October 24, 2020

Sumita Mehta

  • Thank God It’s Friday
    Thank God It’s Friday

    Vinod Mehta’s wife recounts how the magazine life defined everything and how a deep conviction lay at the...

  • Last Circle
    Last Circle

    Exploring roots is a familiar theme but it is the manner in which Amrita Kumar does so that sets this work...

  • Understanding The Crab
    Understanding The Crab

    Wonderful stories of courage, of hope, of how something so devastating can actually help a person evolve.

  • The Year Of The Crab
    The Year Of The Crab

    Without pathos or melodrama, talks of how a cancer diagnosis can be devastating, bringing with it fear,...

  • The Man Who Conquered Time
    The Man Who Conquered Time

    His genius is overwhelming, but the mathematician himself is completely at ease

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