September 22, 2020

Waruna Karunatilake

  • Tiger In Open Country
    Tiger In Open Country

    Velupillai Prabhakaran's 'coming out' was no surrender, it was a politically-loaded performance

  • Striping The Tiger
    Striping The Tiger

    The US as peace guarantor mollifies Sinhala sceptics

  • Ego Versus Superego
    Ego Versus Superego

    The truce pact with the Tigers results in an undeclared war in the political world of Colombo

  • Destiny Smiles On Teardrop Isle
    Destiny Smiles On Teardrop Isle

    Peace may prevail over its enemies finally, as Colombo opens up the country beyond Vavuniya and the Tigers...

  • The Face Of Change
    The Face Of Change

    UNP's win is a loss of face for the President. Can she now co-exist with its leader?

  • "A Match Referee Should Not Be A Dictator"

    Arjuna Ranatunga, perhaps the greatest cricket captain of the '90s, was also a subcontinental icon of...

  • A Long Way From Serendip
    A Long Way From Serendip

    The President's absence only roils an already tumultuous political scene

  • Peace Tactics
    Peace Tactics

    In the latest front opened in the war, the LTTE has so far come out ahead

  • Trouble In Fishing Waters
    Trouble In Fishing Waters

    Colombo treads carefully after Karunanidhi's charges of Lankan harassment of Indian fishermen

  • Hazards Of An African Safari
    Hazards Of An African Safari

    There are many ways of looking at our performance—very bad, very good, how does it matter?

  • On The Bloodpath Again
    On The Bloodpath Again

    As the government exulted over its post-Jaffna domination, a revitalised LTTE strikes back

  • The Tigers Return
    The Tigers Return

    The LTTE strikes back, in its biggest attack since the war began

  • Riviresa Revisited
    Riviresa Revisited

    The beleaguered LTTE 's appeal for eace could be just a ruse

  • United In Victory
    United In Victory

    The civil war takes a backseat as Ranatunga brings home the Cup

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