Thursday, Dec 01, 2022

Digital Marketer

Gaurav Agrawal

From Humble Beginnings To Charting A Success Story All On His Own, Meet Gaurav Agrawal

At 20 years, Gaurav Agrawal’s massive success as a digital marketer and social media growth expert turned many heads as he went ahead in making six lakhs from Instagram. He had started earning money as an 18-year-old,...

04 November 2022

Nishant Kumar, Digital Marketer

Lucknow-Based Digital Marketer Nishant Kumar Helping Brands Take The Lead In Business Race

Nishant made a name for himself as one of the industry's top digital marketers at a young age. He is well-known in the industry for having a great awareness of current market trends.

Lakshya Sinha, Digital Marketing Expert

Lakshya Sinha: How A Teenager Became The Nation’s Digital Marketing Wiz

Digital marketing seemed like an appealing field to Sinha and he decided to dip his feet in it after researching and understanding the field. He decided to walk the offbeat path and take a cutting-edge and innovative...


ImmigCanada: Canada Is Welcoming Digital Marketers With Open Arms

Canada is known for world-class career opportunities that offer great earnings in the coming years, as employers are struggling with skill shortages in the country. According to Statistics Canada, in the third quarter of...

18 October 2022

Pankaj Sharma

Helping Local Canadian Clients With the Power of SEO - Digital Marketing Agency Digi8 Marketing Inc and Founder Pankaj Sharma

Digi8 Marketing Inc. is one of the fastest-growing Digital Marketing companies. Under the leadership of Founder Pankaj Sharma, the adept team of the company specializes in providing effective services across various...

Joginder Singh Bedi, CEO, LeadMagnet

Joginder Singh Bedi, CEO, LeadMagnet, An Influencer Who Goes An Extra Mile to Help Newbies

Joginder Singh Bedi, the Director of LeadMagnet in India takes pride in the fact that he has come a long way in creating a niche for himself in the world of digital marketing. He was a part of AW Affiliate Marketing Global...

04 May 2022

Vishal Singh

Meet the Avid Digital Marketer: Vishal Singh and Get to Know About his Inspiring Journey

This exciting journey began in early 2010 when Vishal was merely a kid, he has been an Internet bug since the time of dial-up connections when he started looking closely into the web world out of sheer inquisitiveness,...

15 September 2022


Sharanyan Sharma, Entrepreneur

Sri Lankan Entrepreneur Sharanyan Sharma Inspires Youth From His Self-Made Success Story

Sharanyan Sharma, who today is a well-known Sri Lankan entrepreneur, made sure to grind every day and choose to work relentlessly to reach where he always wanted to be.

24 March 2022

21 March 2022
Pushpendra Yadav, Rising Serial Entrepreneur & Digital Marketer, Is Taking The Industry By Storm

Pushpendra Yadav, Rising Serial Entrepreneur & Digital Marketer, Is Taking The Industry By Storm

Pushpendra Yadav's clutch over his hard with smart work is admirable and is inspiring to many young start-up individual and young digital marketer.