Sunday, Aug 07, 2022

JP Nadda Hits Out At Rahul Gandhi, Accuses Cong Of Having Links To Chinese Communist Party

BJP chief JP Nadda also targeted Rahul Gandhi over a host of other issues including Covid-19, famers’ protests and Jallikattu

BJP National President JP Nadda PTI

BJP chief JP Nadda hit out at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi after the latter questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi on national security after reports emerged claiming that China has built a village in Arunachal Pradesh.

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"Remember his promise?” Rahul asked while apparently quoting one of Modi’s earlier comments when the PM said that he “will not let the country bow down” to any other nation. 

However, BJP president J P Nadda hit back at Rahul Gandhi for his barb and also targeted the Congress leader over a host of other issues, including agriculture and Covid-19.

"When will Rahul Gandhi, his dynasty and Congress stop lying on China? Can he deny that thousands of kms, including the one in Arunachal Pradesh he is referring to was gifted by none other than Pandit Nehru to the Chinese? Time and again, why does Congress surrender to China?" Nadda tweeted.

The BJP chief also accused Rahul Gandhi of "provoking and misleading" farmers and asked why did the Congress-led UPA government "stall" the Swaminathan Commission report for years and not increase the minimum support price (MSP). "Why did farmers remain poor for decades under Congress governments? Does he (Rahul) feel sympathy for farmers only (while) in opposition?" Nadda asked.

The BJP president also accused the Congress party of having links with the Chinese Communist Party.

"Does Rahul Gandhi have any intention to cancel the Congress party’s MoU with China and their Communist Party? Does he intend to return the Chinese largesse to trusts controlled by his family? Or will their policies and practices continue to be dictated by Chinese money and MoU?" the BJP chief asked.

"Rahul Gandhi spared no opportunity to demotivate the nation in its spirited fight against Covid-19. Today when India has one of the lowest cases and our scientists have come up with a vaccine, why hasn't he congratulated the scientists and lauded 130 crore Indians even once?" he asked on Twitter.

Nadda also alleged that Rahul Gandhi has been spreading misinformation by claiming that all Agriculture Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) mandis will be shut down.

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