October 23, 2020

Sunanda K. Datta-Ray

  • The Territorial Imperative
    The Territorial Imperative

    The ‘globalising’ world of the 21st century teeters on war as dangerously as in 1914

  • Chappals Firmly Grounded
    Chappals Firmly Grounded

    Mistake not Didi’s instinct-driven defiance for chance antagonism

  • Exporting Unhappiness
    Exporting Unhappiness

    Iraq is giving new meaning to the word nationalism. It's become a running sore for the US.

  • Gods That Failed
    Gods That Failed

    Having been ruled so long by outsiders, we, the people, refuse to accept responsibility

  • Shut The Door
    Shut The Door

    War by other means -- though never the sneaky means of hit-and-run killers -- would be in order. What comes...

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