Friday, Sep 30, 2022

Suzuki’s New Initiative Aims To Make You A Safer Rider

Called the ‘Joy Of Safety’, the drive will help customers be more aware of the various aspects of riding a two-wheeler safely

  • Will be conducted at 28 dealerships across the country.
  • Suzuki aims to educate customers about basic riding and vehicle dynamics, and applying those learnings on the road.
  • Practical riding sessions are also included.

A basic understanding of one’s two-wheeler goes a long way in riding safely, given common misconceptions among riders in India. We often hear people say, “Disc brakes are unsafe as they are too sharp”, “Always use the rear brake more than the front”, and the likes. These half-baked ideas might sound insignificant at first but could be fatal in case of an accident. Even things like putting on a helmet or checking tyre pressures regularly will save your life someday.

Unfortunately, many Indian riders are unaware of basic safety aspects of riding a two-wheeler. In a bid to educate customers, Suzuki India is conducting a safety initiative called ‘Joy of Safety’ at 28 dealerships across the country. Suzuki also conducted a safety programme last year where it distributed helmets for free. Here’s the brand’s official release about the campaign:

Press Release:

Suzuki Motorcycle India ushers in the ‘Joy of Safety’ – an initiative to improve the riding ecosystem

New Delhi, February 11, 2019: Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited (SMIPL), a subsidiary of two-wheeler manufacturer, Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan ushered in the ‘Joy of Safety’ – a safety initiative for customers aimed at improving not just the rider’s safety, but also the overall rider’s ecosystem.

The initiative was kicked-off with a customer engagement activity at the GL Suzuki dealership in Delhi through a concept training activity conducted at the premises. Through the ‘Joy of Safety’ initiative, Suzuki Motorcycle India will be leveraging its dealership network to engage with the customers and enable them to gain a better understanding of their vehicles, a basic riding and vehicle dynamics; and help them in applying this learning on the roads and emerge as better riders. Subsequently, practical riding sessions will also be included as a part of ‘Joy of Safety’ initiative.

At the kick-off of the ‘Joy of Safety’ initiative, Mr. Devashish Handa, Vice President, SMIPL said, “As a socially responsible corporate, Suzuki Motorcycle India is committed to work towards welfare of the society it is a part of. Towards this commitment, we are pleased to roll-out the Joy of Safety initiative for our customers with the support of our dealer partners. A good-rider is someone who doesn’t just ride fast, or for long-distances; but also the one who rides responsibly. Acknowledging the safety of oneself and that of all stakeholders in the ecosystem is a trait inherent to a responsible biker. Suzuki Motorcycle has always invested in creating exciting riding experiences with a sense of responsibility towards safety of the society to which it belongs. This is yet another step in that direction.”

The ‘Joy of Safety’ initiative will be conducted across 28 cities in India where Suzuki Motorcycle India has a strong dealership presence.