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Innovation And Thinking Beyond Boundaries Can Bring Positive Change To The Industry

Explorex is dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology solutions that distinguish them from competitors

Explorex Technologies wins the 'Innovative Startup of the Year-2023' award

Explorex aims to revolutionize the hospitality sector by democratizing technology and equipping it with tools that help restaurant businesses operate more effectively while also increasing bottom-line efficiency and top-line revenue.

Mainak Sarkar and Pritam Khan are the Co-Founders and CEO/CTO, respectively, of Explorex Technologies Private Limited. They were thrilled to receive the "Innovative Startup of the Year-2023" award, which recognizes their commitment to seeking excellence and promoting constructive change in the sector. This recognition serves as a reminder of their goal and the positive effects it can have on the organization, community, and society at large.

The "Innovative Startup of the Year-2023" award will motivate others to follow in their footsteps and provide the organization with an excellent platform to display knowledge and thought leadership in the field. The award will also allow the company to establish alliances, attract top talent, and present their work to prospective investors. Additionally, the entire team will be motivated to keep striving for excellence in their work and pushing the envelope.

Explorex's guiding principles determine how they approach invention, development, and implementation. They are passionate about democratizing software and making cutting-edge technologies accessible to everyone. The idea is to equip people, organizations, and communities in the restaurant industry with the tools they need to realize their potential and accomplish their goals.

Explorex's long-term objective is to develop innovative technological solutions that lead to improvement and have a significant, long-term impact on an industry that did not benefit from technology as much as the other industries. They are investing heavily in the creation of an ecosystem that can handle some of the most urgent issues facing the hospitality sector. In addition, the organization is growing, forming alliances with top businesses and eateries, and nurturing a network of innovators and thought leaders that is inclusive and varied.

The organization is committed to ensuring that its technology and solutions have an effective impact on society and the environment. Overall, the ideas of innovation, collaboration, and empathy, which is largely missing in the industry are the foundation of Explorex's long-term strategy.

Explorex is dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology solutions that distinguish them from competitors. 

●    They have a connected ecosystem that smoothly transfers information between tools; making table and payment settlements simpler. The result is a decrease in operational expenses and errors in addition to an increase in revenue and a hassle-free workplace.

●    The entire process is smooth for the guests as well because they can view the digital menu, place their food orders, contact the steward, and pay their bills all from their phones.

●    They provide quick financial access to their partners at incredibly low rates, unlike anyone else on the market. As a result, they can concentrate on managing their business effectively and worry less about corresponding with banks and other financial organizations.

The "Innovative Startup of the Year-2023" award will have a significant impact on Explorex's business. It will help establish credibility and make them known as an industry leader by providing a powerful confirmation of their work and industry knowledge. This recognition will give them new chances to network and broaden their reach while establishing connections with possible clients, partners, and investors. It will also encourage and motivate everyone at Explorex to keep pushing the limits and striving for excellence in everything they do.