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Students prepare to showcase their unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) during the Aero Design Challenge 2018 at the College of Engineering, Anna University, in Chennai.

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Students showcase their unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) during the Aero Design Challenge 2018 at the College of Engineering, Anna University, in Chennai. The three-day aims to encourage students at the college and university level to create unmanned aerial vehicles.

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A tech-innovation workshop at an engineering ­college in Bangalore

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President Ram Nath Kovind pose for a photograph with young innovators at Gandhian Young Technological Innovation GYTI Awards 2018 during the Festival of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (FINE) at Football Ground in Rashtrapati Bhavan

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An engineering student of Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT) in a test drive of a newly designed and assembled go-kart racing car by himself during 'Technosearch-2017' event in Bhopal.

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President Ram Nath Kovind with Union Minister for Science & Technology & Earth Sciences Harsh Vardhan and MOS for Science & Technology & Earth Sciences Y. S. Chowdary launches a device to check milk adulteration invented by CSIR during its Foundation Day Function & celebration of the conclusion of CSIR Platinum Jubilee Year, in New Delhi.

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Shubham Banerjee, the 13-year-old innovator behind Braigo, shows off the braille printer he created using a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Legos during the Microsoft Student Tech Fair in New York.

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Ritankar Das

UC Berkeley

Joe Fernandes 
The idea: Creating an ecosystem for richer discovery—where you aggregate all you do in your personal time, like booking tickets to a movie, eating out with friends, watching a play, under one roof 
Scale-up: Evolving with how customers spend their time, keeping tabs on what’s out there for people to do.

Jagadeesh N.V.
Who: Vardhan Koshal, 29, Srivatsan Mohan, 27
The idea: To ease commuting to work through car pooling. Give a missed call to a central number when you want to leave for work and you will get SMS details about a common pick-up point. The idea is to keep the cost of travel as low as an AC bus.
Initial funding: Crowdsourced, Rs 5 lakh from friends
Scale-up: Increase density of clients, add more neighbourhoods, cities.

Jagadeesh N.V.
Who: Sundar Lakshmanan, 33, and team of five 
The idea: Creating a network of travellers, and helping them travel more. Find places you want to visit. Add them to your wishlist. Tripthirsty will get you great deals to visit them with friends. 
Initial funding: Self-funded (Rs 2 lakh), then raised Rs 10 lakh from IIM’s centre for innovation, incubation and entrepreneurship (CIIE)
Scale-up: Targeting long weekends and getting travellers sweet deals for offbeat places.

Jagadeesh N.V.

Srikanth N.K, 45, Sriram Hariharan, 38
The idea: Tapping the market where 75 per cent of the workforce doesn’t necessarily work from office—so myfriday works as an innovative employee solution that displays dynamics like work performance, leaves, duties, feedback etc.
Initial funding: Rs 15 lakh of savings
Scale-up: To increase number of users, take it to half a million employees in the country.

Jagadeesh N.V.

Who: Khaleel Pasha, 31, and Hema Kiran, 23
The idea: To build a bridge between stores and customers. Socialising shopping. Find a dress that’s great, but too expensive? Type in how much you would like to pay for it and Scrapehere will intimate you once the price drops.
Initial funding: Rs 8 lakh of Khaleel’s savings
Scale-up: Targeting India’s online shoppers, scaling up to 1 lakh users, refining the product and making it work within the social media network.

Jagadeesh N.V.
Who: Ashesh Nishant, 33, and a 13-member team 
The idea: Complete cricket solutions for players, clubs, local and national teams, a platform to network and showcase your credentials, current form, scores, training and engage with fans 
Initial funding: Rs 36 lakh, self-funded with contributions from friends
Scale-up: To include other sports, engage with bigger players

Jagadeesh N.V.
Who: Charu Agrawal, early 30s
The idea: Monthly, theme-based, hands-on learning projects for kids aged 4-8, delivered to your doorstep, combining art, science, craft, culture plus cognitive, linguistic, sensorial growth. Your box for the month could throw up a magnetic fishing game, or how to paint a canvas bag, or creating a colour wheel, or making colourful jelly fish.
Initial funding: Low capital, out of her savings
Scale-up: Making hands-on project models for schools, and making the venture global.

Jagadeesh N.V.

Who: Gandharv Bakshi, 29 and wife Lavina Mahbubani, 26
The idea: To create affordable solar powered-backpacks and apparel so you can charge your phone and laptops on the go. Targeted at cycling enthusiasts. You can also charge the battery by the windowsill/in low light, as the battery comes in a removable pouch.
Initial funding: Rs 10 lakh, including their own savings and contribution from friends and family
Scale-up: To increase client base, to expand into solar-powered apparel (jackets and T-shirts).

Jagadeesh N.V.

A student demonstrates an anti-terrorist robot at the 100th Indian Science Congress in Kolkata.

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A woman and a child walk past the the house where Indian scientist Satyendranath Bose lived in Kolkata. Media covering the story gave lots of credit to British physicist Peter Higgs for theorizing the elusive subatomic "God particle," but little was said about Satyendranath Bose, the Indian after whom the boson is named.

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E-Nose Or Ultra Sensitive Low-Cost Explosive Detector Mentored by IIT Bombay

Apoorva Salkade

Automatic dental X-Ray Processor Mentored by Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai

Amit Haralkar

Active Current Conditioner Mentored by IIT Kharagpur

Sanjay Rawat

Automobile air-conditioning using engine exhaust Mentored by Government College of Engineering (GCOE), Pune

Apoorva Salkade

Low-cost life-support system Mentored by PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Mentored by Delhi Technological University

Tribhuvan Tiwari

Fabric feel tester Mentored by Foundation of Innovation and Technology Transfer, IIT Delhi

3D interactive table Mentored by Foundation of Innovation and Technology Transfer, IIT Delhi

Tribhuvan Tiwari

Wheelchair that can climb stairs Mentored by IIT Kanpur


Carpenter Bhaskar Patgiri displays his inventions- a wooden car and a scooter- to the media in Guwahati. He created the scooter in the year 2002 at about cost of Rs.3400, and has created a wooden car in year 2012 at cost of Rs 80,000.

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The world's first cloned pashmina goat Noori, produced by the Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agriculture Sciences and Technology (SKUAST) at the university campus, Srinagar.

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