This image made available by NASA shows the planet Venus made with data from the Magellan spacecraft and Pioneer Venus Orbiter. NASA's new administrator, Bill Nelson, announced two new robotic missions to the solar system's hottest planet, during his first major address to employees.


Saturn, top, and Jupiter, below, are seen in the sky, above Edgerton, Kan. The two planets are in their closest observable alignment since 1226. Appearing a tenth of a degree apart, the alignment known as the "great conjunction" has also been called the "Christmas Star."

Photo by AP/PTI

People gather at River Parks trails at 41st and Riverside, to get a look at Jupiter and Saturn in Tulsa, Okla. The two planets were closer to each other than they've been in 800 years.

Photo by AP/PTI

The great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn appears in the sky over New Delhi, Monday. The two planets have never been so close since 1623.

PTI Photo/Manvender Vashist

Saturn planet seen in conjunction with moon, in Chikmagalur.

PTI Photo

This image provided by the Carnegie Institution for Science shows an artist's concept of a dwarf planet that astronomers say is the farthest known object in our solar system, which they have nicknamed "Farout." The International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center announced the discovery of the pink cosmic body.

Roberto Molar Candanosa/Carnegie Institution for Science via AP