June 16, 2021
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Adil Hussain Wins Top Norwegian Film Award

Adil Hussain became the first Indian to win Best Actor at the Norwegian National Awards in Haugesund for his film 'What Will People Say'

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Adil Hussain Wins Top Norwegian Film Award
Adil Hussain Wins Top Norwegian Film Award for his film 'What Will People Say'
Adil Hussain Wins Top Norwegian Film Award

A Norwegian film, 'What Will People Say’ on immigration has brought Indian actor, Adil Hussain, the best actor award in Norwegian Amanda Award which is a first for an Indian actor. 

The film is directed by Norwegian born filmmaker Iram Haq has also won the best film, best director and best script award which is regarded as Norwegian national film awards. 

Adil Hussain tells Outlook after receiving the award, “This award actually means a lot in so many ways. It is so important and so inspiring at the same time. First of all, this film is about immigrants and their rigid value system, which they brought from different parts of the world and this film is directed by a Norwegian born girl. It speaks volume about the degree and intensity of democracy and inclusiveness of the democracy that Norway practices.”

He adds, “Adil Hussein who had nothing to do with Norway, who is from India set foot on this land, while shooting for the film for the first time in his life gets the nomination and wins the best actor award, which is the greatest example of inclusiveness of art."

Adil who played the role of a doting yet controlling father in the film has already won the Kanon Award at Kosmorama film festival, which is Norway's equivalent of the Academy Awards. 

Adil has gone a long way to reach this stage which started from a very humble beginning in Assam's Goalpara district. Starting his career as a stand-up comedian, Adil went up to work in some of the highly critical films from around the globe.

"I guess, and that is the irony. India has such wisdom and traditions of inclusive culture from the beginning of time and I find that amazingly ridiculous and it must change. At the same time the other aspect that I feel, is important that like Hima Das, who is from Assam, from a small little town and from a poor economic background and I grew up drinking tea without milk because my father could not afford it, so what it proves is that, no matter where you are from or what is your economic background, if you want to fulfill your dreams, your passion, your love, then nobody can stop you, so these are the two thoughts," he further adds.


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