September 19, 2020

Sumana Mukherjee

  • Mami’s Special
    Mami’s Special

    It takes unassailable confidence and deep pockets to sell vegetarian south Indian food at upscale prices in...

  • Heaven, Lightly Frostbitten
    Heaven, Lightly Frostbitten

    Recommended for all cupcake agnostics, if you’re ready to be converted.

  • Mistah Bombastic's Gunpowder
    Mistah Bombastic's Gunpowder

    A novel set in Bangalore that’s not quite like anything done before in the English language.

  • Dream Cake Drool
    Dream Cake Drool

    There’s no contesting the happy anticipatory effects of deep-fried carbs at Krispy Kreme

  • Forkfuls Of Heaven
    Forkfuls Of Heaven

    Spanking clean and spartan in set-up, the restaurant sets the mood for brekkie with cheery furniture.

  • High Tea, Jazz...A City On The Cusp Had Its Lips On These Cups
    High Tea, Jazz...A City On The Cusp Had Its Lips On These Cups

  • Memsaabs In The Mating Season
    Memsaabs In The Mating Season

    A mass of fascinating trivia based on the vivid memoirs penned by many members of the fishing-for-a-husband...

  • For A Berry Flavourful Pulao
    For A Berry Flavourful Pulao

    While the ambience is buzzy, the get-up witty, the playlist sing-aloud-friendly and some of the cocktails...

  • Except A Pavlova Pirouette
    Except A Pavlova Pirouette

    Anglo-India has just made a culinary comeback in unsuspecting Indiranagar, Bangalore

  • Finger-Dipping Goodness!
    Finger-Dipping Goodness!

    I have never tried the Indian and the Chinese fare, nor do I intend to. It’s the slim Arabian selection...

  • Pizzas For The Soul
    Pizzas For The Soul

    Fresh, hearty, unpretentious and delicious, the food can’t be praised highly enough.

  • A Midsummer’s Picnic
    A Midsummer’s Picnic

    Like so many new restaurants, the menu promises more than it delivers on the food front

  • Pepper With Tomato...Presto!
    Pepper With Tomato...Presto!

    Take a gamble with Pepper Cafe: you could just end up a winner.

  • How To Take A Corner
    How To Take A Corner

    The atmosphere is the top selling point and there’s plenty of it on tap, accentuated by the witty menu

  • Kalinga Korma
    Kalinga Korma

    If you want to roll up your sleeves, dig in with your fingers and be pleasantly surprised by the bill

  • Couscous With Birdsong
    Couscous With Birdsong

    They call it Rogue Elephant, because they don’t want to be one of the herd. The perfect rewind stop

  • Tuscany On The Wane
    Tuscany On The Wane

    Ten years ago, Medici would have won raves. Now, with home-cooks juggling aglio e olio and aloo paratha,...

  • Here’s The Beef
    Here’s The Beef

    The Karnataka government has just dropped a bill against cow slaughter, and burger junkies are heaving a sigh...

  • Toast To Toast
    Toast To Toast

    Decent food, not superlative, and not inexpensive. And their coffee (Rs 25) is cheaper (and possibly better)...

  • Pub-Hopping Stops Here
    Pub-Hopping Stops Here

    This 45-seater restaurant is a mecca for anyone in search of chilled beer, excellent South Indian non-veg...

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