Thursday, Aug 11, 2022

Vihan Verma Finds Portraying An Established Character Tough

The television actor recently replaced actor Adish Vaidya in the show 'Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin'.

Actor Vihan Verma feels there are many similarities between him and his onscreen character. PR Handout

Actor Vihan Verma is currently seen playing the character of Mohit Chavan in the popular television show 'Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin'. While the character was earlier portrayed by actor Adish Vaidya, Verma replaced him a few months back.

Verma says that, also he is still learning new things about this character, a supporting team makes it easier for him to portray the character in an effective manner.

"It's not easy stepping into a character which is already established and loved my audience," Verma tells us.

He adds, "I’ve been playing Mohit for almost 3 months now and everyday I learn something new. I’ve always said the creative and direction team has helped me a lot. For that matter, even the production team is very accommodating and friendly. When everything around you is so smooth you tend to perform well."

The actor, who has played various characters of all shades in shows 'Bawara Dil', 'Shubhaarambh', 'Maa Ka Ladla Bigad Gaya', 'Savdhaan India' and 'Crime Patrol', finds himself attracted towards playing dark characters, something he hasn't done yet.

He believes that negative characters are often multi-layered and pose a healthy challenge to an actor.

"I would like to explore a negative or a grey character. I’ve always loved playing such type of characters. Of course, playing a positive character comes naturally to me but a Negative or grey character really challenges you as an Actor. So that’s in my bucket list," he says.

Drawing similarities between his real and reel self, he says, "Mohit is a very emotional and expressive character. His loyalties are set and I think I am also pretty much like Mohit. Slight difference because in real life, I am not as patient and calm as my character."