January 30, 2020

V.R. Krishna Iyer

  • Battles Of Hustings
    Battles Of Hustings

    India needs a new model of democracy to make every vote count

  • 'Creating An Alternative Political Force...'
    'Creating An Alternative Political Force...'

    A group of eminent citizens gives a call to end the fast and focus on a "democratic, accountable, ethical and...

  • 'A Matter Of Great Concern'
    'A Matter Of Great Concern'

    Eminent personalities express reservations about the UID and demand that "the project should be halted before...

  • 'Misrule By Gun'
    'Misrule By Gun'

    '...the terror practiced yesterday at Nandigram fills me with dread and disappointment...Please, please have...

  • Atrocities On Adivasis
    Atrocities On Adivasis

    The tribals in Kerala, refugees now in their own land, betrayed by both political coalitions in Kerala - LDF...

  • The Marad Massacre
    The Marad Massacre

    The Marad massacre proves that minority Islamic communalism is as militantly blood-thirsty as majority...

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