Friday, Oct 07, 2022

Girl’s Mother Planned Road Rage Drama To Get Ankit Saxena Out Of Car And Attack

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal spoke to victim's family and assured that his government would make all possible efforts to ensure they get justice.

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Wedding photographer Ankit Saxena's murder in West Delhi's Khayala area was a planned attack by the family of his girlfriend Shehzadi, who lived in the same area, revealed the police investigation. The girl's mother reportedly set up a 'road-rage' drama to get the victim out of his car and attack.

According to a Hindustan Times report, the eye-witnesses have corroborated the police findings that lead to the unfortunate event on Thursday evening. A shop owner near the area where Saxena was killed, said to have seen the girl's mother ramming her scooter into his car to make him stop. Saxena, who did not know that it was her girlfriend's mother, stepped out of the car, only to be attacked by the other members of the girl’s family, said the report.

The Times Of India quoted police sources as saying that the CCTV footage recovered from the spot showed the victim engaged in an argument with the father and uncle for nearly half an hour before they pushed him to the ground and kicked.

The video then showed Saxena's mother, who rushed to save her son too being assaulted. Saxena can be seen getting up and trying to go to his mother's rescue when the three men attacked him with the knife.

According to police, when the girl left her house after an argument with her parents over being denied permission to marry a man of her choice, her family set out to seek revenge. Four persons, including the juvenile brother of the woman, were nabbed a few hours after Saxena was stabbed to death by them.

 "Three accused -- the mother, father and uncle of the woman -- have been sent to judicial custody. Her minor brother has been sent to juvenile home," a senior police officer said to PTI.

The Muslim girl claimed threat to her life and was sent to Nari Niketan. The family of the deceased has been given security, police said.

The victim's family, however, has expressed anguish over the 'sensational' media coverage of the event and appealed to not give the incident a communal vigour.

"I had one son. If I get justice, it’s good. If not, even then I don’t have hatred against any community. I have no such thinking. I am unable to understand why media is showing this issue in that light,” Yashpal, Ankit's father told BJP leader Manoj Tiwari, who visited the grieving family yesterday.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also spoke to Yashpal and assured the family that his government would make all possible efforts to ensure they get justice.

"Spoke to father of Ankit. Whatever happened, has to be condemned more. Delhi government will have the biggest advocate to get justice for Ankit. We will make all possible efforts to get punishment for the guilty," Kejriwal tweeted in Hindi.