September 24, 2020
T.R. Vivek

T.R. Vivek

  • No Steel Fortress
    No Steel Fortress

    After Arcelor, will Tata Steel fall prey to NRI claws?

  • Feast Under The Shanghai Moon
    Feast Under The Shanghai Moon

    China is the next destination for India Inc. First-world infrastructure, a booming market and a growing...

  • The Pay Is Gross
    The Pay Is Gross

    Two myths about dream salaries. One, the take-home is usually more down to earth. Two, SC/ST students still...

  • Pepsi Lady
    Pepsi Lady

    Indra Nooyi will put more India into Pepsi

  • Off On A Hike
    Off On A Hike

    Correction is fine, but will rising rates impact growth and customer buoyancy?

  • Mc Gone Aloo
    Mc Gone Aloo

    McDonald's, Pizza Hut complete 10 years in India. And they haven't Yankeefied us!

  • Reserved? SEZ Who?
    Reserved? SEZ Who?

    The rejigged SEZ proposal may bring in job reservation in the private sector

  • Salaam, Producer
    Salaam, Producer

    Bollywood's become big ad space for countries seeking tourism

  • Who Foots The Bill?
    Who Foots The Bill?

    We may not kick the ball far but it's fetching piles of ad revenue

  • Horror!

    The India Story had lured small investors at last. The May 22 crash ended the adventure.

  • Tar And Feathers
    Tar And Feathers

    Cigarette firms constantly flout government advertising norms

  • Corporate Snub
    Corporate Snub

    We have enough under-privileged at work, don't need a legislation, says industry Updates

  • Lost In A Pile Of Cash
    Lost In A Pile Of Cash

    Corporate salaries are scaling up along with the economic boom

  • Money For Keeps
    Money For Keeps

    Pay packets are soaring in India, accentuating attrition rates and a supply-demand mismatch at the top level

  • Eat More, Watch TV, Procreate
    Eat More, Watch TV, Procreate

    For the state shall provide for all. That seems to be the populist message from DMK's election manifesto. Has...

  • The Moolahwallahs
    The Moolahwallahs

    Forbes magazine has listed 27 Indians as billionaires. Beyond the Ambanis and Premjis, here are ten honchos...

  • Smaller Is Beautifuller
    Smaller Is Beautifuller

    Their sales were anyway soaring. Now there'll be more small cars—and officially so.

  • 'I'll Speak Up For Fair Treatment Of Indians Anywhere'
    'I'll Speak Up For Fair Treatment Of Indians Anywhere'

    In an exclusive interview, Union commerce minister Kamal Nath explains the reasons for defending L.N. Mittal.

  • Prodigal's Pawns
    Prodigal's Pawns

    Mittal plays hard as the government threatens to take on EU to defend its millionaire son of the soil Updates

  • The Fight Club
    The Fight Club

    Nike got it. Reebok stole it. It's not all fun and games in the fierce sportswear arena.

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