Sunday, May 22, 2022

NSE's Registered Investor Base Peaks Past 5 Crore Milestone

The National Stock Exchange further added that the growing interest in equity markets is not restricted to Tier-1 and metro cities.

NSE's Registered Investor Base Peaks Past 5 Crore Milestone
Image Courtesy: NSE Website

National Stock Exchange announced on Monday evening that it has more than 5 crore unique registered investors as of October 25. It added that the total number of client codes registered with the exchange stood at 8.86 crore. Clients have the option of registering with more than one trading number. 

Further, the total demand accounts in the country held with the depositories stood at about 7.02 crore which is inclusive of multiple Demat accounts held by a single investor having a unique PAN. An investor is permitted to have more than one trading account with separate depository participants and trading members which are linked to a single PAN. 

The exchange informed that it about fifteen months for the total investor base to climb to 4 crore from 3 crore. Whereas, the next one crore investor registrations took less than seven months. 

Capital Markets at an inflection points

"The milestone achieved today is the culmination of efforts put in by the Government, the Regulators, and all stakeholders to provide a bouquet of products, simplified client onboarding processes, investor education and awareness. I am sure with the focused efforts of all stakeholders; we should be looking at increasing penetration further and touching the 10 crore unique investors mark over the next 3-4 years," said the Managing Director and Chief Executive officer of NSE, Vikram Limaye. 

The release further stated that capital markets in India are at an inflection point. They are now poised to propel the economy towards achieving its ambition of becoming a $5 trillion economy. 

"Growing interest in the equity markets is not restricted to the metros and a few tier 1 cities"

North Indian contributed 36 per cent of the new investor registrations, Western India came second with 31 per cent, Southern and Eastern India contributed 20 per cent and 13 per cent of the new user registrations respectively. 

State-wise, Maharashtra contributed 17 per cent, Uttar Pradesh 10 per cent and Gujarat 7 per cent of the new investor registrations. The top 10 states accounted for 71% of new investor registrations, the exchange informed. 

NSE further stated that the new user registrations were largely driven by investors from non-metro cities. It said that cities beyond the top fifty cities account for 57 per cent of the new registrations, cities beyond the top hundred cities added 43 per cent of the new registrations in the equity markets.