Tuesday, Nov 29, 2022

167 People, Suspected Of Having Coronavirus, Missing In Ludhiana

Two teams have been tasked to find 196 who came from abroad, in which they have only been able to track down 29 people, while 167 still remain missing.

Of the 196 people suspected of having coronavirus, medical officials in Punjab have only been able to track down 29, while 167 still remain missing, said Dr Rajesh Bagga, Ludhiana's civil surgeon.

Medical officials in Punjab had received a list of people who have recently returned to India and have been tracking down people on the list in a bid to ascertain infections if any.

"Two teams have been tasked to find people coming from abroad, in which police have been given responsibility for finding 119 people. They have found 12 people so far and the other team is from the health department, in which they were given the responsibility to find 77 people," he told ANI.

"17 people have been traced by the health department team. The rest of 167 people are still missing in Ludhiana," he added.

Kumar mentioned that the main reason behind the same is they are not able to trace all of them is due to either wrong address in the passport and telephone number.

"The main reason behind this issue is that these people do not have the correct addresses and telephone numbers. It seems that the address and telephone numbers have changed," he said.

"Our teams are active and searching for them. They will be traced soon," Kumar added.

Sanitisation measures have been taken at Ludhiana Railway Station as a precautionary step to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the Andhra Pradesh government has constituted the Inter-Departmental Coordination Committee with the Secretaries of Line Departments for concerted measurements to containment and surveillance of COVID-19.

The committee comprises Principal Secretary of Finance Department, Special Chief Secretary of Health Medical and Family Welfare Department and Principal Secretary, Secretary of Home Department.