.

20:29 hrs IST: OUT!!! Yadav sends Carey back to the pavilion! What a delivery! Carey checked the shot rather than going through with it. It went straight to extra cover and was a simple catch for Kohli.

Alex Carey c Virat Kohli b Kuldeep Yadav 18 (17)

37.2 overs | AUS 220/3, Steve Smith 98 (100)

In comes Ashton Turner.

20:26 hrs IST: One run, as Smith is not hurrying for his century. Saini sends a good delivery, with the bounce confusing Smith.

37 overs | AUS 219/3, Steve Smith 97 (99), Alex Carey 18 (16)

20:18 hrs IST: SIX!!! Smith slams Jadeja's delivery right from the middle. It goes 90 metres into the stands!

34.5 overs | AUS 208/3, Steve Smith 88 (89), Alex Carey 16 (13)

20:00 hrs IST: OUT!!!!! Shami catches it as Labuschagne sends Jadeja's delivery in the air. It goes down the track, and Labuschagne chips it. Easy catch for Shami.

Marnus Labuschagne c Mohammed Shami b Ravindra Jadeja 46 (47)

30.5 overs | AUS 178/3, Steve Smith 75 (78)

Australia require more 163 runs with 7 wickets and 18.5 overs remaining.

In comes Alex Carey.

19:47 hrs IST: FOUR RUNS!! Bumrah overpitches his delivery. Labuschage punches on the front foot and it races down, beating mid-on.

27.4 overs | AUS 163/2, Marnus Labuschagne 42 (37), Steve Smith 64 (69)

19:36 hrs IST: Jadeja floats a short length delivery on the legs of Smith. He taps it behind square. One run.

25 overs | AUS 150/2, Steve Smith 60 (58), Marnus Labuschagne 33 (32)

19:29 hrs IST: FOUR!!! Yadav sent his delivery at full flight on fourth stump. Labuschagne slog sweeps it through midwicket as it goes along the ground through long-on. SUPERB!

22.5 overs | AUS 138/2, Marnus Labuschagne 29 (27), Steve Smith 52 (50)

19:20 hrs IST: Smith reaches his half-century with ease. He has handled Yadav well. It was a full length ball on middle and off. Smith flicked it behind square.

21 overs | AUS 127/2, Steve Smith 50 (47), Marnus Labuschagne 21 (19)

19:17 hrs IST: FOUR RUNS!! Smith exquisitely hits Shami's delivery for a boundary, beating Yadav at third man. Nine runs from this over.

20 overs | AUS 121/2, Steve Smith 48 (45), Marnus Labuschagne 17 (15)

19:08 hrs IST: No run, as Jadeja sends a low delivery to Labuschagne. Australia need to cement some momentum, and its look the duo could so.

18 overs | AUS 104/2, Marnus Labuschagne 12 (10), Steve Smith 36 (38)

19:05 hrs IST: FOUR RUNS!!! Labuschagne slams Yadav for a boundary. He bowled a wrong-un, but Marnus smashes it over the fielder.

16.5 overs | AUS 93/2, Marnus Labuschagne 7 (6), Steven Smith 30 (25)

18:59 hrs IST: OUT! Has Jadeja done it? Done it, he has! Finch opened up to slam this delivery over extra cover, but was bamboozled by the turn. KL Rahul whipped the bails off while Finch's foot was on the line. Tight call!

Aaron Finch st KL Rahul b Ravindra Jadeja 33 (48)

15.1 overs | AUS 82/1, Steve Smith 26 (31)

In comes, Marnus Labuschagne.

18:54 hrs IST: Smith lobs Yadav's delivery into the air, and good running between the wickets. 2 runs. The in-fielder misses it too.

15 overs | AUS 82/1, Steve Smith 26 (31), Aaron Finch 33 (47)

Australia require more 259 runs from 35 overs.

18:45 hrs IST: No run, as Jadeja's delivery gets eased away to midwicket by Smith. Good over.

13 overs | AUS 66/1, Steve Smith 20 (27), Aaron Finch 23 (39)

18:33 hrs IST: FOUR! What a drive by Smith. It was a full length delivery by Saini, but Smith hammers it at mid-off.

9.5 overs | AUS 55/1, Steve Smith 15 (21), Aaron Finch 17 (27)

18:31 hrs IST: 1 leg bye. It was short on the hips by Shami. Smith tries to flick it behind square but can't get a tough on it. It goes short enough of fine leg for a run.

9 overs | AUS 43/1, Steve Smith 3 (15), Aaron Finch 17 (27)

18:16 hrs IST: Good short delivery by Shami, and Finch defends it well. No run.

6 overs | AUS 30/1, Aaron Finch 6 (18), Steve Smith 2 (6)

18:10 hrs IST: No run, good delivery by Bumrah. It was a good length, with Finch punching it off back foot to extra cover. Maiden over.

5 overs | AUS 23/1, Aaron Finch 1 (15), Steve Smith 1 (3)

18:03 hrs IST: WELL, WELL, WELL, HOW WAS THAT!!!! It was an excellent delivery and a confident catch by Pandey. Shami sent a length ball angled across the fifth stump. Warner hit it flat towards cover, but didn't get the right elevation. Pandey leaps perfectly and caught it with his right hand.

David Warner c Manish Pandey b Mohammed Shami 15 (12)

3.2 overs | AUS 20/1, Aaron Finch 0 (8)

In comes Steve Smith.

18:00 hrs IST: No run. Good opening spell by Bumrah, as he sends a length ball on the fourth stump. Finch punches it through cover off the back foot.

3 overs | AUS 16/0, Aaron Finch 0 (8), David Warner 11 (10)

17:53 hrs IST: FOUR! Warner slams Shami's full length delivery through extra cover. Excellent timing.

1.2 overs | AUS 7/0, David Warner 6 (6), Aaron Finch 0 (2)

17:47 hrs IST: A good length ball by Bumrah as Warner defends it comfortably.

0.1 overs | AUS 0/0, David Warner 0 (1), Aaron Finch 0 (0)

 17:13 hrs IST: Jadeja wraps up India's innings with a single off Starc's final delivery. Good performance by India as they set a 341-run target.

50 overs | IND 340/6, Ravindra Jadeja 20 (16), Mohammed Shami 1 (1)

17:11 hrs IST: OUT! KL RAHUL IS GONE! It was good running, but Carey got an accurate direct hit, with a diving Rahul well out of the crease.

KL Rahul run out Alex Carey 80 (52)

49.4 overs | IND 338/6, Ravindra Jadeja 19 (14)

In comes Mohammed Shami.

17:06 hrs IST: SIX RUNS! INCREDIBLE BY KL RAHUL! Cummins tried to be clever and sent a short ball. Rahul used his square cut and sent it over the third man for an effortless six.

48.2 overs | IND 330/5, KL Rahul 74 (48), Ravindra Jadeja 18 (13)

17:01 hrs IST: Starc to Jadeja. One run. He sends it down to fine leg.

UPDATE - India have been penalised 5 runs for running on the pitch. Australia will start the chase at 5-0.

48 overs | IND 321/5, Ravindra Jadeja 17 (12), KL Rahul 66 (45)

16:52 hrs IST: A leg bye by Starc to Jadeja. It has been an expensive over by him.

46 overs | IND 302/5, Ravindra Jadeja 7 (5), KL Rahul (40)

16:50 hrs IST: FOUR RUNS!!! It was a low full toss by Starc. Rahul times it perfectly and hits it at deep cover point, as he reaches his 50.

45.3 overs | IND 293/5, KL Rahul 51 (38), Ravindra Jadeja 6 (4)

16:45 hrs IST: OUT!! It was good delivery by Richardson, as AGar completes an easy catch. Pandey tried a jab, but mistimed the shot.

Manish Pandey c Ashton Agar b Kane Richardson 2 (4)

44.1 overs | IND 280/4, KL Rahul 44 (34)

In comes Ravindra Jadeja.

16:38 hrs IST: OUT!!! Zampa does it once again!!! What a catch too! Kohli lofts it and it looks like it will go for a six, but Starc does some excellent work in the boundary.

Virat Kohli c Mitchell Starc b Adam Zampa 78 (76)

43.1 overs | IND 276/4, KL Rahul 42 (32)

In comes Manish Pandey!

16:31 hrs IST: Two runs, as Kohli dinks Agar's delivery into the onside. Good running by Rahul and his captain.

42 overs | IND 270/3, Virat Kohli 76 (73), KL Rahul 38 (28)

16:25 hrs IST: FOUR RUNS! It was a good length delivery by Richardson, but Rahul plays a superb shot. He beats the leg side sweeper to the rope.

40 overs | IND 249/3, KL Rahul 26 (21), Virat Kohli 67 (68)

16:07 hrs IST: FOUR!!!! WHAT A SHOT! A full length Cummins delivery on about fifth stump. Kohli stays in his crease and plummets it through extra cover.

35.2 overs | IND 224/3, Virat Kohli 58 (52), KL Rahul 10 (9)

16:01 hrs IST: A single, as Kohli keeps his calm against Starc. But it was expensive, 12 runs off this over.

34 overs | IND 211/3, Virat Kohli 47 (47), KL Rahul 8 (6)

15:58 hrs IST: FOUR RUNS!!! India cross the 200-mark! It was a glorious one by KL Rahul as he drives Starc's full length ball through extra cover.

33.1 overs | IND 203/3, KL Rahul 5 (3), Virat Kohli 42 (45)

15:54 hrs IST: OUT! DISAPPOINTING! A SILLY LITTLE INNINGS BY SHREYAS IYER! It was full length ball aimed at the middle stump. Iyer tried a stylish flick, but misses it completely.

Iyer b Zampa 7 (17)

32.4 overs | IND 198/3, Virat Kohli 42 (45)

In comes KL Rahul.

15:47 hrs IST: Richardson bowls a cutter on off stump. Iyer tries to glide it wide of backward point, but can't make enough space for a run.

31 overs | IND 194/2, Shreyas Iyer 7 (11), Virat Kohli 38 (41)

15:43 hrs IST: No run as Iyer drives Zampa's delivery to extra over. Good over by the leg spinner, as he only concedes 2 runs in this over.

30 overs | IND 187/2, Shreyas Iyer 1 (6), Virat Kohli 37 (40)

15:37 hrs IST: OUT!!!! WHAT JUST HAPPENED!! WHAT DID DHAWAN DO!! It was under the armpit. He timed the shot perfectly, but saw it go straight at the fielder at fine leg.

He and Kohli had reached a hundred partnership in the previous delivery.

Dhawan c Starc b Richardson 96 (90)

28.4 overs | IND 184/2, Virat Kohli 35 (37)

In comes Shreyas Iyer.

15:34 hrs IST: FOUR RUNS!! Labuschagne's delivery was just outside the leg stump, with Dhawan directing it with a cross batted thump, beating fine leg.

28 overs | IND 177/1, Shikhar Dhawan 92 (88), Virat Kohli 32 (36)

15:22 hrs IST: EXQUISITE SHOT! The reverse sweep comes up as Dhawan hits Agar for a four. He beats the third man fielder.

24.5 overs | IND 150/1, Shikhar Dhawan 69 (73), Virat Kohli 28 (32)

15:19 hrs IST: Good over by Starc, as he finished it with a dot ball in the final delivery. In total, he conceded five runs.

24 overs | IND 141/1, Shikhar Dhawan 61 (71), Virat Kohli 27 (29)

15:11 hrs IST: THAT'S A HALF CENTURY FOR DHAWAN!!. He takes a single off a delivery by Starc, to reach his 29th fifty.

21.2 overs | IND 125/1, Shikhar Dhawan 50 (60), Virat Kohli 25 (24)

14:45 hrs IST: FOUR RUNS!!! Kohli does it quick, and pulls Zampa's delivery behind square, as it races to the backward square rope.

17.3 overs | IND 105/1, Virat Kohli 16 (14), Shikhar Dhawan 39 (47)

14:41 hrs IST: WHAT A SHOT!!! EXQUISITE! Kohli hits the Cummins delivery in the gap between extra cover and mid-off.

14.3 overs | IND 86/1, Virat Kohli 5 (4), Shikhar Dhawan 25 (29)

14:37 hrs IST: OUT!! Zampa gets the crucial wicket once again, as he sends Sharma back to the stands. Rohit missed the sweep and fell down, giving an lbw. He missed the ball totally, and was hit on his shin.

Rohit Sharma lbw b Zampa 42 (44)

13.3 overs | IND 81/1, Shikhar Dhawan 35 (37)

In comes Virat Kohli, at number three.

14:30 hrs IST: FOUR RUNS! Sharma slams Richardson for a boundary. What a shot! It was a flat pull, through the wide mid-on.

12.3 overs | IND 74/0, Rohit Sharma 37 (39), Shikhar Dhawan 34 (35)

14:18 hrs IST: A leg bye, as Cummins delivery gets flicked off Rohit's pads for one run.

10 overs | IND 55/0, Rohit Sharma 26 (30), Shikhar Dhawan 27 (30)

14:10 hrs IST: India reach their fifty, as Sharma takes a single off Richardson's delivery. It was guided through the onside.

8.3 overs | IND 50/0, Rohit Sharma 24 (23), Shikhar Dhawan 25 (28)

14:08 hrs IST: WHAT A FLICK BY DHAWAN! FOUR RUNS! Cummins sends it down the leg side, but Dhawan simply flicks it down to fine leg, with no fielder in the boundary.

8 overs | IND 45/0, Shikhar Dhawan 25 (28), Rohit Sharma 19 (20)

14:03 hrs IST: FOUR RUNS! Sharma ends with a boundary, but it has been a good over by Richardson. Excellent wrist movement, as he hit it down to the fine leg boundary, with ease.

7 overs | IND 39/0, Rohit Sharma 18 (18), Shikhar Dhawan 20 (24)

13:54 hrs IST: Two runs! Dhawan and Sharma take run quickly between the wickets, as a direct hit misses the stumps and deflects away, enabling the Indians to take another run. Decent over by Cummins.

5 overs | IND 23/0, Shikhar Dhawan 18 (20), Rohit Sharma 5 (10)

13:48 hrs IST: FOUR RUNS!!! Excellent shot by Dhawan, as he uses the pace of Starc to flick the ball for a boundary. Dhawan made it looked so easy as he dragged it down the leg side and sent it for a four.

3.5 overs | IND 20/0, Shikhar Dhawan 16 (16), Rohit Sharma 4 (8)

13:39 hrs IST: One run, as Dhawan hits it down fine leg. Five runs conceded by Starc in this over.

2 overs | IND 5/0, Shikhar Dhawan 5 (6), Rohit Sharma 0 (6)

13:34 hrs IST: A maiden over for Pat Cummins. Rohit hits the final ball through the covers, but no runs.

1 over | IND 0/0, Rohit Sharma 0 (6), Shikhar Dhawan 0 (0)

13:28 hrs IST: Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan walk into the pitch, to open India's account. They have an important mission, which is to give the home side a good start, and rack in a good amount of runs. Virat Kohli won't be wanting a repeat of Wankhede.

13:26 hrs IST: Jasprit Bumrah will have a huge task in hand. He will need to lead an Indian bowling department which underperformed heavily in the 1st ODI. 

13:24 hrs IST: Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc and Kane Richardson will once again aim to plummet past India's batting order with their pace and technique. Meanwhile, Adam Zampa and Ashton Agar will use their wizardry to control the run-rate.

13:12 hrs IST: Here are the XIs -

India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, Virat Kohli, Shreyas Iyer, Manish Pandey, Ravindra Jadeja, Navdeep Saini, Kuldeep Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah

Australia: David Warner, Aaron Finch, Marnus Labuschagne, Steven Smith, Alex Carey, Ashton Turner, Ashton Agar, Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Kane Richardson, Adam Zampa

13:07 hrs IST: Aaron Finch feels that the Rajkot track has a beautiful wicket, and would remain unchanged over 100 overs. Meanwhile, Virat Kohli reveals that Manish Pandey comes in for Rishabh Pant and Navdeep Saini replaces Shardul Thakur.

13:01 hrs IST: Australia captain Aaron Finch wins the toss and decides to bowl first!

12:50 hrs IST: Good afternoon everyone! Welcome to Outlook's live coverage of the 2nd ODI between India and Australia. The hosts will be aiming to level the series, after being given a harsh reality check in the 1st ODI. Can Virat Kohli produce a tactical masterclass and go past the Aussies?

Team India captain Virat Kohli is expected to change his side's batting strategy, having experimented drastically in Mumbai. In the 1st ODI, we saw Kohli at number four in the batting order, with Shikhar Dhawan opening with Rohit Sharma, and KL Rahul slotted at No.3. The tweak hurt the home side heavily, as it's batting order collapsed to Australia's bowling department, spearheaded by Mitchell Starc.

Kohli has been highly successful at No.3 and provides stability to the middle order, something which others can't and haven't been able to.

Also, Rishabh Pant is out of the Rajkot match due to concussion, which means Rahul will be behind the wickets. Also, Manish Pandey is expected to fill in for Pant.

The Indian bowlers proved to be stingless on the Wankhede track, as Aaron Finch and David Warner slammed commanding centuries to lead Australia to an easy win. Jasprit Bumrah, who now has a A+ contract with Kohli and Rohit Sharma, has a huge task at hand today, as he wasn't effective in his comeback match.

Ravi Shastri and Co. could also be tempted to use Navdeep Saini, instead of Shardul Thakur, who conceded 43 runs in Wankhede.

Meanwhile, Australia will be high on confidence, and will be aiming to seal the series with another easy win. Captain Finch and Warner will once again hope to produce match-winning performances.

Steve Smith, who wasn't tested in Mumbai much, will be leading his side's middle order, alongwith Marnus Labuschagne, Ashton Turner and Alex Carey.

The Australian pace attack led by Starc will once again hope to restrict India, with Pat Cummins aiming to prove why he is the costliest foreigner in the Indian Premier League. Spinner Adam Zampa and Ashton Agar will have to hold fort in the middle overs on a pitch usually good for batting.


India (from): Virat Kohli (Captain), Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, K L Rahul (wicketkeeper), Shreyas Iyer, Manish Pandey, Kedar Jadhav, Shivam Dube, Ravindra Jadeja, Yuzvendra Chahal, Kuldeep Yadav, Navdeep Saini, Jasprit Bumrah, Shardul Thakur and Mohammed Shami.

Australia (from): Aaron Finch (Captain), Alex Carey (Wicket-keeper), Patrick Cummins, Sean Abbott, Ashton Agar, Peter Handscomb, Josh Hazlewood, Marnus Labuschange, Kane Richardson, Steve Smith, Mitchell Starc, Ashton Turner, David Warner and Adam Zampa.


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