July 31, 2021

Waruna Karunatillake

  • The Queen's Gambit
    The Queen's Gambit

    Kumaratunga is squeezed into buying peace to save herposition

  • Black July, Yet Again
    Black July, Yet Again

    The latest rebel offensive is yet another headache for an already beleaguered president

  • Splinter Mandate
    Splinter Mandate

    Charges of a rigged poll, an unstable Parliament: Sri Lanka's woes continue

  • The Last War Unto Peace?
    The Last War Unto Peace?

    All possible moves for a peace settlement depend on what course the siege of Jaffna takes

  • The Colombo Crisis
    The Colombo Crisis

    Chandrika's new draconian laws and an arms-buying spree may not be enough to halt the LTTE

  • The Battle For Serendip
    The Battle For Serendip

    The UNP usurps Chandrika’s reformist plank. Even Prabhakaran gives her a thumbs down.

  • War? What War?
    War? What War?

    Forget bombs, curfews and the war: Colombo's having a blast of a different kind

  • On The Side Of Caution
    On The Side Of Caution

  • Volatile Triangle
    Volatile Triangle

    With the war of words escalating, the geostrategic balance between India, Pakistan and China hangs by a thread

  • 1998: A Strange Odyssey
    1998: A Strange Odyssey

    Arthur Clarke's paedophilic 'confession' mars his knighthood and Lanka's independence festivities

  • Just Desserts For Big Brother
    Just Desserts For Big Brother

    Jain's report and the fall of government at Delhi is met with 'glee' despite the feared economic fallout

  • Lethal Riposte
    Lethal Riposte

    Days after the US declares the LTTE a terrorist group, a bomb strike announces there can be no peace without...

  • Ten Tumultuous Years...
    Ten Tumultuous Years...

    With an accord gone awry and a change in perception, the Tamil question is now an ‘internal’ affair

  • Operation Hopeful
    Operation Hopeful

    The military is far from completing its final offensive against LTTE

  • Trouble In Fishing Waters
    Trouble In Fishing Waters

    Colombo treads carefully after Karunanidhi's charges of Lankan harassment of Indian fishermen

  • On The Bloodpath Again
    On The Bloodpath Again

    As the government exulted over its post-Jaffna domination, a revitalised LTTE strikes back

  • The Tigers Return
    The Tigers Return

    The LTTE strikes back, in its biggest attack since the war began

  • Riviresa Revisited
    Riviresa Revisited

    The beleaguered LTTE 's appeal for eace could be just a ruse

  • Sri Lanka: Wait And Watch
    Sri Lanka: Wait And Watch

  • United In Victory
    United In Victory

    The civil war takes a backseat as Ranatunga brings home the Cup

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