Saturday, Jul 02, 2022

What Is MFU Box And How Does It Help Investors?

MFU Box launched by MF Utilities aims to provide user-defined trend analytics, transactional analysis to help investors get a better understanding of their MF investments.

On November 17, MF Utilities (MFU) launched MFU Box, a service that provides high-tech full back-office platform to mutual fund distributors and registered investment advisors (RIAs). The customer relationship management (CRM) service is a step above MFU’s earlier service of providing a free transaction platform. 

MFU Box has an investor's portfolio and the investor can get a holistic view of his MF investments. It provides behavioural risk assessment, user-defined trend analytics, transaction analysis, rebalancing, 360-degree client view, model portfolio, and more. It has a cloud-based data security framework.  

“MFU is proficient in understanding and tapping into the varied needs and requirements of the market. At such a critical time of recovery, MFU Box is the answer to bringing a faster and more practical way of delivering insights and client expectations,” said Ganesh Ram, MD and CEO, MFU, adding that the platform will give the MF industry leverage to upscale and expand their business offerings. He was speaking at an event where MFU Box was launched. “We believe that it will create a positive disruption and infuse a definitive success to all its users with its unique features,” he added.  

MFU brings benefits to all stakeholders of the MF industry by automating many activities and creating an environment that is conducive to moving from paper-based to digital transactions. The MFU Box is a step towards seamless transactions in the backend for fund houses so that they are able to provide investors with all the relevant information through one window. 

“We have witnessed the growth and power of MFU over a period of time and it is truly phenomenal. MFU is quickly becoming a reliable and trustworthy platform that will only take the mutual funds industry to greater heights,” said A. Balasubramanian, Chairman, Association of Mutual Funds of India (Amfi) and MD & CEO, Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Limited, at the event 

MF Utilities India Pvt Ltd is the mutual fund industry’s “shared services” initiative formed by Sebi-registered asset management companies (AMCs). MFU helps aggregate MF transactions from multiple sources and transmit them to transfer agents, to reduce multiplicity and duplication.