June 24, 2021

Sunil Narula

  • Immigrant Stomp
    Immigrant Stomp

    An exuberant, Rushdiesque debut stirs up London's melting pot

  • Hasty Afterthoughts And A Paper Bomb
    Hasty Afterthoughts And A Paper Bomb

    Few believe the BJP's claim that its N-doctrine is meant to generate a debate. Worse, in its pre-poll hurry,...

  • Still In A Mire
    Still In A Mire

    It's nearly a century old, but the Sir Creek issue festers

  • 'Polls Are An Obstacle To Talks With Pakistan'
    'Polls Are An Obstacle To Talks With Pakistan'

    The US hasn't got a handle to interfere in Kashmir because of its help during the Kargil conflict, says...

  • Clear Agenda
    Clear Agenda

    Has Joan Rohlfing been appointed to persuade India to sign the CTBT?

  • A Pyrrhic Victory
    A Pyrrhic Victory

    A bilateral solution seems distant. The US, wielding a stick over both nations, is the real winner.

  • Clouded By Distrust
    Clouded By Distrust

    Will Pakistan fulfil its commitment to persuade the intruders to withdraw from Indian territory?

  • Bordering On The Impossible
    Bordering On The Impossible

    The LoC as a de jure border? It's a solution few dare endorse

  • Backroom Boomerangs
    Backroom Boomerangs

    Secret diplomacy is not a bad thing per se, but as India and Pakistan discover, extremely difficult to hide

  • A Step Across The Thin Line?
    A Step Across The Thin Line?

    To widen or not to widen the conflict-that is the vital question. Troops want a free hand, but it's not...

  • Bomb That Bombed
    Bomb That Bombed

    Post-Kargil, the theory of nuclear deterrence has to be qualified

  • In Isolation Ward
    In Isolation Ward

    Sharif faces severe domestic criticism over Islamabad's failure to muster support on Kargil

  • Raising The Pitch
    Raising The Pitch

    India goes on offensive as hopes of an early peace diminish

  • Now The Polite Battle
    Now The Polite Battle

    India wins round one diplomatically, but it's a long haul ahead

  • Drawn Into Battle
    Drawn Into Battle

    Bharat-Pakistan padosi, saath saath rehna hai, Pyar karen ya vaar karen, dono ko hi sehna hai... Jo hum par...

  • 'Why Say All This In India?'
    'Why Say All This In India?'

    Pakistan high commissioner Ashraf Jehangir Qazi is in the news. His report on the speech of Outlook columnist...

  • Is The Buddha Still Smilling ?
    Is The Buddha Still Smilling ?

    From international pariah to wannabe global player,it's been a hard road form Pokhran II

  • Brown Man's Burden
    Brown Man's Burden

    M. K. Rasgotra served as India's foreign secretary from 1982 to 1985. He shares his views:

  • Sparring In Thin Air, Seriously
    Sparring In Thin Air, Seriously

    The trigger may have been political expediency, but test-firing Agni-II launches India firmly onto the...

  • A Balkan Blunder
    A Balkan Blunder

    In cavalier disregard for international law, NATO invokes human rights against sovereignty

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