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French Artist Regis Mathieu's Love Affair With Chandeliers & India

Mathieu Lustrerie, a French lighting company, has kept the art of chandeliers alive with modern designs and expanded globally, including in India, due to the owner's love for craftsmanship

Regis Mathieu

In the 1970s, when halogen lights seemingly began to replace chandeliers, France's Henri Mathieu reimagined them, creating a collection of lighting using brushed aluminium blades, ensuring the heritage of these interior lights remained pertinent. His son Regis Mathieu, who continues to sustain the family business, has always been fascinated by "all things shimmery and beautiful" since childhood. He expanded their brand Mathieu Lustrerie to different parts of the world, including India, the United States and the Middle East.

What drew him to India is its rich heritage and traditional craftsmanship. He first travelled here about 25 years ago, scouting for stones worldwide. Little did he know that one visit would eventually translate into an affection for the artisans of India.