Monday, Jul 04, 2022

Modi's 'Sick Mindset' A National Concern: Congress Hits Back At PM Over 'Party Of Muslim' Remark

Modi had alleged that Congress President Rahul Gandhi had said that "Congress is a party of Muslims" and asked whether it is for for "Muslim men only"

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The Congress came out heavily against Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, for his remarks against the party that Modi had made at a a public meeting in Uttar Pradesh. 

Modi had alleged that Congress President Rahul Gandhi had said that "Congress is a party of Muslims" and asked whether it is for "Muslim men only"

Congress spokesperson Anand Sharma at a press conference severly criticized PM's comments saying his comments are not befitting of a Prime Minister.

"PM is for entire India & not only BJP. His main political rival, Congress party has led nationalist movements & struggle for freedom. Calling the party a 'Muslim party' is not befitting of a PM. He has less knowledge of history. He writes his own history" Sharma charged.

Sharma also said that these comments amount to disrespecting history and charged the Prime Minister of having a "sick mindset", claiming that the  Prime Ministers mindset is an issue of" national concern"


"With his statements, the PM not only disrespects history but also undermines the achievements of India. This sick mindset of his is an issue of national concern, the PM gives out statements which are wrong as per history & facts" Sharma said.

Naming various past presidents of the Congress party, all from the days of national struggle against Bristish rule, Sharma said the PM should keep a list of Congress presidents and that it will help him leave his "habit of giving wrong statements".

"He will have to be reminded that presidents of the party were Mahatma Gandhi, JL Nehru, Sardar Patel, Lala Lajpat Rai, Maulana Azad. It will be better if he keeps a list of Congress Presidents in his office. Maybe then he will leave his habit of giving wrong statements" Sharma added.

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“I read in the newspaper that the Congress president had said that the Congress is a party of Muslims, and there has been discussion on this for the past two days,” Prime Ministrer Modi had  said in an apparent reference to Rahul Gandhi's recent meeting with Muslim intellectuals.

“I am not surprised as when Manmohan Singh was the PM, he had said that Muslims have the first right over natural resources,” Modi said.

“But I want to ask the Congress whether it is a party of Muslim men alone," he added referring to Congress' opposition to the passing of Triple Talaq bill in the Parliament.

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